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Legally Bi: Bi Erasure in LGBT-Rights Litigation

Bi erasure is present in many arenas and its consequences can be far-reaching. Here's a snapshot of bi erasure in LGBT litigation.

Legally Bi: “The Staircase” Tells The Story of Anti-Bi Bias in Our Courts

Sometimes biphobia can seem extremely abstract, but the documentary "The Staircase" reminds us of some of the very real consequences of biphobia.

Legally Bi: A Brief History of Bi Erasure in LGBT Political Discourse

We desperately need our own community – the broader LGBT rights movement, LGBT media, and LGBT-friendly legislators – to step up, hear our voice, and say our name.

Legally Bi: Becoming a Bi Lawrrior Part 3

Too many LGBT-rights advocates just talk about “gay rights” as an umbrella term for all LGBT issues, and the media and courts have followed their lead.

Legally Bi: Becoming a BiLawrrior Part 2

As an bi rights activist and lawyer it was disheartening to see the amount of bi erasure and outright dismissal coming from those supposedly working for the LGBT community.

Legally Bi: Becoming a BiLawrrior Part 1

So much about lawyering appealed to me. Being bi on the other hand?  It’s not something I either fantasized about or was really self-aware of at all, not until I was more than halfway through college.

Legally Bi: Finally, A Bi Judge

Big bi news this month. For the first time ever, a sitting judge in the United States has openly identified as bi. 

Legally Bi: The Inaugural Column

Welcome to Legally Bi, where our very own Nancy Marcus will be exploring why it is so important that our bi voices be heard in politics and the law.