Missing Annalise Keating? Our Favorite Bi Characters You Can Stream Right Now

Jack Harkness

Captain Jack Harkness dancing intimately with a man in uniform.

Missing your most-loved bi characters while they’re on summer break? Check out some of our favorite bi characters available with subscription right now!

Captain Jack Harkness, Torchwood

Referred to as omnisexual by Torchwood colleagues and the actor who portrays him, Captain Jack doesn’t consider the sky the limit for liaisons. We’re talking aliens, folks. Here on earth, Captain Jack’s love affairs are a many gendered thing. Torchwood ranks included multiple queer characters, including bisexual Ianto Jones. Available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

Anna Taggaro

Anna Taggaro captioned “I said I was bisexual.” Image rootxsam via univcrse

Anna Taggaro, One Tree Hill

When Anna Taggaro enrolled for the second season of One Tree Hill she became the first recurring bisexual character of color on television. She not only came out, she “said [she] was bisexual.” Her one season tenure at Tree Hill High was far too brief. Available for streaming on Netflix.

Thirteen, House

The only aspect of this character that did not remain a mystery for long was her bisexuality. Available for streaming on Netflix.

Jane Kerkovich-Williams, Happy Endings

She was organized and spirited, and had a buoyant, loving relationship with her husband. Though the performances were strong and the characters were fun, the show lost its way as much as it found it. All the same, it will be missed. Available for streaming on Hulu.

Sara Lance

Sara Lance with a sharp weapon trained. Character quote “We’re not our masks, and we need people in our lives who don’t wear one.”

Sara Lance, Arrow

Though the show should’ve handled her transition to spin off Legends of Tomorrow in a more woman- and queer-friendly way, this canary prevails as one of the best bi characters on television. Her coming out conversation with her dad remains one of our favorites. Available for streaming on Netflix.

Kenya Rosewater and Stahma Tarr, Defiance

Both actors are no stranger to bringing bisexuality to our screens, and they do so again in this SyFy show based on a video game. Available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

True Blood

A series of close ups of Sophie-Anne Leclerq, Tara Thornton, and Eric Northman

Eric Northman, Sophie-Anne Leclerq, and Tara Thornton, True Blood

These three B’s are a few of the fantastic queer characters who kept the audience tuning in to see who did a bad, bad thing. Queen Sophie is brought to undeath by none other than bisexual actor (and writer, musician, activist) Evan Rachel Wood. If you’re looking for a bloody good time, head to Bon Temps. Available for streaming on HBO Go, Amazon Prime.

Brenna Carver, Chasing Life

We cheered when Brenna Carver named her bisexuality, refused to allow her grandparents’ bierasure, and took on biphobia within her school’s LGBTQIA club. Available for streaming on Netflix.

Brittany S Pierce

Close up of Brittany S. Pierce wearing a unicorn horn. Character quote “Either way, I’m starting to believe in my own magic.”

Brittany S. Pierce, Glee

Brittany had a trouble making cat, killer moves, and an epic love story. Whenever she was on screen she was a breath of fresh air and an absolute delight. Available for streaming on Netflix.

As you can see in this list, representation that reflects our community remains lacking (to put it mildly.) Hopefully upcoming seasons will bring more bisexual characters and writers to author our stories. Check out Black LGBT Fans, #MeBeforeAbleism, and #whitewashedOUT for more about the movements to get better representation on our screens both big and small. Oh, and if you’re wondering? We are definitely team bisexual Steve Rogers. #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend already!

Still missing Annalise Keating? Not to worry! Past seasons of How To Get Away With Murder are available on Netflix. Head to our list of Favorite Bi Characters of the 2015-16 Season for even more viewing ideas.


SB Swartz
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