Hi, I‘m Rain. I am Bisexual.

I am a wife, mother, and professional. Though I currently "work" as a SAHM, I hold a doctorate in my field.

What being bisexual means to me

Being open to people, regardless of their gender.

What I would like the world to know about bisexuals

Bisexuality is legitimate. Sexuality is a continuum, not a toggle button.

What was your path to a bisexual identity?

I'm working on that now. I am just discovering that this may be my identity, but it's new to me & I don't know.

What is the toughest thing about being bisexual?

Not being sure what it means, or if I fully "qualify" or if I fit in.

What is the best thing about being bisexual?


How have other people in your life reacted to your bisexuality?

My husband is wonderful and supportive.

What advice do you have for someone who thinks they may be bi or who is in the process of coming out as bi?

I'll let you know when I have some. Right now, I'm the someone who thinks I may be/am, but I'm still learning.