Being Bisexual in the Boy Scouts (then and now)

"I'm glad that things have progressed in the Scouts since I was a boy, but more protections for LGBT people are still needed."

Guess What? We’re All Perverts!

Some of the world’s leading (and cool) sex educators delivered a fun and inspiring talk at The Sex Positive World Seminar at UCLA.

There’s Lots of Bisexuality in ‘Magic Mike XXL’, But Not Where You Might Expect

The bisexuality oozes in "Magic Mike XXL." Whose vision of bisexuality is it?

10 Things Amy Winehouse Said About Being Bisexual

If you see the new documentary "Amy" this weekend and want to know more about the talented performer, here are some statements she (and those who know her well) have said about her bisexuality.

Meet the Woman Behind the Vogue Petition

Julie Rodriguez speaks exclusively to about her campaign against Vogue's bi erasure.

Was Jesus Bisexual? New Book Says So

Jesus being labelled "bisexual" is not new. Now, a new book by Frank Schaeffer not only reiterates that claim, but also purports that Jesus was very pro-bisexual, too.

UK City of Southampton Educates Folk about the Klein Grid

A large city in the United Kingdom about 75 miles southwest of London is educating its citizens (and anyone else who may stumble upon it) on the Klein Grid, as well as other ways of identifying one's sexuality.

Bi Men Specifically Warned about Meningitis Outbreak During Chicago Pride

Bisexual men are specifically being warned about a meningitis outbreak in Chicago during the Pride activities this weekend, and the parade next week on June 28.

She’s Not Black, But is She Bisexual?

Disgraced civil rights activist Rachel Dolezal may not be black, as she has claimed, but is she actually bisexual, too?

Famous Surgeon General Points Out the Importance of Using the B-word

One of the most famous past U.S. Surgeon Generals tells why it's important to identify as bi.

Bis Spread the Word at L.A. Pride

Check out the fun and photos of the bis at L.A. Pride this weekend.

BiNet USA is Seeking Online Funding

BiNet USA sought out funding during the recent Give Out Day, and is continuing to see donations for their all-volunteer group that helps with bisexual issues on a national level. They have reached more than $900 so far but need to raise $7,000 more for some great things they want to accomplish.

Bi Author Cynthia Bond Gets Selected by Oprah’s Book Club

Her inspiration came from love. Cynthia Bond spent the past 15 years teaching a writing class to at-risk homeless queer youth at the LGBT Center in New York City. Some of the themes and experiences she had while working with the youth made it into her novel Ruby.

New Book Speculates on Whitney Houston’s Bisexuality

A new book just out about Whitney Houston’s troubled daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown purports that Houston’s bisexuality was real, as all the rumors speculated while the superstar was alive.

New Book Raises More Questions about Amelia Earhart

A new book and some newly discovered film raises more questions about the disappearance of aviatrix Amelia Earhart—who is referred to as bisexual in some biographies.

A Handy List of Yahoo Groups for Bi Couple

BiNet USA and the Bisexual Resource Center are sharing Yahoo Groups that may be of interest to bisexual couples.

Romance Author Plans Young Single Bisexuals Game Night

Bisexual romance author Alex Anders is organizing a Bisexual Game Night Mixer on June 20 in the Los Angeles area, and it’s getting some notice. OKCupid and Buzzfeed are involved with letting people know about the event, and their Buzzfeed videos on bisexuality have received more than three million views.

Dumbledore and Gandalf Wed across from Westboro Baptist Church

The beloved Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings characters of Dumbledore and Gandalf got married across the street from the rabidly-anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church.

Alan Cumming Camps it Up About Being Bi at Tony Awards

Alan Cumming made no secret that he was bisexual and proud of it as he co-hosted the Tony Awards.

Why Do Bisexual Women Smoke So Much Weed?

Dr. Margaret Robinson, a research scientist at the Ontario HIV Treatment Network is trying to figure out the reasons behind a proliferation in studies that show high rates of bisexual women using marijuana.

Bromance Bisexual Tease on ‘Bachelorette’ Faces Criticism

Not many BLGT activists appreciated the tease of the bisexual bromance that went on for "The Bachelorette" this week, and many criticized the network for gay baiting in the worst way.

Father Discusses Bi Teen Son who Committed Suicide After Bullying

Father of a bisexual teen who killed himself said the school officials didn't do anything, but that he was supportive of his son.

Bisexual Stripper Moves in to UK ‘Big Brother’

She is planning on wearing provocative clothing and she hopes to stir things up.

Tatum O’Neal Dates Women, but Avoids ‘Bisexual’ Label

The Oscar-winning actress doesn't like labels, but she's dating women, too now.

Bisexual Tease Promoted Between 2 Guys on ‘The Bachelorette’

Two guys in 'The Bachelorette' say they have fallen for each other, but it may all be a big bisexual publicity stunt.

Benjy the Bull Turns Out to be Bisexual

A bull that was thought to be gay is now showing bisexual tendencies, even without his balls.

More than a Third of Bisexuals in UK Face Sexual Harassment

The largest national survey in the United Kingdom ever to assess the needs of bisexuals was released Tuesday (May 26, 2015). The survey revealed that up to 38 percent of the people who identified as bisexual have experienced some sort of sexual harassment.

Bisexual ‘Beautiful Mind’ Math Genius Dies with Wife in Car Crash

John Forbes Nash, the brilliant mathematician who inspired the movie “A Beautiful Mind,” died in a car accident on Saturday, May 23, 2015, with his wife. Although many books and biographies called Nash bisexual, or homosexual, the Princeton professor denied such labels

For Memorial Day, a Look at Bisexuals in the Military

See a comprehensive list of bisexual military people.

Oregon’s Bisexual Governor Signs Ban on Conversion Therapy

Earlier this week, Oregon's bisexual governor Kate Brown continued to make history by signing a bill that ends gay conversion therapy in her state.

A Bisexual Soldier Memory on Memorial Day: First Bi Congressional Testimony

On this Memorial Day weekend, noted bisexual soldier Cliff Arnesen shares with some memories of his testimony before the U.S. Congress, which was 25 years ago, on May 16, 1990.

Star Magazine Calls Brad Pitt ‘Secret Bisexual’ in Latest Issue

Angelina Jolie is out and proud as bisexual—everyone knows that. But now, her husband Brad Pitt is declared a “Secret Bisexual” on the cover of Star Magazine.

Cate Blanchett is Not Bisexual, Sigh

Cate Blanchett blames her unintentional bisexual coming out for an incomplete quote in the Variety article.

Bisexual Actor Stephen Fry Fights Homophobia, See the Series Here

Stephen Fry, an openly bisexual actor, who is married to a man in Great Britain, has released on You Tube a dramatic series that fights homophobia called “Out There.”

Finally, a Classy Bisexual as Cate Blanchett Reveals Bi History (Or Not!)

A media storm has swirled around the Variety article where classic two-time Oscar-winning happily-married actress Cate Blanchett has talked about her past relationships with women. Mostly, the media are positive, but some think the whole thing is a publicity stunt, while others welcome "finally, a classy bisexual."

Book about Hispanic Bi Women Now Available in Spanish

A book that takes a unique peak at the lives of Hispanic women is now available in Spanish language.

Raven-Symone on ‘The View’ Echoes Miley Cyrus’s Lack of Labels

The darling little girl from "The Cosby Show," Raven-Symoné, pointed out on "The View" on Monday that she feels the same way Miley Cyrus does about not being labelled for liking guys and girls.

British Bisexual Politician Loses Seat After 30 Years

Simon Hughes, a Member of Parliament for more than three decades, lost his seat last week in an election. He has been openly bisexual for the last 10 years of his tenure.

Spoiler Alert: ‘D Train’ Takes Bisexual Attraction all the Way

There’s a much-discussed sex scene between handsome James Marsden (who plays a bisexual actor) and Jack Black (a heterosexual schlub who can’t forget their one-time liaison).

Boston University Honors Bi Activist Julia Canfield

Julia Canfield, president of the Bisexual Resource Center has been awarded the Student Excellence in Public Health Practice Award from Boston University.

Miley Cyrus Says Her Relationships Haven’t Been Just ‘Straight, Heterosexual’

Miley Cyrus said that not all of her past relationships were “straight, heterosexual” ones. Although she didn’t use the B-word, media outlets are interpreting this as the actress/singer coming out as bisexual.

And Now, =, this site you're now reading, just purchased so that both URLs go to the same site. There was some concern that when the British bisexual news site lost the domain name that someone would snatch it up and turn it into a porn site.

Margaret Cho Says in Her World People are ‘Gay Until Proven Otherwise’

In a New York Times piece over the weekend, bisexual comedienne Margaret Cho challenged those who are asking people if they are gay or not.

After Sending Penis Pics on Grindr, Anti-Gay Politician Comes Out as Bi

Republican State Representative Randy Boehning from North Dakota was caught over the weekend sending unsolicited pictures of his private parts to a 21-year-old on Grindr.

Supreme Court Arguments Include Men Attracted to Men Who Are Married to Women

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 2.50.40 PMOn Tuesday (April 28, 2015), the U.S. Supreme Court will once again hear arguments about same-sex marriage. One of the Amicus Briefs (or Friends of Court briefs) submitted to argue against same-sex marriage is from a group called “Same-Sex Attracted Men and Their Wives in Support of Respondents & Affirmance.”

Honey Boo Boo’s Mom and Sister Come Out as Bisexual

Honey Boo Boo’s mother, known lovingly by reality show fans as “Mama June,” and Honey Boo Boo’s sister Pumpkin both came out on Inside Edition.

Bisexuality Gets Added Back into Ryan Phillippe’s ‘54’ Film

A whole 36 minutes of bisexuality is being added back in when it debuts (again

Is There Bisexual Erasure in Iceman’s Coming Out?

When Marvel Comic’s “All-New X-Men" No. 40 hits the stands on Wednesday, there’s some potential bisexual erasure.

Should Bi Guy Tell Fiancee that he Fooled Around with Her Dad?

"Are you for real? If so, life truly is stranger than fiction," that's what the columnist responds at first.

Bi Boy Whips it Out and Gets Applause

It's a happy ending that doesn't always happen when someone comes out as bisexual.

The Anti-Gay Advocates Who are Caught Acting Gay (Bi?)

Unfortunately, (or maybe fortunately) there's a lot of bi erasure when it comes to politicians being caught in the act of a gay liaison. A politician can be in a marriage for most of his life and have a bunch of children and still get caught in a bathroom stall with a male prostitute. But is he bi? No, he's labelled "gay."

Bi Trivia: What Singer Came Out as Bi to a Spanish Online Site?

Veja Magazine talked to one pop singer and he or she came out as bisexual to the online magazine and faced a lot of criticism.

Bi Men Don’t Need to Hide Anymore

There's a group that is safe for bi men to experience healthy touching.

Bisexual Characters on Broadway takes a look at "10 Lesbian and Bisexual Characters on Broadway." That doesn't mean the actors and actresses are bisexual, but their characters are.

Bisexual Dogs? Have a Little Chuckle Today

The headline was shocking enough, and at first, it may come across as a bit of stereotypical, but it's meant i good fun, so we're sharing it.

New Study Seeks Wanna-Be Parents

Dr. Samantha Tornello who conducted the comprehensive Gay/Bisexual Dads Study, and is offering updates of her project through her quarterly newsletter: Gay/Bisexual Dads Study Spring 2015 Newsletter, is seeking participants in a new study.

Bi Guy Khafre Abif Tells His Story of Living with HIV

He worked with the gay and lesbian community as an open bisexual through much of the 1990s and 2000s. Now, Khafre K. Abif is part of the Human Rights Campaign to have people with HIV tell their stories, and he's one of the few longtime bisexuals.

As a Youth, Little Richard Liked Boys and Girls

In a story by Tiara Williams in The Reel Network, a profile about singing superstar Little Richard talks about his bisexuality.

Jennifer Aniston’s Bisexual Character Considered Among Most Offensive of 2014

The mean-spirited over-sexed character of Julia played by Jennifer Aniston in the comedy Horrible Bosses 2 was so horrible that it made GLAAD's top five in "Most Offensive Movies of 2014."

Really Cool Things Michelle Rodriguez Says About Being Bisexual

During the press tours for Fast & Furious 7, actress Michelle Rodriguez was again asked about her sexuality, particularly her bisexuality, and yes, she affirmed that she still is, and is still proud of it.

First Experience at a Gay Bar?

There's a fascinating thread from David and his WickedGayBlog. David is a 40-something Boston-based blogger who has had more action on his latest Question of the Day than any other.

Bisexual Punishment is Particularly Harsh in Saudi Arabia

Men who are married in Saudi Arabia who are found guilty will be stoned to death. But, an unmarried man caught in a homosexual act will be punished with 100 lashes and banishment for a year.

What is Bi ‘American Idol’ Crystal Bowersox Up to Now?

American Idol's Crystal Bowersox came out as bisexual in 2014. The Ohio native was competing in the night season when Lee DeWyze won.

Married Men Attracted to Men Speak Out Against Same-Sex Marriage

An unusual group of men who are attracted to men, and their wives, are petitioning the U.S. Supreme Court against same-sex marriage.

Dumb Stereotypes That Almost Stopped Bi People From Coming Out

Eliel Cruz wrote a story for that details the ugly stereotypes that caused some bi people to stay in the closet, according to a new study.

Renown Bi Leaders Give Workshops at BECAUSE Conference

An incredible array of notable bisexual leaders are presenting workshops, some for the first time time, at the regional BECAUSE Conference scheduled from April 17 to 19 at the University of Minnesota.

Johnny Depp and Bisexual Wife Amber Heard May Split

Amber Heard, the out bisexual wife of actor Johnny Depp, may be ending her marriage to the superstar after only 62 days.

BiJacked: Bisexuals Strike Back Against Inaccurate Reporting

A noteworthy panel of well-known bisexuals discussed the misrepresentation of certain mainstream media and how bisexuality is incorrectly portrayed.

Dan Savage Speaking Well about Bisexuality

Gay writer and journalist Dan Savage has been, well, savaged by bisexuals in the past for saying that bisexuals don't exist. But, he's changed his tune on that, and realizes that he contributed in the past to bi erasure and is against that.

A Dozen Positive Messages About Bisexuality

These are a dozen positive memes that you can cut and paste and share on your Facebook page.

Bisexual Husbands Explored in ‘Gracie & Frankie’ Sitcom

Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda will be portraying women who have two bisexual husbands who are in love with each other.

Dear Prudence Misinformed About Bisexuality

Slate advice columnist Emily Yoffe, better known as Dear Prudence, responded to a bisexual reader’s question about coming out by telling her to stay closeted.

10 Fights Lesbian and Bisexual Girl Couples Get Into is putting up another funny list. This time, it's 10 fights that lesbians and bisexual women get into.

Checking in with Bi Wild Child Lindsay Lohan calls Lindsay Lohan "the Los Angeles bisexual train wreck serial criminal offender" and every once in a while they check in to see what (and who) she's d0ing.

Centers for Disease Control Spend More for Men Having Sex With Men

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will lead new programs totaling more than $185 million in HIV prevention funding for men who have sex with men.

Sandra Bernhard Reviews Madonna’s Latest Music Video

Bisexual comedienne Sandra Bernhard does a play-by-play analysis about her former girlfriend Madonna's latest video "Ghosttown."

Obama Wants to End Reparative Therapy

President Obama, who is one of the most bi-friendly presidents in U.S. history (the photos here notwithstanding), has said Wednesday night that he believes that the government should ban harmful reparative therapy.

What Do Therapists Do When You Tell Them You’re Bi?

There's a great blog from 22-year-old Meghan in Michigan called "Through Laughter Comes Enlightenment" and she is asking for people to respond to therapists receiving bisexual clients.

Young Australian Actor Hints of Bisexuality

Recently in an interview, 25-year-old actor Brenton Thwaites has hinted that he may have attractions to both guys and gals.

A Wanton Pairing of #Drarry Was Just an April Fool’s Joke

Is Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy in a bisexual love affair? Of course we know Harry has hetero leanings, but even the Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling wrote that Harry was “rapidly becoming obsessed with Draco Malfoy” in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

A Chat with Bisexual Multimedia Artist Vivek Shraya

Shraya is currently on a west coast tour with authors Amber Dawn and Leah Horlick. Here’s Shraya’s conversation with Bi Magazine. Read all of Bi Magazine's Q & A interview.

Parents Want to Sue Son-in-Law for ‘Bisexual Shock’

The parents of a murdered girl want to sue their daughter's husband because he didn't tell them that he was bisexual.

Changing His OKCupid Profile from Straight to Bisexual

Zachary Zane was pretty brave, but he did it it and it changed his life. And, he writes about it: "In one of the proudest moments of my life, I changed my OkCupid profile from straight to bisexual."

New Show ‘Weird Loners’ Features Bisexual Zara

A new comedy sitcom on FOX debuted last week featuring a newcomer actress, Meera Rohit Kumbhani, as the free-spirited bisexual named Zara.

More Millennials Identify as BLGT as Any Other Time

About double the percentage of youth identify as bisexual, gay, lesbian or transgender than they did only four years ago, according to a study from the Public Religion Research Institutrp_FB-1-300x300.jpge.

Bisexual Students Get Extra Credit at University of Wisconsin

At the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee a teaching assistant put out an email that offers extra credit to students—but only if they’re bisexual. Unfortunately, the right-wing conservative Campus Reform is making an issue about the extra credit and calling it discriminatory.

Coming Out as Lesbian Was the Easy Part, But She Still Likes Men

On the site of, Katy Butler tells her intriguing story about coming out as bisexual. It turns out that coming out as a lesbian was easy. The hard part? Admitting she still liked men.

Alan Cumming Thinks Bisexuals Are Getting Understood

Actor Alan Cumming could convince Larry King that bisexuality exists (even when Anna Paquin baffled him a bit about it), and he thinks that it's a bit easier for celebrities to come out as such.

Reverend Recalls Coming Out as Bi on Easter

Blogger Rev. Dr. Janet Edwards, a Presbyterian minister made a strange revelation on an Easter Sunday-- she came out as bisexual. To everyone.

Russell Brand Still Wishes He was Bisexual, and Thinks Porn is Bad

Only a few months ago, funny guy Russell Brand seemed a bit serious when he said he wished he was bisexual. More recently, he has crusaded against porn, comparing it to fast food, and that he has bedded thousands of women.

Why Are All the Good Bi Girls Married?

The provocative online magazine recently compiled the most out female celebs who are bisexual. Some you may not know.

Bi Triangle Will Remain in ‘Grasshopper’ Adaptation

British film director Edgar Wright insists he will keep the bisexuality in the love triangle at the center of the book Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith.

Bisexual Sues for Sexual Harassment at CBS

A handsome 29-year-old man who identifies as bisexual left his job in November as a video producer at CBS and is now suing for sexual harassment, saying he was repeatedly drunkenly groped and kissed by powerful men at the network — including the director for the “CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley.”

Bisexual Symbols of Easter Island

It's not really an Easter story, but it's an interesting fact about the bisexual symbols of the mysterious figures onEaster Island.

Is Bugs Bunny Bisexual?

Is the randy cartoon rabbit swinging both ways?

Aussie Singer Portrays Bisexual Hustler in Seductive Video

Australian-born Londoner Josef Salvat is starring as a bisexual hustler in one of the most erotic videos to come out these days.

Bisexual Short Film ‘Character’ Wins Major Award

A movie about an urban fantasy that takes the audience into an intriguing journey of BLGT issues, with a lot of bisexuality, won a prestigious award for short films this week.

A Shift in Sexual Identities in Early Adulthood is Tied to Depression

A major study shows that people whose sexual identities changed toward same-sex attraction in early adulthood reported more symptoms of depression.

SheWired’s 10 Things You Shouldn’t Say to a Bi Girl

You'll have to check out this really hysterical list from SheWired by Charlotte Dingle called "10 Things You Should NEVER Say to a Bisexual Girl in a Mono Relationship."

Bi Author Cecilia Tan Explains Bi Sci-Fi

It's an intriguing question for science fiction fans who understand the history of bisexual characters in this specialized genre.

As Bisexual Health Month Ends, Listen to 2 Experts Speak

Listen to a radio interview about Bisexual Health Awareness Month.

Arizona Wildcat Writer Says Bi Stereotypes Need to Go Bi Bi Bi

He mentions "Orange is the New Black" and “Transparent” and the third season of “House of Cards.”

Bi Closeted Football Player Says Michael Sam Doesn’t Speak for All

TMZ Sports talked to a closeted bisexual NFL player who wasn't thrilled about out gay player Michael Sam's comments saying that other gay men are less courageous for not coming out.

No, Sacha Baron Cohen Will Not Do Freddie Mercury Biopic

It was a joke that Sacha Baron Cohen is once again involved in the biopic about legendary bisexual rocker Freddie Mercury.

How Many of the Rockers Are Bi?

How many of the Advocate's 18 LGBT rockers are bi? You may not be surprised.

Bisexual = Sexually Available? Weigh in on Community Advice

The question at the's weekly Community Advice is one that every out bisexual has had to deal with, either subtly or blatantly.

Biscuit Writer Suggests Creating a BiDar

Feminist writer Valarie Clark-Neff from Columbus, Ohio has a humorous article in the UK website.

Washington D.C.’s Center Bi Needs Donations

Center Bi, the only bisexual organization that is hosted at a BLGT center in the country, is seeking funds for educational material and outreach. They are trying to make $3,000 in donations before their Pride Festival, and so far have more than $200.

Bi Football Player Conner Mertens Hopes it Won’t Be an Issue

Conner Mertens, the out bisexual football player, is waiting for the next step.

Curve’s Column About Biphobia

E.J. Rosetta, an out bisexual from the United Kingdom, posted a brilliant column in the lesbian publication Curve that's about biphobia.

Bi Men Twice as Likely to Get Skin Cancer

A report in USA Today says that gay and bisexual men in the United States are twice as likely as heterosexual men to get skin cancer, according to a new study.

British reality show waits for James Lock to come out as bi

One of the UK's hottest scripted reality shows, The Only Way is Essex (or TOWIE for those in the know) is waiting for a cliffhanger that may be answered Sunday night to see if handsome hunk James Lock on the show is bisexual.

Nearly 30 Percent of Missouri Bisexual Women Live in Poverty

A survey found that almost 30 percent of bisexual women and 23 percent of lesbian women live in poverty compared to 20 percent of heterosexual women.

Bi Governor Makes it Easier to Vote, Ends Reparative Therapy and More

Read all the things the out bi politician has done for her state so far.

Queen Gambit Game Allows You to Play as a Bi Female Spy

New game is the company's first step into having a bisexual character in its storytelling.

Married Woman Regrets Not Exploring Bi Feelings

A young woman talks very frankly and plainly on the site about her life-long attraction toward women, but never acting on it.

Dublin Gay Theatre Fest Features ‘By the Bi’

The International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival will be featuring a fascinating original bisexual-themed play this year.

Angelina Jolie Discusses More Preventive Surgeries

Angelina Jolie, famous bisexual, makes another announcement about drastic surgeries she is doing for her health.

Did Bisexuality Exist Before the Word Was Invented?

Check out the question of the week on the Facebook page.

Bisexual films at the TCM Classic Film Festival

The old classic films sometimes have bisexual content that is hinted at, but not expressly talked about, yet you can see them in Hollywood this weekend at the TCM Classic Film Festival. And, there are out and open celebrities who will be talking about the classic movies.

HRC Says Bi Women Forgotten in Health Stats

There are a lot of statistics that need to be improved, particularly ones involving bi women.

Bisexual Rapper Azealia Banks Details Choking Attack

The rapper details her horrific abuse in the latest issue of Playboy.

Alleged hate crime attacker says he’s a closeted bisexual

The man accused of beating up a youth in Corinth, Mississippi, that made national news, said he was bisexual aScreen Shot 2015-03-23 at 10.04.00 PMnd it wasn't a hate crime.

Bi Youth Opinion Piece Highlights Bi Erasure

Thoughtful piece by a bisexual youth explores bisexual erasure.

Provocative Bi Play ‘Cock’ Opens in Colorado

The provocative play about bisexuality opens in a small theater company in Colorado.

Bisexual Erasure and Vivek Shraya Featured on PBS Series

The PBS Digital YouTube series First Person with host Kristin Russo explores bisexual erasure.

Jealous Much? Bisexuals Aren’t Any More or Less than Others

A study released late last year shows that bisexual men and women aren't any more or less jealous about their relationships than anyone else.

Cambridge Bisexual Activist Marcia Deihl Dies in Bike Accident

Longtime bi activist was struck by a truck this week.

Teen Fiction: The Brain of an Anxious Bisexual

A new edgy teen fiction story is posted on Wattpad.

Gay and Bi Couples Can Adopt in Florida

It will be easier for gay and bi parents to adopt now that Florida is starting to get rid of an obsolete law.

Denise Penn is Profiled by OC Weekly

Denise is profiled by her local paper about her activism.

Tab Hunter Weighs in on James Dean’s Bisexuality Rumors

Tab Hunter discusses James Dean and the bisexual rumors.

A List of 51 Bisexual Celebrities

The whole list is shown in a nice photo gallery.

Is the Fictional President Bisexual?

Check out the story on Bi Magazine that talks about the speculation of the fictional president of the United States, Frank Underwood, from "House of Cards."

Sneak Peek of HBO’s Bisexual ‘Bessie’

The HBO movie "Bessie" of bisexual blues legend Bessie Smith has a sneak peek on You Tube (see above).

Bi Folk Marching in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Boston

Bisexual Army Veteran Cliff Arnesen shared this intriguing photograph of the early days of marching in the St. Patrick's Day Parade in South Boston.

For St. Paddy’s Day – a List of Bisexual Irish Folk

Here are the most famous Irish bisexuals. Bet you didn't know a few of them.

More Speculation of Harry Styles Being Bisexual in Youth Health Mag

More about guys being wild about Harry Styles.

Is the B of LGBT the Jan Brady of the Bunch?

Are we the Jan Brady of the LGBT movement?

Bi Rapper Angel Haze Helps Bi-phobic Mom Reunite with Daughter

See how Angel Haze's story helped this mom and daughter reunite.

Irish Mom Gets Advice on ‘How Do I Tell My Sons Their Father is Bi?’

Advice columnist Dr. John Sharry, a writer for the Irish Times offered advice to a women on how to tell her two children that their dad is bisexual

Bijacked: Bisexuals Strike Back Against Inaccurate Reporting

A fascinating panel on bi media this weekend.

Bisexual Angel Haze Helps Mom Deal with Bi Daughter in ‘Truce’

Bisexual rapper Angel Haze is starring in "Truce" and helping out a bi girl get accepted by her mom.

Harley Quinn is Another Bisexual Comic Book Character

Move over Catwoman, the bisexuality headlines as far as comic book characters will have to be shared by a new bi character, "Harley Quinn."

Lead Character in ‘The 100’ is 100 Percent Bisexual

'The 100' saw the lead female character kiss a girl.

British Study Shows 1 in 5 Gay and Bi Youth Get Bullied by a Teacher

A UK report called "Boys Who Like Boys" talked about how at least 20 percent of the gay and bisexual young men face bullying in school by a teacher or another adult.

The New Journal of Bisexuality Explores Education

The new Journal of Bisexuality is out! The new Journal of Bisexuality is out!

World’s First BLGT Pride Parade Celebrates 45 Anniversary in June

The LA Pride celebration and the world's first LGBT Pride Parade will take place this year June 12 through 14 in West Hollywood, Calif.

There Are Not Enough Bisexual Judges

A recent report shows that bisexuals aren't represented as judges.

5 Incorrect Assumptions about Dating Bisexuals

Writer Eliel Cruz once again comes up with a list that slaps down some incorrect perceptions about dating bisexuals.

Nearly One-Fifth of British LGBT Troops Say They’re Bi

Nearly one-fifth of those identifying as BLGT in the UK military identified as bisexual.

Bisexuality in the new James Bond movie? Maybe

Monica Bellucci, who just turned 50, is being coy about the rumored bisexuality of her character in the upcoming James Bond thriller, "Spectre."

Conan O’Brien Hooks Up on Grindr

Conan O'Brien tried his hand on the male meet-up site Grindr, and in a hysterical bawdy segment on his show.

All-Female Othello Plans to Break Bi Boundaries

The bisexual Bard's masculine play 'Othello' will now be done by a group of ladies.

Dirk Shafer, Dead at 52, Blurred Sexual Barriers

Dirk Shafer, who directed and wrote two defining movies on the gay world, really "got" bisexuality.

Portland Warns Bi and Gay Men about Syphilis

Bi and gay men who have frequent partners are urged to get tested due to an increase in syphilis.

More About John Maynard Keynes’s Bisexuality

Details about the bisexuality of one of the most intelligent bisexuals ever.

Does Prison Turn You Gay? More Likely Bi

Studies refute the claim that jail turns you gay, as one contender for president claims. Bi, maybe.

She’s More Than an Iranian Bisexual

Desiree Akhavan became known as the "Iranian bisexual" at the Sundance Film Festival.

Is Tiara Thomas ‘Bi as Hell’ Like her Lyrics?

Tiara Thomas is a rising R&B singer, and the 25-year-old is pretty bisexual in her lyrics, but she remains coy about her own personal preferences.

Alan Cumming Joins #Celibacy Challenge

One of the most out and famous bisexuals of the day, Alan Cumming, is joining a celibacy campaign?! Say it isn’t so!

Kai Hazelwood Likes to Color Outside the Lines

Help this bisexual dancer with an innovate plan for a unique performance.

Bank of America Bisexual Harassment Case Continues

A court ruling allows a claim against bisexual discrimination to continue against Bank of America.

Calling all Bisexual Writers, Want to Play?

The Association of Writers and Writing Programs (or AWP Conference) is being held in Minneapolis this April, and some bi activists are looking for a few good writers.

Closeted Gay Youth Finds Dad on Grindr

A gay teen who has a homophobic father, found out that his dad was using the gay hookup app Grindr.

Why Isn’t the Bi Community More Visible?

More than 7,700 people saw this question, here are some of their responses.

Is Identifying Herself as Pansexual Just being ‘Divergent’?

Actress Shailene Woodley, who is part of the sci-fi film franchise Divergent got a little miffed when the press dubbed her "bisexual." She says she's pansexual.

Holy Ca-taclysm, Batman, Catwoman is Bisexual!

In another first for the comic book world, DC Comics favorite feline foil, Catwoman, whose name is Selina Kyle, is coming out as bisexual in the next issue of the series.

Irvine Welsh’s Book Features Bisexual Fitness Trainer

In The New York Times book review section on Sunday, a review by Sloan Crosley detailed the protagonist of a new book, The Sex Lives of Siamese Twins.

March Blows in as Bisexual Health Awareness Month

The bisexual community has dubbed March as Bisexual Health Awareness Month (BHAM). Beginning March 2, there will be a concerted effort to get the word out about bi-specific health issues, with new incentives and informational drives every week.

How Mr. Spock Helped a Bi Kid Learn How to Fit In

A personal look at how a budding bisexual kid identified with Mr. Spock, and later got to tell Leonard Nimoy in person.

Black Bisexual Woman Shows #ThisIsLuv

Crystal Fleming, who also writes for the Huffington Post, has a heart-felt post and shares her story for #ThisIsLuv.

Study about Distress Seeks Bi Women to Participate

An assistant professor from the psychology department of the University of Missouri in Kanas City, Missouri is seeking bisexual women to participate in a study about their experience involving distress and discrimination.

Colorblindness Equates to Erasure

An opinion column by Jon Greenberg on Everyday discusses the ways that colorblindness contributes to racism. It's only a tiny step to take that step to homophobia or biophobia.

The Sexual and Geographic Reality of Fifty Shades of Grey

Read about the setting (Seattle) and the movie of "Fifty Shades of Grey" as reported in Bi Magazine.

Bisexual Bessie Smith Biopic Stars Mo’Nique and Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah will be portraying the out, brave and bisexual Bessie Smith in "Bessie" on HBO.

Advocate Op-ed Shines Spotlight on Bi Erasure, too

The has a powerful opinion piece by Jase Peeples that talks about how it matters how people identify in public.

Why Go to This Conference? Well, BECAUSE

BECAUSE is a cool acronym that stands for Bisexual Empowerment Conference, A Uniting Supportive Experience., and they've announced their keynote speakers and theme.

11 Bisexual Girl Problems

No, it's not that bisexual women necessarily have fewer problems dating, maybe it's just more concentrated.

13 Bisexual Guy Problems by Eliel Cruz

Bisexual journalist Eliel Cruz has a funny column discussing the problems that bisexual guys have on dates.

Judge in Alabama Thinks 2 Bisexuals Marrying = 4

An Alabama judge says some ridiculous things about bisexuality.

Neil Patrick Harris Once Identified as Bisexual

Neil Patrick Harris, who strutted before millions at the Academy Awards, hasn't truly revealed all about his sexual past, which was pretty bisexual.

Bisexuals March for Visibility at Creating Change Conference

About 50 bisexuals engaged in a Bi Visibility March at the 27th National Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change.

Lady Gaga Kills It at the Oscars

Lady Gaga stunned by singing the "Sound of Music" medley at the Oscars, and she was great!

What the Pew Research Says about Bisexuals

The Pew Research Center is just analyzing a 2013 study of 1,200 LGBT adults and made some recent findings about bisexuals.

Malcolm X’s Bisexuality Comes up Again on 50th Anniversary of his Death

Bringing up the bisexual secret life of the civil rights leader gets many activists in the African American community angry, but, a number of recent books have documented Malcolm’s life of relationships with both men and women.

The Year 2000 is the Most Bisexual Oscars (so far)

The most bi Oscar show ever was 2000 when at least 10 of the movies nominated in the various categories had some element of bisexuality.

See the Nation’s First Out Bi Governor be Sworn in

See videos of Kate Brown's swearing in, flanked by her mother and her husband.

MTV’s British Reality Show Introduces its First Bisexual

Nathan Henry is the first bisexual to be on MTV UK's "Geordie Shore" in 10 seasons.

Bye-bye, Want to Buy it?

Can you afford the most popular bisexual Internet name that's going to be on the market?

A Dozen Facts you Should Know about Kate Brown Being the First Bisexual Governor

These are the 12 most important things to know about the new out bisexual governor of Oregon. Op-Ed: Biphobia and Dating Bi Guys

Sexuality is not a binary; it’s not all gay or straight. There’s a pretty good chance you’re going to date someone who has, in the past, been romantically involved with someone of another gender. You may date someone who, in the future, will date someone of another gender. It’s not the end of the world, and it shouldn't affect your relationship.

Bisexuality, Section 377, and India’s LGBT Movement

In the aftermath of Indian Supreme Court’s decision on Section 377, activists have implemented two major game plans: aggressive legal challenges and campaigns to change public perception and attitudes toward different forms of gender and sexual expression.

Why does Lady Gaga have to prove her bisexuality?

Why does Lady Gaga have to prove her bisexuality?