From Our Facebook Community: The Top 30 Most Common Misconceptions About Bisexuals has a THRIVING Facebook community over 70,000 members strong. We’ve tapped into our shared wisdom by asking our community what THEY feel are the most common MISCONCEPTIONS about bisexuals. Here are their TOP answers:


1) Just because a female bisexual is dating a female she is a lesbian – Kelsey Dodd

2) Bisexuals are promiscuous and into threesomes – Dana Bosher

3) That we are GREEDY – Quynyce Marion

4) Bisexuals don’t know what they like and can’t make up their minds about whether they like girls or boys – Cydney Holt

5) Bisexual men don’t exist – Amber Kori Stewart

6) Bisexuals are just ashamed to admit they are gay – Timothy R Schingleton

7) That bisexuals don’t exist – Joshua Despadiladeras

8) That bisexuals are confused – Melissa Hendrix Shuping

9) Bisexuals don’t have married and monogamous relationships – Rachel Lynn Clark

10) We’re kinky and just doing it for attention – Maggie Chatham

11) That we can’t be monogamous – Marc Leo Macantangay

12) Bisexual girls are always down for a threesome – Monica C.

13) One of the worst misconceptions is that we’re disloyal. If we’re with a woman we’ll cheat with a man…and vice versa – Petunia Picklebottom

14) That bisexuals will date both genders AT THE SAME TIME – Cheyenne Desiree Hewitt

15) Bisexuals are really into group sex – Carol Ann Despencer

16) Bisexuals are just SLUTTY – Christina Gunn

17) Bisexuals ALWAYS cheat – Charley Fleet

18) Bisexual men are just gay men who refuse to accept that they are gay – Timothy Offer

19) Bisexuals are ALL about sex – Haylee Haney

20) Bisexuality is a CHOICE – Dennis Parvu

21) That Bi’s are just players – Jan Stevenson

22) Bisexuals NEED both sexes – Elizabeth Carlson

23) Bisexuals wish they had the opposite sex of whichever one they have in their current relationship – Becky Mercier

24) Bisexuals will choose one gender eventually – Julie-Anne Galloway

25) Bisexuals can’t keep a stable relationship – Taylor Davis

26) Being bisexual makes you a FREAK in the bedroom – Rachel D. Myer

27) Bisexual women have slept with all of their ‘girlfriends’ – Alicia Rae Killen

28) Bisexuality is just a PHASE – Matty Lavida Samsam

29) All bisexuals NEED an open relationship – Amanda Rene

30) Bisexuals can’t fall in love with one person – Linda Cox

Lisa Peyton