Gubernatorial Candidate Cynthia Nixon is Bi


In case the title is not clear enough, here are a few more points.

Cynthia Nixon is bi. Not gay. Not a lesbian. Not confused or questioning. Bi. She has been clear about this fact since she started dating her now-wife. She has done lots and lots of interviews about being bi. She even clarified and expanded on this fact many times over the years (even though it’s really nobody’s business.) Her quotes about it are very easy to look up, but for the lazy, here’s a starting point.

Bi people get told most of their lives to pick a side. It’s painful, erasing, and isolating. Nixon has stayed the course for over a decade about it. Respect her word on who she says she is.

Cynthia Nixon is bi. The multiple news stories about her candidacy have worked hard to mislabel her for more clicks, calling her “openly gay,” a lesbian, and other inaccurate labels. This is gay-washing, and it is even happening at respected LGBTQIA+ news sites who should know better. It is wrong, wrong, wrong. (And no, they don’t get links because I don’t want to send more traffic to their maligning articles.)

Cynthia Nixon is bi. It is not the only important fact about her as a person or as a candidate.

Cynthia Nixon is bi. She is not the first openly bi person to campaign for (or win) the office. That’d be Kate Brown, current governor of Oregon. Let’s get the facts straight.

Cynthia Nixon is bi. That’s not what her campaign is about. But she has already needed to redirect time in her nascent campaign to answering questions about her sexuality instead of her issues. This is irksome. Let her talk about fixing subways for a New York minute before jumping into her personal life.

Cynthia Nixon is bi. It’s important to remember that fact, since (as she herself has noted) very few bis are open about their sexuality to the important people in their life, according to Pew research data. Visibility matters. If we could get more openly statewide officers into the national spotlight, imagine the validation it could bring to an orientation that already feels marginalized.

Cynthia Nixon is bi. At this point I think I just need to keep writing the phrase so Google will pick up this article and help lift up the narrative.

Cynthia Nixon is bi. Saying otherwise isn’t true, no matter how much you wish it or how much the word or idea challenges your worldview.

Cynthia Nixon is bi. Letting people call her otherwise negates the acceptance of people you probably love who are bi. They see when you deny their sexuality, and it hurts.

Cynthia Nixon is bi. It doesn’t necessarily make her more or less qualified for the office. That’s up to the voters. But I will say this: it sure would be nice to have more queer voices in places of power, don’t you agree?

And, let’s be honest – Miranda was way ahead of her time. Personally I’d love to see someone like that character call some of the shots for once.

Cynthia Nixon is bi. Consider correcting someone – a family member, a co-worker – when you hear the erasure in the upcoming months. Hell, if Vox can backpedal their mistake, your church potluck president can, too.

Okay? All together now:

Cynthia Nixon is bi.
Cynthia Nixon is bi.

Cynthia Nixon is bi.

Any questions?

All right. I feel better. I’m gonna go eat my dinner instead of rage-consuming haters.


Jennie Roberson
Jennie Roberson is a comedic actress and screenwriter currently living in Los Angeles. She just finished her first novel (a bi coming-of-age tale, naturally) and hopes to share it with the world soon. When she's not busy binging on Star Trek or dreaming of her future cat army, you can find her occasional thoughts between mountains of re-tweets at her Twitter handle, @JennieRoberson.