Joan Crawford Liked her Bisexual Men

Bisexual of the Week: Joan CrawfordThe National Enquirer just published an excerpt of a new book that talked about how Joan liked bisexual men, married a few of them, and even tried to bed Rock Hudson (who had sex with both men and women).

It didn’t talk about Joan Crawford’s own bisexuality.

The screen legend’s kinky sex life is detailed in “Joan Crawford, Hollywood Martyr”, and author David Bret talked about how Crawford once tried to seduce gay heartthrob Rock Hudson by asking him to pretend she was Clark Gable, and forced FBI director J. Edgar Hoover to erase her sex arrest record by threatening to expose him as a drag queen.

The book says  she had a special fondness for bisexual men, accounting for three of her five husbands. She tried to seduce Rock Hudson by creeping naked into a shower with him and purring in his ear, “Close your eyes and pretend I’m Clark Gable.”

Gable and Crawford had an affair that lasted 28 years despite the fact that Gable was described as  “a closet bisexual with halitosis.”