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I Am Not Bi Because My Parents Failed

They are the best parents any person, LGBTQ+ or otherwise, could ask for, and I pity anyone who believes otherwise. 

The Unicorn Scale: Tully

Oscars are coming, so let's look back at a movie that you might have missed earlier this year, "Tully."

What My Dad Taught Me About “Being A Man”

Along with our mother, my father taught me and my siblings how to act and grow into a good person, regardless of gender.

Fighting For My Future Family

I have always known I wanted children, I have always known they would not be my biological children, and this week my potential family came under attack.

Step Bi Step: I Told My Mom Group I’m Bi

What if I’m ostracized? Before, I would’ve just shrugged, acknowledged it stung a little but in the long run, better to know early. But here’s this sweet little babe I’ll be shepherding through society—how will I balance being who I am with how it will effect them?

Step Bi Step: Kid Books for Your Queer Home

This week we’re kicking heteronormative, patriarchal kids’ stories to the curb and telling tales that feel a little more like home. It’s kids' books for your queer feminist abode!

Introducing Step Bi Step: A Limited Series for Bi Parents

Welcome to Step Bi Step, a new limited monthly series discussing some of the challenges and joys of bi parenting.