#StillBisexual Takes Our Stories to the Big Screen!



The #StillBisexual campaign has had a lot of success. Its hashtag is constantly trending, and its videos have exploded all over social media.  For those who have been living under a rock, #StillBisexual is a campaign wherein bi people all over the world tell their personal stories through simple, powerful notecards. So far, these videos have been seen by millions on the internet.  And now, for the first time, some of these stories are going to the big screen!

A selection of #StillBisexual videos have been featured in a short film called “Why Should I Give a SH*t about Bisexuals? (Men’s Edition).” The film was selected for inclusion in Frameline’s collection of shorts “Bi Candy,” which will be screened this Wednesday at The Roxie Theater in San Francisco. The film is expected to screen at other festivals and venues later in the year.

Jordan Blower 2Since male bisexuality is often most unrepresented in the media, #StillBisexual’s creator Nicole Kristal said she hopes that exposing a wide audience to these stories will help alleviate the stigma around male bisexuality:

“We are so excited about #StillBisexual being a part of Frameline this year,” she said. “They selected a video compilation that features a diverse group of bisexual men for their bi shorts night, Bi Candy. It’s cool that Frameline has a special night of bi programming. That cannot be said of all LGBT film festivals.”

“The film opens with an introduction designed to address gay male audiences,” Nicole explained. “We had originally hoped, probably a little too optimistically, that it would be screened alongside gay shorts so gay men would be exposed to the statistics about bi male health that open the segment. It features videos from Greg Ward, David J. Cork and Jordan Blower.”

28ADE99400000578-3082055-Opening_up_Despite_the_difficulties_Nicole_now_proudly_considers-m-2_1431631797264Regarding bisexual women, Nicole noted that #StillBisexual has also produced another short film featuring the stories of bi women. “We also made a compilation called ‘Why Should I Give a S#*t about Bisexuals? (Women’s edition),” she explained. “But Frameline only had room for one in their program, so we hope to share that edition with the public once the men’s edition finishes screening.”

Despite the fact that bisexual people are the majority of the LGBT population, bi people and their stories are often conspicuously absent from most LGBT film festivals. For this reason, the inclusion of these stories in a “Bi Night” at a major LGBT film festival is indeed big news. It’s cause for optimism, even celebration.

Bisexual.org is proud to help promote “Bi Candy,” Frameline, and the #StillBisexual campaign. Our patron organization, The American Institute of Bisexuality, is a co-sponsor of this event. If you’re in the San Francisco area, consider attending the screening. Tickets can be purchased here. Maybe we’ll see you there!

If you can’t make it, don’t worry. There will be other chances to see the film. Nicole concluded: “Since our acceptance into Frameline, we have been approached by additional film festivals interested in screening ‘Why Should I Give a S#*t about Bisexuals? (Men’s edition).’ We hope it will reach as many audiences as possible so more people will hear about the #StillBisexual campaign and be encouraged to join our movement.”

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