My Favorite Sci Fi and Fantasy Bis


Tara Thompson

So far we’ve talked crime solving bi characters, drama B’s, and bi characters who are parents. Now let’s get to some bi characters that are out of this world, with my favorite bi characters in science fiction and fantasy television.

The bi characters of Lost Girl

Bo Dennis broke the fae mold when she pursued the life she chose. Lost Girl not only had a badass bi lead, but is a rare gem with multiple (excellent) bi characters. Dark fae Vex is both a joy and gladly frustrating. Mark is exactly the balance Dyson—and Trick, and Vex—need. And Tamsin may have been Bo’s second favorite blonde, but she’ll always be number one to me.

Bo Tamsin

Sara Lance and John Constantine Legends of Tomorrow

Though Sara’s eventual treatment on Arrow makes her one of my least favorite storylines for bi characters, her powerful role on Legends is a happy return. And after years of will-they-or-won’t-they, they WILL be writing TV Constantine true to his (bi) comic roots. His promotion for the upcoming season four means Legends of Tomorrow joins a happily growing list—shows with multiple bi characters in series regular roles.

Waverly Earp Wynonna Earp

Waverly is so many things, but best of all she is simply charming.

Kelly Black Mirror

Gugu Mbatha-Raw gives a potent performance as the dynamic Kelly in “San Junipero.” One of Black Mirror’s best episodes landed on streaming and instantly cemented its place in queer culture.

Kelly and Yorkie

Magnus Bane Shadowhunters

Magnus Bane is another of those characters that are a favorite for so many reasons, but chief among them is he is confirmed, canonically bi; an Award winning queer. And delightfully dedicated to a demonhunter.

The bi characters of True Blood
Before Rutina Wesley brought us drama favorite Nova Bordelon she was queering Bon Temps as Sookie’s bff Tara Thornton. She was powerful and loved and should have been given a more considered end than that Buffy knockoff. Eric Northman had me guessing til the very end. And Queen Sophie-Anne Leclerq was as fun as the fun Evan Rachel Wood (#Bi2) seemed to have playing her.


Clarke Griffin The 100

No list of this sort would be complete without one of TV’s reigning B’s. The 100 leans into hard choices and Clarke is often the one who must make them. As a leader, she is compassionate and compelling, as a partner she is thoughtful and strong, and if an apocalypse is on its way you should probably be on her side.

Kenya Rosewater and Stahma Tarr Defiance

Defiance was a game-to-tv adaptation that encountered mixed reviews. The actors portraying Kenya Rosewater (Mia Kirshner) and Stahma Tarr (Jaime Murray) have an undeniable chemistry, creating an arc that engages until the end.

Kenya Rosewater and Stahma Tarr

…and end, so many of these characters do. While all queer characters have the propensity to fall into tropes, sci fi and fantasy bi’s are particularly prone to be felled by Bury Your Queers. The more queer characters there are, the more varied the queer characters are, the more we’ll be able to see the breadth of queer existence reflected back at us. And the less impactful these tropes will be. For now we have these stellar characters, for however long they stayed. Did your favorites make the list?

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