Two Very Different Faces of Abortion

I've had two abortions, one was traumatizing, painful, and almost unbearable; the other was about as pleasant as any other medical procedure. Why do we allow such a discrepancy to exist?

5 Reasons I Found To Come Out

Coming out can be scary and it's easy to think of a million reasons to to hide your true self. Here are 5 reasons I found to let the world experience my bi magic.

What Happens When Your Toxic Relationship Is With Your Family?

I’m sure that most of us have attempted, or even succeeded, in removing toxic people from our lives as a resolution, but often family members are exempt from these efforts.

I’m Not Dating Her So You Can Have A Threesome

This is where the red flags started popping up. He showed up, and was immediately giving off some very unpleasant vibes.... It turned out that his condition for her dating me was that he would be shown pictures of anything that happened between us, or that if he is in town he wanted to participate.

I Was Queerbaited By My Girlfriend

I thought we were building a real relationship, then I noticed she only treated me like her girlfriend when there was someone there to witness it.

This Bi Life: It’s Okay To Be The Stereotype

I’m not going to be the person who shows everyone that bi people aren’t like that, and I’m okay with that.