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Mixed Orientation Marriages

A brochure put together by Transcending Boundaries as a guide for those who are involved in mixed orientation marriages. The full brochure is available in PDF format by clicking this link. A Spanish version is available in PDF format by clicking this link.

The Klein Sexual Orientation Grid (KSOG)

In response to the criticism of the Kinsey scale only measuring two dimensions of sexual orientation, Dr. Fritz Klein developed a multidimensional grid for describing sexual orientation. Unlike the Kinsey Scale, the Klein grid investigates sexual orientation in the past, the present and in the idealized future with respect to seven factors each, for a total of twenty-one values. The KSOG uses values of 1–7, rather than the 0–6 scale of the Kinsey Scale, to describe a continuum from exclusively opposite-sex to exclusively same-sex attraction. (more…)

Aging Bisexuals – What’s your BiQ?

Misinformation and myths abound for bisexuals; here are some common questions asked about bisexuals and bisexuality, and answers from the people at Safer Sex 4 Seniors. (more…)

Ten Things Bisexuals Should Discuss With Their Healthcare Provider

Following are the health issues GLMA’s (Health Professionals Advancing LGBT Equality) healthcare providers have identified as most commonly of concern for bisexual people. While not all of these items apply to everyone, it’s wise to be aware of these issues. The handout is available in PDF format by clicking this link.