United States

Hi, I‘m Emily. I am Bisexual.

I am a single mother working full time as a nursing assistant on an inpatient psych unit at a Veterans hospital. I am in school part time, trying to achieve my BSN. I love rock music, tattoos, walking my dog, spending time with my nieces and nephews, reading and being in the sunshine.

What being bisexual means to me

The ability to love/like or be attracted to someone, reguardless of what parts they have.

What I would like the world to know about bisexuals

We do NOT want both a woman and a man at the same time. We can be faithful. Just because I'm with a female does not make me a lesbian and just because I'm with a guy does not mean I'm now straight. We are not confused, selfish or fake.

What was your path to a bisexual identity?

The first time I was attracted to a girl I was in high school. I wrote it off as normal, every girl has an innocent girl crush right? Wrong! My girl crush wasn't just a crush. It was a longing to be touched and loved by her. When I was in my early 20s I had my first "experience" with a female. Just a drunk night with a girl who was known as being bi. Just this past summer I met a lesbian who changed my world. I was so happy, for the first time I felt like I could be the real me. She taught me how to be myself and to let my secret out. I fell in love and I wanted EVERYONE to know. I was tired of hiding myself. So I told my best friend and then my parents. Then I posted a status on social media. It wasn't that hard for me. I'm lucky. The people who love me don't care about my sexual identity. The ones who do I quickly and quietly removed them from my life.

What is the toughest thing about being bisexual?

The complete lack of support from the LGBT community. You get your heart broken twice as much and not just by one gender.
Falling in love with a lesbian and not being accepted by her friends and having her leave you because you're not fully "real". (Yes I am going through this now)

What is the best thing about being bisexual?

I am not tied down to one gender. I can love someone because of who they really are, not because of what's on the outside.

How have other people in your life reacted to your bisexuality?

The people who matter love me and accept me.

What advice do you have for someone who thinks they may be bi or who is in the process of coming out as bi?

It is okay to be curious as long as you are honest. Don't hide behind a fake self. Talk to someone who may know what you are going through. Seek out a support group or a counselor and start out taking small steps to discover yourself.