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5 Years Later: What Has Changed Since The New York Times “Scientific Quest to Prove Bisexuality Exists”

Five years ago the New York Times magazine published an article titled "The Scientific Quest to Prove Bisexuality Exists." explores what has changed since then.

Meet Tiffany

“I feel as a queer woman of color...there's nowhere for me to go and I feel like my writing allows for me to create a platform where people can go.”

My Life Changed – For the Better – When I Became Obnoxiously Bi

Coming out of the closet is rarely an easy road...but now I am about as out as I can get without carrying a bullhorn with me wherever I go.

#StillBisexual Stories: Sonya Saturday

We’re sitting down with folks who have made #StillBisexual videos to find out more about their story. We recently talked to Sonya Saturday about her video.

User’s Guide to Dismantling Bi Stereotypes – Volume Two

No sooner do you say you're bi than you're bombarded with a slew of invasive, rude, or just plain dumb questions. Here are a few quips to get the nosy bastards off your back for a few minutes.

Coming Out Bi For National Coming Out Day

Did you miss the opportunity to come out during bi week? Don't worry, National Coming Out Day is just around the corner.

Thank You To Everyone Who Let Me Be Visible

The energy I put into hiding is so much better spent enjoying life with the people who make it so special.

Lisa Michelle Tells Us About Her #StillBisexual Video

I know that I have been bi, and I know that putting that out there and having that identifier at least gives me a place to look, or to feel, some sort of community.

I Do Not Need To Be Saved

I'm happily bi and I don't need you to "save" me.

The In-between: Coming Out with Alzheimer’s

Coming out to my grandfather is made doubly difficult by his disease, to him I will forever be his twenty-something year-old boy-chasing granddaughter.

Am I Still Bi If…?

Do you have to be equally attracted to men and women to be bi?

I Kissed A Guy… And I Liked It

I kissed a guy and I liked it. And frankly, that’s not something I will allow myself to feel ashamed about ever again.

5 Reasons I Found To Come Out

Coming out can be scary and it's easy to think of a million reasons to to hide your true self. Here are 5 reasons I found to let the world experience my bi magic.