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Hi, I‘m Katelyn. I am Bisexual.

Hi! I’m Katelyn. I’m in my third year of college, where I’m studying Sociology. I live in Louisville, KY right now, in a cozy and colorful apartment with my partner, my two fish, and my cat. When I have the time, I love to play the ukulele, read, and watch too much Netflix. For money, I work at a local law firm. I have two little brothers, and a Mom and Dad. I’m currently reviewing design schools in LA, and will hopefully be moving there to become an interior designer.

What being bisexual means to me

For me, being bi is a huge part of my identity as a person. As a future interior designer, I love elements from so many different design styles, and the same translates into my love life. When I realized I was bi, it was like my eyes opened, and I noticed I had always felt this way, appreciating everyone’s beauty and personality, not just men’s. I’m the kind of bi person that shouts it from the rooftops, goes to Pride, and owns about 50 different shirts about it. Being bi is amazing because I can share and educate others about bisexuality.

What I would like the world to know about bisexuals

Bi people are not a fetish. We aren’t here for your threesomes, we're honest, genuine people. We want to be loved, we want equality, we want representation.

What was your path to a bisexual identity?

I grew up watching the show Charmed, and was always into the strong women in the cast. I never thought my feelings or crushes on women counted, because I knew very young that I liked boys. In middle school, I met my first out bi person. She was the talk of school, because she was dating a guy and a girl at the same time. I knew that polyamory wasn’t for me (especially in middle school), so I didn’t give my sexuality another thought until high school. I had been in a relationship with an awesome guy, but I went on a school trip and met up with an old friend. It was that moment that I felt so much tension, and she almost kissed me. In college, late one night, I confessed my feelings about women to my partner. He was (and is) an incredible, super supportive ally. I was taking a Sociology class and we were talking about sexuality, and she talked about bisexuality. I immediately thought, ‘That’s me!’ and I’ve never looked back. It’s taken me a while to come out to my friends and family, and I’m still not 100% out, but I’m so happy where I am now.

What is the toughest thing about being bisexual?

I feel like there’s even less representation for bi people in “straight” relationships. It’s tough when gay guys tell me I shouldn’t be in queer spaces, because whether I date a man or a woman, I’m still being actively bi. I despise the hateful looks I get when I want to go to Pride with my partner, or go to a gay bar with them.

What is the best thing about being bisexual?

The best part is the amazing range of different people I get to know. The community is incredible, and even where I live I get to meet so many awesome people. Being bi opened a whole new chapter in my life.

How have other people in your life reacted to your bisexuality?

Everyone has responded positively! My friends have been so supportive, my family has been great. I was met with some people who didn’t understand, but were open to listening, and now they totally get it. Sometimes, it takes having someone you love to learn more about something like bisexuality. Coming out let’s me be a bi ambassador every day, and I love it!

What advice do you have for someone who thinks they may be bi or who is in the process of coming out as bi?

Being bi is awesome! For me, bisexuality means being attracted to more than one sex, usually one that is the same as your own, and one that is different. For me, I am primarily attracted to people who identify as men, and people who identify as women. Don’t be afraid to be proud of who you are, because you’re awesome!