The Unicorn Scale: Cabaret

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome! This week the Unicorn Scale takes us to "Cabaret."

The Unicorn Scale: The Bisexual

Have you been debating whether or not to watch “The Bisexual”? Maybe you weren’t sure if it would be bi enough. The Unicorn Scale is here to tell you just how bi “The Bisexual” is.

The Unicorn Scale: Carol

Are there any queer holiday movies to keep us company while wrapping presents this year? We, at the Unicorn Scale, are nominating "Carol" as a queer Christmas classic.

The Unicorn Scale: Rent

Remember Maureen in Rent? She was bi, right? The Unicorn Scale takes a peek at Rent's Maureen.

Snark and Smooth: Queer Tools for Getting Through the Holidays

It can be tough to be queer during the holidays – not within yourself, but navigating a space with people you love... It can be a source of great stress that no amount of wine (or egg nog) can drown.

Bi Book Club: The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue

Is there a young adult in your life looking for a bi read? Why not give "The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue" a try.

My Life Changed – For the Better – When I Became Obnoxiously Bi

Coming out of the closet is rarely an easy road...but now I am about as out as I can get without carrying a bullhorn with me wherever I go.

The Unicorn Scale: Tully

Oscars are coming, so let's look back at a movie that you might have missed earlier this year, "Tully."

The Unicorn Scale: Basic Instinct

Not all bi representation is good representation, so let's take a look back at "Basic Instinct."

The Unicorn Scale: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The Unicorn Scale tackles Detective Rosa Diaz of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" and her Season 5 coming out.

The Unicorn Scale: Mulan

This week The Unicorn Scale is going back in time and rewatching "Mulan."

Bi Book Club: Call Me By Your Name

You saw the movie last year, now let's dive into the book "Call Me By Your Name."

The Unicorn Scale: Vicki Christina Barcelona

This week, The Unicorn Scale, looks at Vicki Christina Barcelona. For this movie, Woody Allen left Manhattan, and explores polyamory and bisexuality in Catalonia.

User’s Guide to Dismantling Bi Stereotypes – Volume Two

No sooner do you say you're bi than you're bombarded with a slew of invasive, rude, or just plain dumb questions. Here are a few quips to get the nosy bastards off your back for a few minutes.

The Unicorn Scale: Disobedience

This week the Unicorn Scale looks at "Disobedience" in which Rachel Weisz plays a bi woman that returns to her conservative Jewish community in North London.

The Unicorn Scale: Blue Is the Warmest Color

This week's Unicorn Scale takes a look at another French bi film, "Blue is the Warmest Color".

The Unicorn Scale: Madam Secretary

The Unicorn Scale is finally making its way around to Madam Secretary, a show with, not one, but TWO bi characters.

Bi Book Club: Full Service: My Adventures In Hollywood and the Secret Sex Lives of the Stars

Ready for a slightly trashy, totally true, queer summer read? It's time to dive into Scotty Bowers' "Full Service: My Adventures in Hollywood and the Secret Sex Lives of the Stars".

The Unicorn Scale: Bring It On

This week the unicorn scale goes all the way back to 2000 to take a peep a queer cheerleader we hear might be bi.

The Unicorn Scale: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Part 2)

This is a Unicorn Scale first; we are revisiting a show because there is now another bi character!

The Unicorn Scale: Scotty And The Secret History of Hollywood

As teenagers we all like to imagine that we invented sex, but this documentary about the life of Scotty Bowers reminds us just how wrong we were.

The Unicorn Scale: Solo: A Star Wars Story

Finally, a bi character in a galaxy far, far away...

Why Lee Pace’s Evolving Sexuality Stance Is So Important

When Pace was dismissive in his original interview about being queer, with the afterthought about why should anyone care about who he’s dating, I bristled.

My Fiery Takedown of the Bi Dismissal

I had always hoped that once I felt confident enough to start going to LGBTQIA+ events, I would find an emotional home.... Instead, I discovered many gays and lesbians loved to pick on the bis the most, claiming we were probably going to cheat on them. That we were less-than.

The Unicorn Scale: Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

This week The Unicorn Scale turns its bi lens to the classic film "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof."

Do You Have To Be SO Out, Though?

The answer is yes: I do. I have too much momentum now. And I’ve dealt with too much erasure, discrimination, and just plain B.S. to quietly wait my turn to speak.

The “Not Just Staring Really Hard” List

Many of us hid our same-sex crushes as children while freely giggling over their opposite-sex counterparts. Who are some of the men and women that you secretly longed for?

An Open Letter to Aaron Carter

We fellow bis know how hard it is to be honest with yourself, let alone the world. Yet, when your words blew open the closet doors to the world, you faced mostly scrutiny, doubt, and scorn. And you deserved so much better than that.

The Unicorn Scale: Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

Ever wonder about the women behind the man behind Wonder Woman? This week The Unicorn Scale took a peek at the biopic "Professor Marston and the Wonder Women."

Gubernatorial Candidate Cynthia Nixon is Bi

Cynthia Nixon is bi. Saying otherwise isn’t true, no matter how much you wish it or how much the word, or idea, challenges your worldview.

The Surprisingly Shy Bi

No one who knows me would conceivably label me as shy. So why am I so damn timid when it comes to asking out anyone other than men?

The Unicorn Scale: Brokeback Mountain

This week The Unicorn Scale takes a look back at a great bi movie, "Brokeback Mountain."

The Unicorn Scale: The Color Purple

Happy Oscars! Let's talk about one of the most nominated films of all time, which also happens to have some awesome bi ladies in it.

The Unicorn Scale: Call Me By Your Name

The Unicorn Scale is getting ready for the Oscars with a peek at Call Me By Your Name.

The Unicorn Scale: Ladybird

The Oscars are quick approaching, so let's take peek at one of the contenders, Ladybird.

The Unicorn Scale: The Orville

This week we take a peek at Seth MacFarlane's sci-fi comedy, The Orville.

The Unicorn Scale: She’s Gotta Have It

This week The Unicorn Scale is looking at Spike Lee’s Netflix reboot of his breakthrough film, She’s Gotta Have It.

The Unicorn Scale: Thelma and Louise

In honor of what will hopefully be a bright and wonderful New Year, The Unicorn Scale is looking back to a beloved classic.

The Unicorn Scale: Godless

This week, The Unicorn Scale takes a gander at "Godless" and its collection of great female characters in the wild west.

The Unicorn Scale: Top Gun

Haven't seen "Top Gun" lately? Maybe it's time to take another look, and not just for the volleyball scene.

The Unicorn Scale: Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

This week's Unicorn Scale takes a look at the Swedish thriller, "Girl With The Dragon Tattoo."

The Unicorn Scale: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Let's talk about Darryl Whitefeather of "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" and how he's "getting bi."

A Whole Lotta Folly About the Term “Poly”

Some bis are poly, some bis aren’t.

The Unicorn Scale: The Bold Type

This Unicorn Scale edition covers my newest, happiest TV obsession – “The Bold Type,” ... This frothy, fashionable, blisteringly smart comedy-drama centers on the adventures of Jane, Sutton, and Kat, three twentysomething women working at Scarlet, a global women’s magazine.

A User’s Guide to Dismantling Bi Stereotypes

We've all experienced the bummer of bi stereotypes. Here are some snarky responses to keep on hand next time someone says something like, "so, you're half gay..."

The Unicorn Scale: Bob’s Burgers

In preparation for this week's season premiere, The Unicorn Scale takes a peek at Bob's Burgers.

The Fence Sitter

In this era of superhero movies, contributor Jennie Roberson imagines what her bi superhero would be like.

The Unicorn Scale: The Good Place

In preparation for season 2 of "The Good Place" Jennie Roberson takes a look at the slow reveal of Eleanor's (the main character) bisexuality over the course of season 1.

Bi Ambassador Dilemma: Scenes From Forever Coming Out

I’ve struggled with whether I wanted to be a representative every time I mention my sexuality.  So I’ve tried different approaches over the years - with varying results.

In Bud and In Bloom: Bi Heroines In This Summer’s Movies

This summer brought us not one, but two, kick-ass bi heroines! Lorraine Broughton and Diana Prince both showed us that bi ladies definitely belong on the big screen.