The Unicorn Scale: Lost Girl

So let’s talk magic. Let’s talk badass bis. Let’s talk Lost Girl.

Evan Slash Reed Peterson Is Bringing Us Queer Self-Care Daily contributor SB Swartz talks to Evan Slash Reed Peterson about their daily self-care routines and how we can all integrate self-care into our lives.

The Bi Guide To Staying Home for the Holidays

Hey. What are you doing for the holidays? This simple, ubiquitous question can bring up So. Many. Feelings.

The Bi Guide to Going Home for the Holidays

It's one week to Turkey Day and many of us are feeling anxious about spending time with our families over the next month. Make sure that you are taking the time to take care of yourself.

#StillBisexual Stories: Sonya Saturday

We’re sitting down with folks who have made #StillBisexual videos to find out more about their story. We recently talked to Sonya Saturday about her video.

Fall Into This Bi Playlist

The leaves are turning and so are the records. So here’s your playlist of bi tunes for Fall! Heat up some cider, get in a comfy sweater and turn the music UP.

The Unicorn Scale: Grown-ish

Grown-ish has a great start with it's bi representation and The Unicorn Scales has high hopes for season 2.

The Unicorn Scale: The Fosters

After 5 seasons of queer representation, The Unicorn Scale looks at how "The Fosters" did on bi representation.

Lucy & La Mer’s Lucy, On Being A Bi Artist and a Rebel Babe

We talk with Lucy LaForge about coming out in Billboard magazine and her current projects.

Billboard Pride is Inclusive of Bi Folks and We Are Loving It

Billboard Pride is beating bi erasure and giving us some great music. Is Still Discriminating Against Bi People

Will the biggest dating site,, ever quit erasing us bi folks?

Bi Folks Tell Us About The Best (And Worst) Dating Sites

Are there any dating apps that are more bi-friendly than others? Some bi folks weighed in with their experiences.

Lisa Michelle Tells Us About Her #StillBisexual Video

I know that I have been bi, and I know that putting that out there and having that identifier at least gives me a place to look, or to feel, some sort of community.

The Unicorn Scale: D.E.B.S.

This week The Unicorn Scale goes retro with D.E.B.S.

For The Love of Fandom: Two Years Later

Two years after Lexa's death in The 100, we check in with fans and talk about the impact that death had on them and the importance of having an awesome bi woman leading this show.

#BisexualMenSpeak Encourages Us to Listen to Bi Men

Bi men have are often rendered invisible in popular culture. Recently, these men have been using #bisexualmenspeak to make sure that they are heard.

Caroline Castro Tells Us About Her #StillBisexual Video

For Caroline, it was important that everyone know no matter who she's dating, she's #stillbisexual.

Channing Nicole On Conversion Therapy: Bio, Shock, Infinite columnist SB Swartz continues her conversation with Channing Nicole. This time they discuss her experiences with conversion therapy and Channing's journey since then.

Your 2018 Pride-At-Home Companion

If the parade is your jam, no judgement here, but there are plenty of us queer folks that aren’t welcome, considered, or just plain don’t wanna. And this, dear friends, is for us, this is for you.

Step Bi Step: What To Do With Your Time When You Finally Get Some “Me Time”

I wanted to leave something for you, dear bi parents. So settle into your bath/bed/bunker: we’re ending on a list of bi friendly ideas that are perfect for “me time.”

Channing Nicole Tells Us About Her #StillBisexual Video

Channing Nicole's #StillBisexual video reminds us that bi people are also the victims of conversion therapy. columnist SB Swartz had the chance to talk to Channing about her experiences.

Hello To Your 2018 Summer Bi Playlist

So many amazing bi artists, singing so many amazing bi songs; here is the perfect soundtrack to your bi summer!

Bi Essentials for Your First Pride Parade

It's that most magical time of year, Pride Month! Some of us are veteran pride goers, but for many it will be their first pride. Here are some helpful hints to keep you healthy and happy at your first pride.

Which of Your Favorite Bi Characters Are Leaving TV in 2018?

It's time to say goodbye to some of our favorite bi characters on TV. Hopefully, we will be seeing many great new characters coming to us this fall.

Favorite Bi Characters In Comedy

The last of our roundup of awesome bi characters. We've done bi drama, bi crime, bi parents, bi sci-fi/fantasy, and now it's time for the list of some of the best bi characters in comedy.

Step Bi Step: I Told My Mom Group I’m Bi

What if I’m ostracized? Before, I would’ve just shrugged, acknowledged it stung a little but in the long run, better to know early. But here’s this sweet little babe I’ll be shepherding through society—how will I balance being who I am with how it will effect them?

My Favorite Sci Fi and Fantasy Bis

Now it's time for some bi characters that are out of this world, here are my favorite bi characters in science fiction and fantasy television. Did yours make the list?

#BiInSci Brings Visibility to Bis in STEM

A common misconception is that bi people only exist in fiction and that all we do is have threesomes. In fact, we have jobs and lives, just like everyone else.

The Unicorn Scale: New Girl

It's time for the Unicorn Scale to tackle New Girl and its lovely bi ladies.

Step Bi Step: What To Watch While You’re Stuck Under a Baby

This list of bi friendly media was created to have minimal loud noises, engaging premises, and you, dear exhausted parent, in mind.

My Favorite Bi Parent Characters on TV

When you look at queer parenthood, you should see bi people. These were some of my favorites from TV. Did yours make the list?

How To Deal When Yet Another Bi Celebrity Is Gaywashed

Process that bierasure however you can--scream into a pillow, write your heart out onto a page, DANCE, encourage, try. Just remember to take the care you need.

My Favorite Bi Characters in Drama TV

Old and new, here are some of our favorite bi characters from TV dramas. Who would you add to the list?

B Stands For Badass: Sara Ramirez’s Madam Secretary Character Coming Out As Bi

This weekend Madam Secretary will be introducing another bi character and we are thrilled.

Step Bi Step: Kid Books for Your Queer Home

This week we’re kicking heteronormative, patriarchal kids’ stories to the curb and telling tales that feel a little more like home. It’s kids' books for your queer feminist abode!

My Favorite Crime and Mystery Solving Bi Characters

Who's your favorite crime fighting, murder solving bi? Here are ours.

Step Bi Step: How to Throw a Queer as Folk Baby Shower

Showers are about a community welcoming a new member. They are about celebrating and supporting one another. So let’s throw a welcoming party as queer as the folks we love, y’all!

Are Queer-Only Spaces Excluding Bi People If Our Partners Aren’t Invited?

Our straight partners should not have to be invited every time--but there is no reason besides biphobia that our families aren’t explicitly welcomed, sometimes.

Introducing Step Bi Step: A Limited Series for Bi Parents

Welcome to Step Bi Step, a new limited monthly series discussing some of the challenges and joys of bi parenting.

What I Watched, Heard, and Felt To Get Through 2017

2017 has been a struggle for many of us, here are some of the shows, movies, podcasts that have helped us get through those rough patches.

The Year 2017 in Bi TV

This year, tv gave us many bi characters. Who is your favorite?

Bi The Numbers: GLAAD’s Where We Are On TV Report

The numbers are in! GLAAD’s Where We Are On TV report shines an annual light on queer characters making big waves on the small screen.

6 Ways To Be Visible For Bi Visibility Day

Tomorrow is Bi Visibility Day, how are you planning on showing your bi pride?

Here Are The Newly Out And Visible Bi Celebs of 2017

In honor of #BiWeek, we took a look at some of the newest out members of our bi family.

The Unicorn Scale: Imagine Me and You

This week The Unicorn Scale's guest writer, SB, takes us back to 2005 and the romantic comedy, "Imagine Me and You".

A Feminist Primer for Bi Men

From the start we’re given bows or arrows, trucks or ballet slippers, hugs or “stiff upper lip”s. This leads to a lifetime of inequality, both in how we see the world and how others see us.

The Biphobia Just Outside

We’ve always had a moment for gay rights. When will “LGBT rights” organizations have more than a mere moment for ours?

Study Shows Benefits of Coming Out Bi

“You may not be able to be out in every single space that you’re interacting in, and so my hope is that for bi folks, with the spaces where one can be out, I hope they are able to capitalize on that for their own well-being.”

Dear You: A New Year’s Love Letter

We’ve reached the end of 2016, and what a year it has been. Let’s take a moment to acknowledge all we choose to keep and all we hope to shed as we walk forward into a new one.

Bisexuality in 2016: a Recap

There was so much to celebrate in 2016, and hopefully the new year will bring even more.

The Year 2016 in Bi TV

This holiday season, when you need a break from family and all that holiday cheer, why not check out some of these bi TV characters of 2016?

Self Care For Bi People: Election Edition

This election week, remember: check in with yourself, be kind to yourself, and most importantly: take care.

15 Great Tweets from #BiWeek

Throughout the week members and supporters of the bi+ community made us laugh out loud, provided opportunities for enrichment, and gave us even more reason to celebrate. Let’s take a look at some of #BiWeek in tweets!

Live From Hall B: Bi Representation Thrives at Comic-Con

It was a stellar weekend for bi visibility at the 2016 Comic-Con. Clarkes and Constantines descended upon CA, and we’ve got your bi+ round up right here.

Hey Hollywood: Beam Me Up for Bi Sulu!

Let’s do this. Let's boldly go where no one in the Star Trek universe has gone before. Let's say bisexual.

Missing Annalise Keating? Our Favorite Bi Characters You Can Stream Right Now

Missing your most-loved bi characters while they’re on summer break? Check out some of our favorite bi characters available with subscription right now!

This Bi Life: My Monogamous Marriage

I never had to come out to him. A fringe benefit of online dating. There it was, my truth right next to my carefully chosen handle: “bisexual.”

Our Favorite Bi Characters of the 2015-16 Season

Let’s hear it for the Bis! We’re celebrating some of our favorite bisexual characters of the 2015-16 tv season. Are yours on the list?

Not A Match: Dating Site Erases Bisexuality (You Know…Again)

Two decades in, one of the oldest online dating sites still doesn’t recognize bisexuality as a valid sexual orientation.

Self Care for Bi People: Taking the Care You Need

In our last post on self care, we reviewed barriers to self care for the bisexual community. With that acknowledged and in mind, today let’s focus on how we can take care of ourselves.

Self Care for Bi People: Acknowledging the Barriers

It's revolutionary for us to love ourselves without conditions, to take care of ourselves without guilt. And there shouldn’t be any guilt in self care.

For the Love of Fandom: Bierasure and #LGBTFansDeserveBetter

Saying that Clarke being with a man is a bad thing because he is a man—no matter the context—is biphobic.

Clarke Griffin, Bisexual: CW’s The 100 and Dystopian Future at Its Finest

In modern pop culture the only indicator of bisexuality is behavior. Beyond even that, we can’t assume the character will stay that way. In reality we know bisexuality is in and of itself valid and not a phase.

The Power of Us: #StillBisexual

"Maybe if people could understand that for many of us being bisexual is a permanent not transitional identity, then there was a potential that we could be understood.”

Dear You: An Open Love Letter

An Open Valentine for the Bi+ Community, from