New Study Seeks Wanna-Be Parents

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Dr. Tornello,  who is the Assistant Professor of Psychology & Women’s Studies at Pennsylvania State University-Altoona, is conducting a new study for prospective parents, which can be found on her website: and at,

This is for LGBTAQ+ who have thoughts regarding parenthood in the future. The doctor says, “I hope to learn more about how people become parents and how this experience impacts their lives. Feel free to send along the study information to anyone you know!”

She adds, “The purpose of this study is to examine the many ways people think about and want to create their future families. The study consists of an online survey and will take approximately 20-35 minutes of your time. To qualify for the study you have to be over the age of 18, not have any children currently, and want to become a parent in the future. If you have a partner we would love for them to participate too! This study has been approved by the Pennsylvania State University.”

Another recent finding the Gay/Bisexual Dads Study, they found:

 What predicts who does what among gay fathers? Among 335 gay fathers we found that they reported dividing their household (e.g., washing dishes, doing the laundry) and childcare (e.g., taking the child to play dates, getting up with the child at night) labor in a fairly egalitarian way. We found that unlike heterosexual couples, the income or education level of an individual in the couple was not associated with how much household or childcare labor each father was performing. Although similar to heterosexual couples the amount of hours a father worked outside the home was associated with the amount of labor he performed inside the home. Fathers who worked more in paid employment performed less of the household and childcare tasks. In addition, we found that among step-families the step-father performed less of the childcare labor, but not household labor, compared to his partner. In all, gay fathers divided their labor in an egalitarian fashion and that variations in these patterns were due to how much the fathers worked outside the home and their family structure.

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