Yet Again, Hollywood Ignores the B In The LGBT Revolution

stonewall_3The highly anticipated film Stonewall was released last weekend.  The film is being boycotted by LGBT
individuals who believe – at least from the original trailer – that the film is cis, white washed. What the critiques have missed is the bi erasure in the film as well.

Now, it’s a little bit harder to showcase a bisexual character when the storyline isn’t focused on romance. Yet, in the criticisms that Stonewall erases Marsha P. Johnson and fellow trans woman Sylvia Rivera, the criticisms have erased both Johnson’s and Rivera’s bisexuality.  Indeed, both women were trans bisexual women of color.

Similarly, the Gay Liberation Day March, an event that marked the one year anniversary of the Stonewall riots, was co organized by a bisexual woman – Brenda Howard. The Gay Liberation Day March is still celebrated every year through Pride parades around the world. In the film, the March was portrayed with no mention of Howard, despite her contributions.

It’s important to remember bi people when discussing LGBT history. Bisexual pioneers have been at the forefront of LGBT equality since Stonewall and all the way up to Marriage Equality. Erasing bisexuality from the foundation of queer rights is a disservice to our history.

The film tanked in the box office which only goes to show erasure is bad for business.

Eliel Cruz
Eliel Cruz is a speaker and writer on religion, (bi)sexuality, media, and culture at, The Advocate, Mic, and Religion News Service. His work has also been published in the Huffington Post, Everyday Feminism, Washington Post, Soujourners, DETAILS Magazine, Quartz, Rolling Stone, and various other international platforms.