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Owning My Bi Identity

I must be the one to remind myself every day to be proud of who I am, because for a large part of my life, I was telling myself the exact opposite.

Coming Out Bi For National Coming Out Day

Did you miss the opportunity to come out during bi week? Don't worry, National Coming Out Day is just around the corner.

Why I’m “Obnoxious” About My Bisexuality

It can be frustrating to hear people say that I’m obsessed or crazed about discussing bi issues, but the fact of the matter is that I do this because we need to see change.

Ask a Bi Man…

In honor of Bi Month, it seemed like a good time to answer some questions that I am frequently asked as a bi man.

4 Ways to Stay Visible All Year Long

Just because we are celebrating today, it doesn't mean we’re done being proud and visible!

6 Things I Love About Being Bi

Continuing in the spirit of celebration this Bi Pride Month, this week, I want to discuss something short and sweet: Why I Love Being Bi.

Thank You To Everyone Who Let Me Be Visible

The energy I put into hiding is so much better spent enjoying life with the people who make it so special.