Originally published on bimagazine.org and Bisexuality Examiner.

The 12-minute show featuring Katy Perry at the 2015 Super Bowl with impressive fireworks, lots of dancers, and instant costume changes will be talked about as one of the most spectacular in years, equivalent to an Olympic Games opening.

Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images

But was it too bisexual? Even people “in the know” who may have looked for the “subtle messages” may not have been as suspect as conservative commentator Mark Dice, who said he warned audiences about “Katy Perry Super Bowl Illuminati Bisexual Halftime Show” whatever that is.

Perry’s show was spectacular in every way, from riding out on a lion to dancing on a checkerboard, and although there may have been subtle moments reflecting bisexuality, it certainly wasn’t blatant.

The only mention of the B-word in mainstream press analyses of the show was The New York Times’s Jon Caramanica review.

There’s no mistaking that Perry is a cheerleader for female rights and empowerment. She sang “Roar” and “Firework” of course, but it wasn’t until Lenny Kravitz came on stage that she sang her popular “I Kissed a Girl.” There’s no question also that “Roar” is about overcoming obstacles and discovering self-worth and that can be translated to overcoming homophobia and sexism.

Bringing Lenny Kravitz out was a nice turn, but there’s speculation about Kravitz’s own sexuality. The singer says that his role in the Hunger Games films was inspired by his close bisexual friend.

Then, Katy brought out rapper Missy Elliott, who recently married her female partner, and they sang “Lose Control,” “Work It” and “Get Your Freak On.”

Dice made claims that: “Katy Perry promotes bisexuality and appears to be some kind of Satanic Witch. It’s wildly irresponsible for the NFL to broadcast her into the living rooms of tens of millions of families watching the big game.”

The impressive show at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona had her longtime on-again, off-again boyfriend John Mayer in the stands. And, ironically, he has been oddly fluid about discussing his own sexuality. He told Rolling Stone about his sexuality: “I don’t care about anything other than energy.” And while he’s never slept with a man, he does say that he gets why people do. “I’ve seen pictures of men on the Internet that are sexier than pictures of most women.”

At the end of the night, Katy showed off her new tattoo inside the right index finger with the number of the Super Bowl: “XLIX” for 49.

She tweeted out: “I thought it would be appropriate to draw blood tonight… XLIX.”