Hi, I‘m Sally. I am Bisexual.

I'm Polish, high-schooler, atheist and bi. Poland is a weird country to live when you're not straight. Here you'll meet the people, who will accept you the most and be passionate about it and people who will be the most awful and disscusted by you. On the same street. And you have to ask to know, who i who. I'm a writter for a few years, in 2016 I signed my first contract. I read King for work and fantasy/criminals for fun. I love Tim Burton films, I was rised on metal music, I love to play and watch theatre. I' ambitious and Im a future-thinker. I'm passionate about who I am, my friends, family, identity, feelings, hobbies, thoughts. I love myself and others. My dreams are my targets that I'm focuse on and achive when I want to, 'couse I'm a good planner. But I have flaws. I may be to straight-forward (probbably the only straight thing in me :p) and honest for others, 'couse I'm critic to myself and others as well. I may seem a little bitt egocentic. I talk to much and I hate to hear that, 'couse I know it well after all this times. I'm sometimes to emotional, especially when it comes to easy anger. I'm not a regular human. And I don't want to. I love myself, 'couse I'm a colorful person you will be reading like a book with no end. And that's the spirit. I'm exactly what I wanted to be.

What being bisexual means to me

It means a lot. It's a very important part of my identity. I love looking at people, I love the excitment that everyone I'm looking at at the moment and find atractive might be my future soulmate. I love writing about lgbtq characters. My ringtone is "Gettin' Bi". I'm not kiddin', I'm that much of a bi-fanatic.
I love the colors of the world. And I'm few of them. That's good.
I like to answer all the questions that others may have. There's no silly quetions - if you ask, you're train' to understand. And I really apparecite that.

What I would like the world to know about bisexuals

That we exist. That we're 20% of population in some examines, which means more then a billion people - 1 in 5, and that's huge. That sexuality doesn't define us in any possible way - maybe we're a little more thoughtful and understanding or tolerant. That we're natural. That it dosen't have to be a phase. That we see people, not sex. That we can be loving and faithful. That we aren't gay but afraid to admit it. That we're trustfull. That we're not afraid of commitment. That we can have loving, "normal" families. That we don't always want a threesome. That we can be happy with one person not wanting the opposite sex at the same time. That we're not greedy, needy and unsatisfaied.
That we're equel.

What was your path to a bisexual identity?

In middle school there was a girl I loved to see on the school corridor. I didn't know, that it was my first crush yet. But I realized it eventually.
Second year I've thought about my sexuality. I had more intrest in girls than I thought I had. But I didn't wanna sleep with them or anything. Even the thought about it was yucky.
In third, the last year, it was changing slowly. But I felt it very well. And it was... soo natural for me. Like I was transforming into a butterfly.
During the holidays I've realized everything about myself. I was doing everything I could to know better, make myself comfortable with new identity. I was so freakin' happy to be bi it overwhelmed me. I had a boyfriend than, but fuck it - I knew, I'm bi. Knew for real, like only a few things on Earth.

What is the toughest thing about being bisexual?

I think that the thought that you won't be understanded. That you will be rejected.
We don't have that much representation in show-business. Not everyone understand this case. Not everyone know we exist or believe it (there is nothing to belive actually, but okey). Even some gay people don't understand us. Stereotypes are awful and common. That's hurtful.
And that little stress that you'll have to come out to every single person in you life everyday for the eternity.
And I hate the thought, that my law will respect me or not, wheather I choose man or woman and I can't even ligalize my love with a woman, which I'm actually a little more into.

What is the best thing about being bisexual?

The possibility. The amusment everytime you have people around. The excitment that everyone can be my soulmate, that I don't know who I marry at all. I love it all, with its lights and darks. I just really adore my own bisexuality. Maybe 'couse my uncle - and favourite person in the whole world - is a proud gay.

How have other people in your life reacted to your bisexuality?

In my family I care only about three people knowing. My mum and grandma don't know yet, but my uncle does. And he's still proud of me, maybe even more - he's gay and he know how hard it can be to open about your own sexuality to the world.
To friends and strangers I'm very open about it. A lot of joy and understanding came to me, but there were also some weird looks, the lack of understanding, stereotypes, unbelieving and then suprise I broke up with a boy and flirted with a girl the same month... And lots of questions. Sometimes weird, but very important for communication. My school is big and mostly tolerant - I'm happy, 'couse in Poland is not obvious at all.
And I'm not only bi-girl in my class actually ;)

What advice do you have for someone who thinks they may be bi or who is in the process of coming out as bi?

Don't rush. You have all the time to decide in the world. It can be a phase, but it also can be who you are. Think, imagine, wait. The answer will come to you. Be calm. It's okey to be diffrent.
If you're in the closet - it's okey. I know how much insecure you can be now. Don't rush. But remeber - it's you who has to be ready, not the world. You need to be happy with yourself.
And, most of all - never give up, listen what others say about you or feel bad for yourself. You're awasome just the way you are if it comes to your sexuality. It you who decides here, not any one else. Don't let anyone fool you or convince you that what you are is wrong. It isn't as long as you're true to yourself. Only this matters.