All Bi Myself: The Challenges of Dating as an Openly Bi Man

It’s hard enough to find a person you want to get serious with, but it seems that as an openly bi man, there will always be additional hurdles to overcome that those in gay or straight relationships typically won’t have to deal with.

I’m a Person, Not a Percentage

Being bi has nothing to do with "what percentage" of attraction you feel for one group or another.

I’m Not Bulking, I’m Just Eating

I contemplated my answer as I chewed away; it seemed, that the only reason I would be eating this brownie (and the pizza before it) was so I could pack on some poundage.

I’m Thankful, Not Complacent

I am thankful for the many advances in human rights that have made my life better, that does not mean I'm going to stop fighting for human rights.

I Am Not Bi Because My Parents Failed

They are the best parents any person, LGBTQ+ or otherwise, could ask for, and I pity anyone who believes otherwise. 

What My Dad Taught Me About “Being A Man”

Along with our mother, my father taught me and my siblings how to act and grow into a good person, regardless of gender.

Man of Honor

For whatever reason, society has tried to make us think that men and women cannot have close relationships that are securely and happily based in the friend-zone.

10 Bisexual Character Costume Ideas

Halloween is coming! Why not celebrate by going as one of these bi-tastic characters?

Why I’m “Obnoxious” About My Bisexuality

It can be frustrating to hear people say that I’m obsessed or crazed about discussing bi issues, but the fact of the matter is that I do this because we need to see change.

Ask a Bi Man…

In honor of Bi Month, it seemed like a good time to answer some questions that I am frequently asked as a bi man.

Thank You To Everyone Who Let Me Be Visible

The energy I put into hiding is so much better spent enjoying life with the people who make it so special.

I Do Not Need To Be Saved

I'm happily bi and I don't need you to "save" me.

A Prideful Family

This year my family joined me for Pride and it was amazing.

A Message To The Men Who Tell Me I’m Not Bi

A sad fact of Pride and other LGBTQ events is that there is frequently a gay man there who is eager to jump in and explain to me that my bisexuality is just a phase.

Getting the Most Out Of Your Pride Month

Are you ready to go out and celebrate? Make sure you are making the most of your pride festivities this year.

What Happened When I Took My Parents To Gay Bars

My mom, in particular, was having a blast, chatting up a storm with guy after guy and receiving more free drinks than I ever have (or probably ever will)...these men couldn’t understand how I got my parents to join me for a night out in Boystown.

Why I Won’t Watch The Bachelor or Bachelorette

This show trivializes the institution that straight people are clamoring to stop LGBTQ+ people from destroying, but take a look at this show and you’ll see that the straight community has done a pretty great job at taking down the institution of marriage all on their own.

Take the Time to Date Yourself

In the past, I’ve felt that spending time alone was a sign of a failure.... In fact, I’ve learned that the better I understand myself, the better my other relationships become.

It’s Fine That Dumbledore Isn’t Explicitly Gay… For Now

Dumbledore will not be explicitly gay in the upcoming movie and here's why I'm not concerned.

Overcoming My Body Image Issues Within The LGBTQ+ Community

Coming out was a huge relief, but there was a dark side that I had not expected. Suddenly men were sending me unsolicited advice telling me how to "improve" my body.

Is There A Good Way To Handle Rejection On Dating Apps?

Your best choices seem to be ignore or say, "I'm not interested." Which do you prefer?

Stop “Coming Out” As Conservative

I always enjoy when I see or hear of someone coming out. Whether it’s in person or through social media, it’s nice to be able to offer a word of congratulations or, if the coming out process is going poorly, provide advice or encouragement to the person in need. However, in our current tumultuous political climate, I have started seeing another type of coming out story...

Dear Friends and Family: I Am Not Special

I don’t want to be the special exception to your small-minded belief system; oftentimes, these people act as if they’re making a huge personal and moral sacrifice to accept me as who I am and seem to think I should be thrilled to be the one person in the world who is like this that they accept.

Making Friends Through Dating Apps, It Can Be Done!

Thanks to social dating apps, it was and still is relatively easy to find a date or hookup, but finding the long-term friendships I was looking for was not happening with a woof or right least not to start.

Count Me Out This Cuffing Season

Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's your auntie asking why you aren't seeing anyone, maybe you're just bored, but this seems to be the time of year that people start leaping into relationships.

Home For The Holidays: A Survival Guide

Going home for the holidays can be wonderful, but for some us it means spending time in a community that is not as supportive as our new chosen homes.

Here’s Why I Go To Gay Bars

Why? Because I don’t have to worry about getting called names for crushing it to some Britney Spears on the dance floor. I don’t have to fulfill any sort of dress code other than my own personal one.

Finding My Queer Community in Chicago

I knew I wanted to find my new queer community in Chicago and Dodgeball showed me the way.

Even Though I Love My Hometown, I Could Never Live There

Just because you love something doesn’t mean it’s perfect, nor does it mean that it’s ultimately the best fit for you...and that’s how I feel about the place I grew up.

When You’re Bi, You’re Never Done Coming Out

I’ve learned that outside my personal sphere, there will most likely never be a point in my life when I won’t be faced with coming out as bi.

If You Support Me, You Can’t Ask Me To Hide

“I support you, I just don’t want to hear or see anything about your lifestyle.” It can come in a variety of formats, but the gist is typically the same.... I have begun to see this phrase as more of a cop out than an actual expression of sincere support.

My First Pride: Expectations vs. Reality 

It might seem trivial, but walking down the street in rainbow shorts and getting high fives instead of sneers was an incredible experience for me. Little things like that, which make you feel like you belong when for so many of us that has not always been the case, really made Pride for me.

My Hopes For My First Pride

My first [Pride] experience, when in the closet, was life-changing, I can only hope the first time attending as an out and proud bi man will be just as great.

What My Parents Think About My Bisexuality contributor, Blaize Stewart, sat down with his parents to ask what they were thinking when he came out to them.

Why I Don’t Apologize for Defending My Bisexuality

I will continue to promote bi visibility and equality, both in and out of the LGBTQ+ community, and hope that the majority of people will not condemn it as an attack, but instead welcome the opportunity to promote inclusivity and respect for others.

10 Questions You Should Never Ask A Bi Person

Coming out as bi, I've found that many people have a hard time filtering out the inappropriate or uncomfortable inquiries they want to direct at me. While I'm happy to address some of their questions, there are a few that either do not or should not be asked.