United States

Hi, I‘m Monique. I am Bisexual.

I'm a teenager attending high school. I'm the youngest in my family. I love photography, animals, and my friends & family. I'm your everyday teenager! I plan on going to college. I dream of being a pediatric oncologist, so I can help kids! I want to live on a huge piece of land where I can open an animal rehabilitation center! I'm just me :)

What being bisexual means to me

Bisexual.... A text book definition: liking both the same and the opposite gender! But to me, it's just a small part of me! It doesn't define who I am. It doesn't make me any different than you! Yes, I like to "swing both ways" but who cares right?

What I would like the world to know about bisexuals

We DO exist... Saying bisexuality doesn't exist is as crazy as saying the sky is pink because there are 56 watermelons on a beach in Florida while it's snowing out... Does that even make sense? People shouldn't ridicule people because they don't follow the social norm... Saying we make it up for the attention... Why would we put ourselves through a life where we have so many people against us?

What was your path to a bisexual identity?

I accepted myself my freshman year. I tried to keep it hidden for as long as I could. I always knew I was different, but in high school I actually had real feelings for a girl. I didn't want to accept it at first but I met this this girl in my math class, who was openly a lesbian. I saw how happy she was to be proud of who she was. I saw how many people in our school accepted her for simply being herself! I dreamed of the day I could be as happy with who I am as she was. It took me months to come out to my first person. I told my best friend and yea it didn't go so well... Now I'm open to my closest friends and working up the courage to open up to my family.

What is the toughest thing about being bisexual?

The toughest thing about being bisexual for me is my coming out process. Not knowing if the next person is going to accept me or not... It's a horrible feeling. Just sitting there as they process what's happening. Hoping that that they will be ok with who you are... No one should have to go through that... No one should have a horrible feeling in their stomach while they wait for the world to accept them for being themselves...

What is the best thing about being bisexual?

The best thing about being bisexual... Is it's who I am and I'm completely ok with. And I hope one day saying your bisexual will be as easy and accepted as saying your name when you are introducing yourself to someone!

How have other people in your life reacted to your bisexuality?

When I told my best friend, it was new for both me and her... And I got upset and didn't understand why she wasn't ok with it at first... There was a short period of time when we weren't friends after that and I was avoiding her at school, then one day she came up to me and apologize and said she was proud of me and we are still friends!

I have told other friends and they are just ok with it.

I had this writing assignment for English class and everyone was already finished with theirs, but I hadn't even started mine. I just couldn't find the right topic for me to write about. And I was talking with my teacher and a friend about different things that i could write about and I ended up writing about my bisexuality. I didn't want to write about it because my teacher would be reading these, but when I told her she told me she was happy for me that she totally accepts me and that she "would be the flower girl at my wedding" which is these best reaction I have had so far!

What advice do you have for someone who thinks they may be bi or who is in the process of coming out as bi?

If you think you may be bi: my advice to you is don't be afraid to express who you are... Try things out and if you actually don't like the opposite gender after some personal experience it's ok to say you are straight... It's ok to just be yourself... And if you think you might be bi or are not sure it's OK because we are all just trying to figure out who we are! Give it some time and you will know. You don't have to go telling everyone that you are bi because you thought a stranger of the same sex was cute as you walked by them in the park one day... Don't pressure yourself into giving yourself a label, whether it's gay, bi, straight, trans, queer or anything else, because labels are overrated :)

If you are in the process of coming out as a bisexual: don't pressure yourself into doing something you're not comfortable with. It's ok to keep it to yourself if that's what you need... You will know when the time is right and it will be scary but it's a big relief once you have someone who accepts you. You don't have to tell everyone, find a few close friends or a close family member and start from there. Just do it when you feel ready!