Welcome to The Bi Line


When I first started writing, it was on the intersections of faith and sexuality. I began my advocacy working on my conservative Christian campus to make it better for LGBT people. Using outlets like the Huffington Post, I was able to hold my university and my church accountable for their actions, or lack thereof, towards LGBT people.

It was in writing about faith and sexuality that I first was confronted with the public’s startling lack of understanding about bisexuality. When I wrote about my experience as a bi person of faith, discussions would invariably get derailed with individuals arguing over my sexuality. I would write an article on best practices towards LGBT students on campuses, identify myself as bi, and the comment section would turn into a debate about the existence of bisexual men.

That’s when I realized the need to write specifically about bi issues, if only to educate my straight Christian readers enough to not derail my pieces. I published 7 Tips To Be Inclusive Of Bi People in Christianity for popular Christian blogger Rachel Held Evans. It was through that article that I got an influx of messages from bi people thanking me for writing about bisexuality. It became evident that there was a need for more bi content, and I felt called to help fill a portion of that gap.

I became The Advocate’s first, and so far only, freelance journalists dedicated to covering bisexuality. I was able to honor the legacy of Brenda Howard, cover stories on the unique struggles bisexual asylum seekers face, and write op-eds on my bisexual experience. Even though I was working for an LGBT publication, I found that straight Christians knew just as little about bisexuality as gays and lesbians do. My portfolio has landed me features on bisexuality in Rolling Stone, Slate, i-D, and other national publications.

Still I found that many of my pitches were dismissed or that editors didn’t think them newsworthy. Even with as much as I’ve written about bisexuality, I’ve had dozens of pitches turned down due to lack of interest from both straight and gay editors – which is why I’m so excited to begin The Bi Line.

This bi monthly column will focus on bisexuality and the intersections of politics and pop culture. I’ll be analyzing pop culture moments through a bi politic lens and pushing for inclusion and more authentic representation. I’ll also look at the LGBT movement, push in areas that are lacking for bi people and recognize individuals or organizations that are doing good work.

More importantly, this column is hosted on bi.org a platform by and for bisexual people. Unlike other publications, I’ll be working with editors and an audience already engaged with bi politics. My pitches won’t be dismissed but instead challenged to make better bisexual content.

The Bi Line is a natural continuation of my exploration of my bisexual identity. There is a lot I’ve wanted to explore but haven’t had the space dedicated for this type of content. A lot of it can seem insider, and for the first time I’m writing for an audience just as thrilled to explore these intersections as I am.


Welcome to The Bi Line,

Eliel Cruz
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Eliel Cruz
Eliel Cruz is a speaker and writer on religion, (bi)sexuality, media, and culture at Bisexual.org, The Advocate, Mic, and Religion News Service. His work has also been published in the Huffington Post, Everyday Feminism, Washington Post, Soujourners, DETAILS Magazine, Quartz, Rolling Stone, and various other international platforms.