Raven-Symone on ‘The View’ Echoes Miley Cyrus’s Lack of Labels

The darling little girl from “The Cosby Show,” Raven-Symoné, pointed out on “The View” on Monday that she feels the same way Miley Cyrus does about not being labelled for liking guys and girls.

Like Miley, Raven-Symone have said they’ve dated both genders, and both were on Disney shows (“That’s So Raven” and “Hannah Montana”) and now they’re both making news for eschewing sexual labels.

Raven points out she said it first. “I don’t want to be labelled,” she said as a guest host for “The View.” She told that to Oprah Winfrey, and said she caught a lot of heat on the Internet because of the declaration. “Miley, I agree with you and, girl, I said it first.”

On the show, she played a 2014 interview where she said she was attracted to guys and girls since the age of 12, but insisted, “I don’t want to be labeled gay. I want to be labeled a human who loves humans. I’m tired of being labeled. I’m an American. I’m not an African-American. I’m an American.”

And on Monday, she said, “Miley, I agree, we should not be labeled because it creates tension between people and you feel like you can look down, like that’s this type of person and this is how I should feel about you.”

But show co-host Rosie Perez said, “I think it’s a generational thing because I think that there was a time where labels were necessary because we were disenfranchised. We were ostracized from the conversation. So to put ourselves into the conversation, to take our seat at the table, there was a need to say, ‘Wait a minute, I am this. I’m not ashamed of it and I’m going to speak out.’”

What do you think? See the clip below.



Mike Szymanski
Mike Szymanski has written about bisexual issues since 1989 and has one of the longest-running regular bisexual columns as the National Bisexuality Examiner. He came out as bisexual in a cover story of Genre magazine, which resulted in more than 50 television appearances, including Ricki Lake, Phil Donahue Show and 20/20. Szymanski won the Lambda Literary Award in 2007 for co-authoring an informative humor book “The Bisexual’s Guide to the Universe: Quips, Tips and Lists for Those Who Go Both Ways.” Write him at [email protected]