United States

Hi, I‘m Michelle. I am Bisexual.

Born and raised in southern California. Currently I live the life in Newport beach. I enjoy spending time at the beach, riding bikes, hanging out with friends and family. Yoga helps me a lot in centering myself. I work in the transportation industry working doing sales and dispatch. I'm Currently in a monogamous relationship with my wonderful girl friend. I feel so lucky to have found someone understands and loves me for who i am.

What being bisexual means to me

Being bi means to me that you are attracted to both sex's. It does not mean that we are attracted to everyone or that we want to sleep with everyone.

What I would like the world to know about bisexuals

I would like people to know that it is not a phase. I am not going to wake up one morning be straight, whether i'm with a man or woman. I also don't want to take back any of my experience because I think it is a beautiful thing.

What was your path to a bisexual identity?

For the longest time I thought I was straight because I had closed off my mind to even the possibility of being gay. I guess you could say I was homophobic; I was afraid to even look at another woman for fear of liking it. I also felt extremely uncomfortable around my friends when they would change in front of me or when I was around beautiful women. I've always had attractions to men but i was suppressing my other side. There came a day when a bi woman kissed me by complete surprise and a flood of emotion and attraction came to light. It all made sense. After that I started dating women but I still find men attractive as well.

What is the toughest thing about being bisexual?

I think one of the toughest things about being bi is that people tend to think that you need both to be happy. I have gotten "well what happens when you want a penis or vagina." Like just because i'm bi I'm going to go cheat on them to satisfy my sexuality.

What is the best thing about being bisexual?

I think one of the best things about being bi is your able to see beauty in everyone.

How have other people in your life reacted to your bisexuality?

Luckily for me I have 2 gay brothers so my family was very accepting of it. They still think that I'll end up with a man. At first they didn't believe me until introduced them to my girlfriend.

What advice do you have for someone who thinks they may be bi or who is in the process of coming out as bi?

The best I can advise is to be true to your self and try not to worry so much what other people think. I think we need to be patient with people to accept that this is not a phase.