WATCH: HuffPost Live Discusses Groundbreaking Bisexual Study

Screenshot.  Watch video below.

Screenshot. Watch video below.

Two groundbreaking polls released last week prove what we already know – bisexuality exists and more people see themselves as bi than ever before. According to YouGov, one in two young adults in the UK, and one in three young adults in the USA, identify along the bisexual spectrum. The poll results show that younger people are more likely to identify as bisexual than older generations.

Ellyn Ruthstrom of The Biexual Resource Center, Noah Michelson Editor-in-Chief of Huffington Post Gay Voices, Peter Moore a YouGov Assistant Editor, and I sat with Zerlina Maxwell of HuffPost Live to discuss the results (see the video below).

Due to time constraints, I wasn’t able to address everything I wanted to say during the interview, so I’m including some thoughts here.

In the segment, Noah Michelson mistakenly says the Kinsey scale is 1-6 (it’s actually 0-6) and says that the 3 is bisexual. This is a common mistake made by those outside of the bisexual community – that bisexuality is binary and that you have to be equally attracted to men and women in order to be bisexual. You don’t. Bisexuality exists in the diverse spectrum in between exclusively heterosexual and homosexual.

During the discussion, the topic of bi people in “heterosexual marriages” came up. It’s important to remember that not all relationships that look heterosexual are monogamous. Marriages come in many forms: monogamous, non-monogamous, open relationships, polyamory, and others. Despite the various forms these relationships come in, one or more of those individuals can identify as bisexual.

Bisexuality is in fact a stable label that has longevity. The majority of individuals with fluid sexualities identify as bisexual, and bisexuality has a rich history and community attached to it.

Nevertheless, bisexuality can be a tough label for some people to grasp. Many opt for a “no labels” type of identity, perhaps due to the perceived complexities of bisexuality. Still, homosexuality has never been branded as complex (despite the many forms and types of relationships it’s found in). Just like homosexuality and heterosexuality, bisexuality is only complex in terms of the diverse ways it manifests – all of which are still bisexual.

Eliel Cruz
Eliel Cruz is a speaker and writer on religion, (bi)sexuality, media, and culture at, The Advocate, Mic, and Religion News Service. His work has also been published in the Huffington Post, Everyday Feminism, Washington Post, Soujourners, DETAILS Magazine, Quartz, Rolling Stone, and various other international platforms.