Which of Your Favorite Bi Characters Are Leaving TV in 2018?


Maze, Lucifer

We’ve been celebrating favorite bi characters all spring, but it looks like some of them won’t see fall. There are a slate of shows leaving TV in 2018, some of which were long announced. But in recent weeks upfronts have meant cancellation bombs dropping like those water balloons filled with shaving cream. Just messy and sad. So let’s get to the Barbasoled nitty-gritty of which favorite bi characters are leaving TV in 2018.

Julie Mao The Expanse

SyFy cancelled epic The Expanse, which opened its first season with Julie Mao, a character whose red space suit belies a much less garden-variety red shirt arc. There is so much love for this show, along with a passionate campaign to save it.

Matt Wozniak, Shades of Blue

Matt Wozniak Shades of Blue

Lieutenant Matt Wozniak is set to return for a final season of Shades of Blue this June.

Reagan Lucas and Cece Parekh New Girl

New Girl just aired the series finale and I’m not over it. But we can talk all about this queer comedy over on my Unicorn Scale review. I love you Reagan, you melon felon you!

Beth Vierk Great News

Creator and producer Tracey Wigfield’s Beth Vierk is one of the main reasons I recommended Great News in Step Bi Step: What To Watch While You’re Stuck Under a Baby. I’m in total agreement with Jackson McHenry at Vulture that the cancellation of Great News is news that is not.

Erica Dundee Last Man on Earth

Post apocalyptic mama Erica, along with the rest of the last men on Earth, won’t be back after four seasons of the Fox comedy.

Lucifer, Lucifer

Lucifer and Maze Lucifer

We’re losing one of the only (the only?) bi male leads on TV with the cancellation of Lucifer.

Eretria Shannara Chronicles
Eretria stepped into a more prominent role for season two, but unfortunately we won’t be seeing a third season.

Valencia, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Valencia Perez and Darryl Whitefeather Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Along with co-creator Aline Brosh McKenna, executive producer, co-creator, and star Rachel Bloom had always planned a four season run of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. So we should probably start our campaigns for Darryl and Valencia spin-offs right about now.

We’ve got some time to prepare our goodbye’s for a few other bi characters: Ilana Wexler (Broad City); Adam Alvaro, Rose, and Petra (Jane the Virgin); and Sarah and Ali Pfefferman  (Transparent) are all set to sail, but not until 2019.

And now for the good news! When Fox announced the cancellation of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the internet went bananas. I literally went through the stages of grief.

But don’t you worry, friends. Though I spent a lot (like…a lot) of time with anger, bargaining, and denial, I never had to make it to acceptance. Because another network literally had our six. Just one day after Fox let it go, Brooklyn Nine-Nine was picked up for a sixth season by NBC. The entire cast, including bi-con Stephanie Beatriz aka newly out Detective Rosa Diaz, will be back.

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I’m sad to see so many bi characters go. Are there shows or characters you think should be getting some more attention? Let me know @sbswrites on twitter.

UPDATE: After Fox’s cancellation, Lucifer became the second show on this list to be resurrected, finding a new home on Netflix.

SB Swartz
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