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Meet Al

“I guess I would say the biggest fear for coming out for me would be rejection from others,” Al explains. “Just others just not understanding or just not, you know, wanting me to be the same who they thought I was before.”

The Unicorn Scale: Leah on the Offbeat

Leah is a drummer, a fangirl, an artist, and the protagonist of Becky Albertalli’s Leah on the Offbeat.

Owning My Bi Identity

I must be the one to remind myself every day to be proud of who I am, because for a large part of my life, I was telling myself the exact opposite.

The Unicorn Scale: Abby’s

Let's talk about how much we are loving Network TV's first bi lead!!! That's right, the Unicorn Scale is taking a peek at Abby's.

The In-between: The Joint (An Anniversary Edition)

Over the past twelve months, I have come to realize that difference is universal, and that my experiences of in-betweenness will, at least in some way, resonate with most others.

The Unicorn Scale: Game of Thrones

What were you doing Sunday night? Did it involve Game of Thrones? The Unicorn Scale has certainly been spending some time with the series.

Meet Elijah

"I've actually come out of the closet two different times now... I came out in high school as a lesbian. Then about twenty one, when my ex was pregnant with my daughter, I came out as transgender." Now Elijah is coming out as bi.

The Unicorn Scale: Lucifer

Season 4 is about to come out, so it seemed like a good time to look back at one of my favorite bi characters, Lucifer.

Rogues’ Gallery: Whittaker Chambers

Soviet spy, translator of "Bambi," and hero of Reagan. Allow me introduce the first in a series of infamous bis, Whittaker Chambers.

The Unicorn Scale: Colette

When I heard Colette’s life was getting dramatized and made into a major motion picture, I felt concerned. This treatment looked like it would honor Colette’s bisexuality. Would it rise to the task, or would I get the bait-and-switch? I decided to give it a go.

Talking With Clarkisha Kent, Creator of the Kent Test

Clarkisha Kent is a luminary. She brings clarity with deep, witty, relatable, and educational takes on everything from pop culture casting to what is up with humanity. On this particular winter day, Clarkisha Kent was enjoying a balmy afternoon in L.A. I will never not be geeked she took my call.

The Unicorn Scale: Grace and Frankie (Revisited)

Yes, the Unicorn Scale has talked about Grace and Frankie once, but season 5 brought us more to talk about, so now it's time to revisit.

The In-between: A World Without You

The most unthinkable thing happened. I got word, from his best friend, that Patrick had been pronounced braindead earlier that morning.

Tim Manley on Season Three of “The Feels”

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with co-creator, co-director, writer, and star of web series "The Feels," Tim Manley. 2019 will see a new season of the web series.

The Unicorn Scale: The Breaker Upperers

Ready for a movie about a bi lady that isn't all about her being bi? Why not join The Unicorn Scale and settle in for "The Breaker Upperers."

5 Years Later: What Has Changed Since The New York Times “Scientific Quest to Prove Bisexuality Exists”

Five years ago the New York Times magazine published an article titled "The Scientific Quest to Prove Bisexuality Exists." explores what has changed since then.

The Unicorn Scale: The Bi Life

Are you sick of the same hetero dating shows? Join the Unicorn Scale in checking out "The Bi Life," Courtney Act's bi-centric dating show.

The In-between: The Space Between Us

The journey I have embarked upon thus far in life has led me through an ocean’s worth of changes. I often struggle to make sense of who I am today amidst all the diverse and seemingly incongruent parts of who I used to be.

Meet Tiffany

“I feel as a queer woman of color...there's nowhere for me to go and I feel like my writing allows for me to create a platform where people can go.”

The Unicorn Scale: Sex and the City, “Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl”

Do you remember that episode of "Sex and the City" when Carrie dated a bi guy? The Unicorn Scale does.

Bi Men Are Not Considered Attractive, New Study Says

It seems that many women, even while acknowledging their own sexual fluidity, don’t want to date men who are sexually fluid.

The Unicorn Scale: Broad City

This week The Unicorn Scale checks in on the ladies of "Broad City," especially Ilana's exploration of her bisexuality.

All Bi Myself: The Challenges of Dating as an Openly Bi Man

It’s hard enough to find a person you want to get serious with, but it seems that as an openly bi man, there will always be additional hurdles to overcome that those in gay or straight relationships typically won’t have to deal with.

The Unicorn Scale: Lost Girl

So let’s talk magic. Let’s talk badass bis. Let’s talk Lost Girl.

Meet Knute

There are so many visible bi people that it can be hard to remember some of the many reasons that some of us choose, or feel obliged, to remain invisible. Knute talks about his reasons.

Bi Book Club: Crooked Kingdom

This YA novel features a magic heist and an openly bi young man. What more could you want?

I’m a Person, Not a Percentage

Being bi has nothing to do with "what percentage" of attraction you feel for one group or another.

The Unicorn Scale: Schitt’s Creek

He likes red wine, white wine, and even rose! This week the Unicorn Scale looks at Schitt's Creek and it's bi protagonist, David.

I’m Not Bulking, I’m Just Eating

I contemplated my answer as I chewed away; it seemed, that the only reason I would be eating this brownie (and the pizza before it) was so I could pack on some poundage.

Meet Jazz

I had had interest in women, but I dismissed it as being socialized. But when I saw a woman perform a very sexy dance and I got an erection, I had proof I was bi.

Meet Ingrid

My first sexual experiences were with other women but they never went ‘too far’ so, at the time, I reframed them in my head as a youthful curiosity.

Famous Bis: Julie D’Aubigny

Sometimes I think that my life might be exciting, then I read about this badass bi and realized that I lead a very dull existence indeed.

I’m Thankful, Not Complacent

I am thankful for the many advances in human rights that have made my life better, that does not mean I'm going to stop fighting for human rights.

The Unicorn Scale: The Bisexual

Have you been debating whether or not to watch “The Bisexual”? Maybe you weren’t sure if it would be bi enough. The Unicorn Scale is here to tell you just how bi “The Bisexual” is.

The Unicorn Scale: Carol

Are there any queer holiday movies to keep us company while wrapping presents this year? We, at the Unicorn Scale, are nominating "Carol" as a queer Christmas classic.

Study Finds Bi Women Are The Most Likely to be Liberal, But Why?

A recent study supports the notion that LGBTQ people are more likely to be liberal than their heterosexual peers. But there are large differences when broken down by gender and sexual orientation within the LGBTQ community.

The Unicorn Scale: Rent

Remember Maureen in Rent? She was bi, right? The Unicorn Scale takes a peek at Rent's Maureen.

Getting Back in The Game After Only Dating One Gender

As I’ve been delving back into the world of dating women, which differs vastly from the queer world of gay/bi men, it’s been somewhat of a struggle.

Evan Slash Reed Peterson Is Bringing Us Queer Self-Care Daily contributor SB Swartz talks to Evan Slash Reed Peterson about their daily self-care routines and how we can all integrate self-care into our lives.

Snark and Smooth: Queer Tools for Getting Through the Holidays

It can be tough to be queer during the holidays – not within yourself, but navigating a space with people you love... It can be a source of great stress that no amount of wine (or egg nog) can drown.

Bi Book Club: The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue

Is there a young adult in your life looking for a bi read? Why not give "The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue" a try.

Being Bi You Can Still “Pick a Side”

As modern bi culture continues to grow, let’s continue being our fabulous bi selves, and while never feeling pressured to “pick a side,” not feel guilty for finding ourselves drawn towards either the gay or straight community.

My Life Changed – For the Better – When I Became Obnoxiously Bi

Coming out of the closet is rarely an easy road...but now I am about as out as I can get without carrying a bullhorn with me wherever I go.

The In-between: Threat of a Single Woman

As a moderately attractive single woman in her thirties who likes to present herself as both sexy and feminine, it is practically impossible for me to be unaware of the conflicted ways in which most of the coupled-world sees me.

The Unicorn Scale: Tully

Oscars are coming, so let's look back at a movie that you might have missed earlier this year, "Tully."

Rekindling Relationships with My Old (Straight) Friends

For years, I hid from my old straight "bro" friends; I recently rekindled those relationships and it was good.

Meet Heber

I'm not sure I've entirely come to terms with my bisexuality... There's just not much visibility and widespread acceptance of non-straight identities and experiences, and you end up feeling like the odd one out, you feel like maybe you're not really bi.

Introducing The Ramirez Test

With more films and programmes claiming to represent bi people, how can we measure potency of bi characters?

What My Dad Taught Me About “Being A Man”

Along with our mother, my father taught me and my siblings how to act and grow into a good person, regardless of gender.

The Unicorn Scale: Basic Instinct

Not all bi representation is good representation, so let's take a look back at "Basic Instinct."

What Comes After Bi Visibility? More Bi Spaces

We are making huge strides in bi visibility, the next step is to start creating bi spaces.

Man of Honor

For whatever reason, society has tried to make us think that men and women cannot have close relationships that are securely and happily based in the friend-zone.

The Bi Guide To Staying Home for the Holidays

Hey. What are you doing for the holidays? This simple, ubiquitous question can bring up So. Many. Feelings.

The Unicorn Scale: Bohemian Rhapsody

Freddie Mercury is one of the most famous bi people in history. So I went to the theater hoping for a small miracle: a film where a bi man’s sexuality would be presented accurately, unapologetically, and inclusively.

How to Deal With Biphobic Family During the Holidays

Here are a few ways to deal with your biphobic family members over the next few weeks.

The Bi Guide to Going Home for the Holidays

It's one week to Turkey Day and many of us are feeling anxious about spending time with our families over the next month. Make sure that you are taking the time to take care of yourself.

The In-between: Dear Mom

Thank you, Mom, for reading this essay, as well as all the other essays that have come before or will follow since. Thank you for sticking with it even when the content is difficult, and thank you for not shying away from the messiness.

The Unicorn Scale: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The Unicorn Scale tackles Detective Rosa Diaz of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" and her Season 5 coming out.

Meet Edo

I've told a handful of people that I am bi and each time my heart climbs into my throat and I feel like I can't breathe.

Staying Queer While Dating Straight

Despite the privileges that set bi folk apart from the rest of the LGBT+ community, there is still that purgatory-like feeling of not belonging in either camp.

Good Bi Love: What Comes After Bi Visibility?

It is wonderful to see the recent explosion of bi visibility, but what is the next step?

Meet Yan-Tao

Coming out would result in false and negative assumptions about myself and would reflect poorly on my family. I would probably be a pariah, though I usually feel 'apart from' most others anyway.

The In-between: Black Like Me

No one is exactly the same kind of “different” as you. But every once in a while, if you are lucky, you come across someone who is close.

The Unicorn Scale: Younger

This week's Unicorn Scale tackles "Younger."

Do You Really Want a Partner?  

After years of looking for "The One," I realized that maybe right now, I just want to focus on me.

Meet Aruru

Like many of us, Aruru's conservative family has made it more difficult for her to come out to the world as bi.

#StillBisexual Stories: Sonya Saturday

We’re sitting down with folks who have made #StillBisexual videos to find out more about their story. We recently talked to Sonya Saturday about her video.

Turning the Cons of Dating-While-Bi, into Pros

This week on Good Bi Love I’m going to help you find the many silver linings of dating as a bi person.

Meet Baz

There's more than one way to be bi and there's more than one way to be out, this week "Baz" talks about how he expresses his bisexuality and what is keeping him from being out to the world.

Fall Into This Bi Playlist

The leaves are turning and so are the records. So here’s your playlist of bi tunes for Fall! Heat up some cider, get in a comfy sweater and turn the music UP.

The Unicorn Scale: Grown-ish

Grown-ish has a great start with it's bi representation and The Unicorn Scales has high hopes for season 2.

Slut and Prude Shaming in the Gay/Bi Community

Even as millennials are becoming more open-minded to previously taboo topics like casual sex, sexual fluidity, and PrEP; slut-shaming still runs rampant in the gay/bi male community.

10 Bisexual Character Costume Ideas

Halloween is coming! Why not celebrate by going as one of these bi-tastic characters?

User’s Guide to Dismantling Bi Stereotypes – Volume Two

No sooner do you say you're bi than you're bombarded with a slew of invasive, rude, or just plain dumb questions. Here are a few quips to get the nosy bastards off your back for a few minutes.

The Unicorn Scale: The Fosters

After 5 seasons of queer representation, The Unicorn Scale looks at how "The Fosters" did on bi representation.

Why I’m “Obnoxious” About My Bisexuality

It can be frustrating to hear people say that I’m obsessed or crazed about discussing bi issues, but the fact of the matter is that I do this because we need to see change.

The Unicorn Scale: Disobedience

This week the Unicorn Scale looks at "Disobedience" in which Rachel Weisz plays a bi woman that returns to her conservative Jewish community in North London.

Ask a Bi Man…

In honor of Bi Month, it seemed like a good time to answer some questions that I am frequently asked as a bi man.

8 Reasons Black Rock City is the Queerest Place on Earth

On the Playa, all are free to redefine who they are and redetermine who they want to be when they return to the Default World.

4 Ways to Stay Visible All Year Long

Just because we are celebrating today, it doesn't mean we’re done being proud and visible!

6 Things I Love About Being Bi

Continuing in the spirit of celebration this Bi Pride Month, this week, I want to discuss something short and sweet: Why I Love Being Bi.

Thank You To Everyone Who Let Me Be Visible

The energy I put into hiding is so much better spent enjoying life with the people who make it so special.

5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself As A Bi Activist 

Are you interested in being a bi activist? Here are some questions to ask yourself.

The In-Between: Relationship Status

I don't know if I want to be in a poly relationship, but I know that I want to communicate with my partner as if we were in a poly relationship.

Billboard Pride is Inclusive of Bi Folks and We Are Loving It

Billboard Pride is beating bi erasure and giving us some great music.

Good Bi Love: Reflecting On The Evolution Of My Bi Pride

Happy Bi Pride Month! Sometimes it's easy to fixate on our struggles, so let's try to use this month to reflect on how much we have grown into the awesome bi individuals we are. Is Still Discriminating Against Bi People

Will the biggest dating site,, ever quit erasing us bi folks?

Legally Bi: Bi Erasure in LGBT-Rights Litigation

Bi erasure is present in many arenas and its consequences can be far-reaching. Here's a snapshot of bi erasure in LGBT litigation.

I Don’t Need to Date a Man to Prove My Sexuality

I have no plans to date a man ever. But that doesn’t make me straight.

The In-between: Blue Love

We frequently talk about how to support our loved ones suffering from depression, but how do we take care of ourselves while supporting our partners?

Bi Book Club: The World of Riverside

Bi Book Club is looking back to one of my favorite fantasy novels, "Swordspoint" and the wonderful "World of Riverside" series.

Famous Bis: Colette

Gabrielle Sidonie Colette is considered one of the great French writers of the 20th century; she was also openly bi.

The In-between: Disconnected

While part of keeping sex workers safe is fighting human trafficking, that does not mean that all sex work is human trafficking.

Bi Folks Tell Us About The Best (And Worst) Dating Sites

Are there any dating apps that are more bi-friendly than others? Some bi folks weighed in with their experiences.

Good Bi Love: 90 Days Without Grindr

I deleted Grindr for 90 days and learned that there's nothing wrong with using Grindr.

Meet Queenie

When I was fifteen, I developed feelings for a friend of mine, also a girl, which sparked a year-long crisis that I navigated with bad Buzzfeed quizzes and unhelpful blog posts. At sixteen, I got tired of freaking out and accepted that I was bi.

The In-between: Looking for Unity in Diversity

We are diverse, we are complex, and our unique blend of difference is precisely what stitches us together into a coherent community.

The Unicorn Scale: Madam Secretary

The Unicorn Scale is finally making its way around to Madam Secretary, a show with, not one, but TWO bi characters.

Our Orientation is Only One Part of Our Identity

I sometimes feel like I’m only bi, and that’s what people know me for, but there’s so much more to me than my sexual orientation.

Meet Cat

You might wonder why I stay in a non-affirming church. My answer: if you love something, you fight and advocate to make it better.

I Won’t Back Down From Being Bi

I am interested romantically in men and women. Why is that so hard to understand? Why does that offend some people so much?

Two Very Different Faces of Abortion

I've had two abortions, one was traumatizing, painful, and almost unbearable; the other was about as pleasant as any other medical procedure. Why do we allow such a discrepancy to exist?

Stop Projecting Your Relationship Goals On Me

Stop assuming people will change for you. Nor should you change fundamental things about your identity or relationship-style for anyone else.

Legally Bi: A Brief History of Bi Erasure in LGBT Political Discourse

We desperately need our own community – the broader LGBT rights movement, LGBT media, and LGBT-friendly legislators – to step up, hear our voice, and say our name.

Lisa Michelle Tells Us About Her #StillBisexual Video

I know that I have been bi, and I know that putting that out there and having that identifier at least gives me a place to look, or to feel, some sort of community.

The Unicorn Scale: D.E.B.S.

This week The Unicorn Scale goes retro with D.E.B.S.

I Do Not Need To Be Saved

I'm happily bi and I don't need you to "save" me.

I Love My Boyfriend, But I Want To Be With A Woman Someday

What to do when you're happily monogamous, but feel like there's a part of your sexuality that you still need to explore?

Meet Dewi

Like many of us, Dewi is out to close friends and some family, but isn't necessarily interested in shouting his sexuality from the rooftops.

For The Love of Fandom: Two Years Later

Two years after Lexa's death in The 100, we check in with fans and talk about the impact that death had on them and the importance of having an awesome bi woman leading this show.

Bi Book Club: Full Service: My Adventures In Hollywood and the Secret Sex Lives of the Stars

Ready for a slightly trashy, totally true, queer summer read? It's time to dive into Scotty Bowers' "Full Service: My Adventures in Hollywood and the Secret Sex Lives of the Stars".

The In-between: Coming Out with Alzheimer’s

Coming out to my grandfather is made doubly difficult by his disease, to him I will forever be his twenty-something year-old boy-chasing granddaughter.

#BisexualMenSpeak Encourages Us to Listen to Bi Men

Bi men have are often rendered invisible in popular culture. Recently, these men have been using #bisexualmenspeak to make sure that they are heard.

Good Bi Love: Why Can’t I Trust Myself?

After coming out to his girlfriend as bi, this young man is still filled with doubt.

Meet Xinyi

We all have our own process when we come out. For some of us it happens when we're teens, for others it happens after 25 years of marriage.

My Partner Doesn’t Deserve A Monosexual

I am bi and I still deserve to be loved.

Caroline Castro Tells Us About Her #StillBisexual Video

For Caroline, it was important that everyone know no matter who she's dating, she's #stillbisexual.

The Unicorn Scale: Bring It On

This week the unicorn scale goes all the way back to 2000 to take a peep a queer cheerleader we hear might be bi.

The In-between: Living With Alzheimer’s

At 37, I thought I'd be living in my own home, with my partner and children. Instead, I'm living with my grandpa, about to give him a shower.

Am I Still Bi If…?

Do you have to be equally attracted to men and women to be bi?

I Kissed A Guy… And I Liked It

I kissed a guy and I liked it. And frankly, that’s not something I will allow myself to feel ashamed about ever again.

Legally Bi: Becoming a Bi Lawrrior Part 3

Too many LGBT-rights advocates just talk about “gay rights” as an umbrella term for all LGBT issues, and the media and courts have followed their lead.

5 Reasons I Found To Come Out

Coming out can be scary and it's easy to think of a million reasons to to hide your true self. Here are 5 reasons I found to let the world experience my bi magic.

The In-between: Leaving On a Jet Plane

With $22 in my pocket, I hopped on a plane to Guam. All I knew was that a woman named Josie was supposed to meet me at the airport.

The Unicorn Scale: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Part 2)

This is a Unicorn Scale first; we are revisiting a show because there is now another bi character!

Bi, Looking for Love, and All Too Familiar with Rejection

Dating while bi can be frustrating, but I recently realized that I can't allow past rejections to shut ourselves off from future relationships.

Fighting For My Future Family

I have always known I wanted children, I have always known they would not be my biological children, and this week my potential family came under attack.

Channing Nicole On Conversion Therapy: Bio, Shock, Infinite columnist SB Swartz continues her conversation with Channing Nicole. This time they discuss her experiences with conversion therapy and Channing's journey since then.

Let’s Meet At Comi-Con

Somehow, Sci Fi has become a huge part of bi culture. No, not all #BisLoveSciFi, but quite a few of us do.

This Bi Life: I’m Married and I’m Bi

Yes, I am in a committed relationship with a woman and yes she is the love of my life, my soulmate, my everything. But that doesn’t mean I’m straight.

The In-between: Finding Myself In Magic Mike

One afternoon I sat down to enjoy Channing Tatum's abs and instead found a surprisingly positive representation of the lives of adult entertainers.

The Unicorn Scale: Scotty And The Secret History of Hollywood

As teenagers we all like to imagine that we invented sex, but this documentary about the life of Scotty Bowers reminds us just how wrong we were.

A Prideful Family

This year my family joined me for Pride and it was amazing.

Being Bi And Poly Is Just One Aspect Of Our Lives contributor Rio Veradonir recently chatted with bproud in Italy about his experiences of being a bi man who is polyamorous.

Meet Vance

Vance is preparing to come out as bi, what has brought him to this point and what is holding him back?

The In-between: Conflicted Nostalgia

Last month I slipped into a pair of stripper shoes for the first time in almost fifteen years. I was about to take my first ever formal pole dancing class...

The Unicorn Scale: Solo: A Star Wars Story

Finally, a bi character in a galaxy far, far away...

This Year’s Pride Reminded Me to Never Stop Being Visible

Don’t let others discourage you from being your best bi self... All the times you put yourself out there, only to be shut down, are still worth it. Because you do help change people’s mind. You do help in the fight for visibility.

Dear Lesbians, No, I’m Not Gay

It isn't just the men who hear it; as bi women we are frequently told that our attractions are just a phase.

A Message To The Men Who Tell Me I’m Not Bi

A sad fact of Pride and other LGBTQ events is that there is frequently a gay man there who is eager to jump in and explain to me that my bisexuality is just a phase.

Legally Bi: Becoming a BiLawrrior Part 2

As an bi rights activist and lawyer it was disheartening to see the amount of bi erasure and outright dismissal coming from those supposedly working for the LGBT community.

Embracing My Bisexuality Changed My Life in Surprising Ways

While reflecting on my birthday, I realized that when I embraced my sexuality I became more comfortable with ambiguity in all aspects of my life.

Your 2018 Pride-At-Home Companion

If the parade is your jam, no judgement here, but there are plenty of us queer folks that aren’t welcome, considered, or just plain don’t wanna. And this, dear friends, is for us, this is for you.

Step Bi Step: What To Do With Your Time When You Finally Get Some “Me Time”

I wanted to leave something for you, dear bi parents. So settle into your bath/bed/bunker: we’re ending on a list of bi friendly ideas that are perfect for “me time.”

The In-between: 10 Reflections for a 10 Year Old

I do now, and will always, love and accept you, completely. My only hope, today and always, is that you do, too.

6 Ways To Make Identifying as Bi Less Daunting

Identifying as bi can be daunting. Here are 6 thoughts that might make if easier to embrace the awesome bi label.

Getting the Most Out Of Your Pride Month

Are you ready to go out and celebrate? Make sure you are making the most of your pride festivities this year.

Channing Nicole Tells Us About Her #StillBisexual Video

Channing Nicole's #StillBisexual video reminds us that bi people are also the victims of conversion therapy. columnist SB Swartz had the chance to talk to Channing about her experiences.

The In-between: A Familiar Feeling

This week we explore the in-between of being bi at Pride.

During Pride, Being In An Opposite-Sex Relationship Can Be Activism

Pride is for the entire LGBTQ community, don't let prejudices within the community hide your amazing bi relationships.

Why Lee Pace’s Evolving Sexuality Stance Is So Important

When Pace was dismissive in his original interview about being queer, with the afterthought about why should anyone care about who he’s dating, I bristled.

Legally Bi: Becoming a BiLawrrior Part 1

So much about lawyering appealed to me. Being bi on the other hand?  It’s not something I either fantasized about or was really self-aware of at all, not until I was more than halfway through college.

Bi Essentials for Your First Pride Parade

It's that most magical time of year, Pride Month! Some of us are veteran pride goers, but for many it will be their first pride. Here are some helpful hints to keep you healthy and happy at your first pride.

Good Bi Love One-year Anniversary: Reflecting on the Past and Looking Towards The Future

Let's celebrate that our community has been growing ever more visible and push to make the next year better than the last.

Which of Your Favorite Bi Characters Are Leaving TV in 2018?

It's time to say goodbye to some of our favorite bi characters on TV. Hopefully, we will be seeing many great new characters coming to us this fall.

The In-between: Home Away from Home (Another Take On Passing)

In a broad spectrum of countries ranging from Guam to Spain to Brazil, my racial ambiguity has allowed me to float, rather effortlessly, through a variety of worlds. Ironically, this presumption of my being a local when abroad has made me experience a strange sort of homecoming whenever I travel to foreign places.

Good Bi Love: You Can Still Have Preferences

Nevertheless, the honest to god truth is that I typically prefer to date men. This doesn’t mean I exclusively date men. That doesn’t mean I’m not open to dating women.... Here, however, are a few reasons why I prefer to date men.

The Unicorn Scale: Jane The Virgin

Season 4 of Jane the Virgin gave us not one, but two bi characters!

Favorite Bi Characters In Comedy

The last of our roundup of awesome bi characters. We've done bi drama, bi crime, bi parents, bi sci-fi/fantasy, and now it's time for the list of some of the best bi characters in comedy.

The In-between: A Meditation On Passing

In-betweeners like myself have often felt required to take up a more extreme performance of their identity in order to justify belonging.... People are free to assume whatever they like about me, my belonging remains unchanged.

Bi Representation Has Evolved, Now Let’s Keep Up the Momentum

Hollywood's history of bi representation has been pretty bad in the past. How do we make sure that the future looks brighter?

Legally Bi: Finally, A Bi Judge

Big bi news this month. For the first time ever, a sitting judge in the United States has openly identified as bi. 

Good Bi Love: Are More Bi People Poly?

There’s nothing inherently more likely to make bi+ people polyamorous. I think it’s because we felt we didn’t fit in to the heteronormative ideal of relationships, and therefore, challenged traditional notions of relationships more.

What Happened When I Took My Parents To Gay Bars

My mom, in particular, was having a blast, chatting up a storm with guy after guy and receiving more free drinks than I ever have (or probably ever will)...these men couldn’t understand how I got my parents to join me for a night out in Boystown.

My Fiery Takedown of the Bi Dismissal

I had always hoped that once I felt confident enough to start going to LGBTQIA+ events, I would find an emotional home.... Instead, I discovered many gays and lesbians loved to pick on the bis the most, claiming we were probably going to cheat on them. That we were less-than.

Welcome to the In-between

Straddling two worlds (my years working as a stripper, and the path to my PhD) is a state I have repeatedly found myself in, in many ways and at many times throughout my life, but only recently have I come to know it by name. Welcome to the in-between.

What Changed For Me Once I Started Identifying As Bi

Instead of saying, “It gets better,” we should tell other members of the queer community that it could get worse… maybe a lot worse… before it does get better. But eventually, coming out will be absolutely worth it.

My Favorite Sci Fi and Fantasy Bis

Now it's time for some bi characters that are out of this world, here are my favorite bi characters in science fiction and fantasy television. Did yours make the list?

Legally Bi: The Inaugural Column

Welcome to Legally Bi, where our very own Nancy Marcus will be exploring why it is so important that our bi voices be heard in politics and the law.

Antoni, a Co-host on “Queer Eye,” Doesn’t Know What Bisexual Means

You would think someone on a show called Queer Eye would know what the word bisexual means.

Quit Censoring My (And Others’) Bi Identities

Sometimes people get so tied up in defending, putting down, and negating various identity labels that they forget we are all part of the same LGBT family.

#BiInSci Brings Visibility to Bis in STEM

A common misconception is that bi people only exist in fiction and that all we do is have threesomes. In fact, we have jobs and lives, just like everyone else.

The Unicorn Scale: New Girl

It's time for the Unicorn Scale to tackle New Girl and its lovely bi ladies.

The Unicorn Scale: Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

This week The Unicorn Scale turns its bi lens to the classic film "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof."

Why I’m Done Accommodating Your Biphobia

You’re allowed to have things upset you. You’re allowed to question the actions of your partner. But I simply don’t have the mental capacity to deal with people who are insecure about my sexuality.

Do You Have To Be SO Out, Though?

The answer is yes: I do. I have too much momentum now. And I’ve dealt with too much erasure, discrimination, and just plain B.S. to quietly wait my turn to speak.

Step Bi Step: What To Watch While You’re Stuck Under a Baby

This list of bi friendly media was created to have minimal loud noises, engaging premises, and you, dear exhausted parent, in mind.

Should Media Outlets Be Calling Abbi Jacobson Bi?

Abbi Jacobson has admitted to being attracted to men and women, but she didn't use "The B Word." Is it fair for us to call her bi?

The “Not Just Staring Really Hard” List

Many of us hid our same-sex crushes as children while freely giggling over their opposite-sex counterparts. Who are some of the men and women that you secretly longed for?

How Can I Best Support My Bi Boyfriend?

If you’re asking this question, I feel like you’re already on the path to being a fabulous partner, and he is damn lucky to have you.

The Unicorn Scale: Love Songs

This week The Unicorn Scale looks at a bunch of dreamy French folks singing and being bi together. Welcome to "Love Songs."

My Favorite Bi Parent Characters on TV

When you look at queer parenthood, you should see bi people. These were some of my favorites from TV. Did yours make the list?

Why I Won’t Watch The Bachelor or Bachelorette

This show trivializes the institution that straight people are clamoring to stop LGBTQ+ people from destroying, but take a look at this show and you’ll see that the straight community has done a pretty great job at taking down the institution of marriage all on their own.

How Bi People Form Friendships Beyond Words

We cannot compartmentalize sexual relations, as many straight people do, taking this gender as the one we sleep with and that other as the one we hang out with  – if we did, there would be no-one left for us to know.

Good Bi Love: I’m Dating A Woman And I’m Still Queer

It would be hypocritical of me to only allow myself to “live my truth” with men, but then not with women. It’s about living all of one’s truth.

An Open Letter to Aaron Carter

We fellow bis know how hard it is to be honest with yourself, let alone the world. Yet, when your words blew open the closet doors to the world, you faced mostly scrutiny, doubt, and scorn. And you deserved so much better than that.

The Unicorn Scale: Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

Ever wonder about the women behind the man behind Wonder Woman? This week The Unicorn Scale took a peek at the biopic "Professor Marston and the Wonder Women."

How To Deal When Yet Another Bi Celebrity Is Gaywashed

Process that bierasure however you can--scream into a pillow, write your heart out onto a page, DANCE, encourage, try. Just remember to take the care you need.

The Bi vs. Pan Rivalry Needs to Stop

Let's quit trying to "out-queer" each other and work together to make the world better for everyone.

My Favorite Bi Characters in Drama TV

Old and new, here are some of our favorite bi characters from TV dramas. Who would you add to the list?

Gubernatorial Candidate Cynthia Nixon is Bi

Cynthia Nixon is bi. Saying otherwise isn’t true, no matter how much you wish it or how much the word, or idea, challenges your worldview.

Take the Time to Date Yourself

In the past, I’ve felt that spending time alone was a sign of a failure.... In fact, I’ve learned that the better I understand myself, the better my other relationships become.

The Surprisingly Shy Bi

No one who knows me would conceivably label me as shy. So why am I so damn timid when it comes to asking out anyone other than men?

Good Bi Love: What About That “One in a Million” Same-Sex Crush

I think if we could allow for sexual curiosity and same-sex platonic intimacy, straight men would be healthier. There would also be less homophobia and sexism in the world.

The Unicorn Scale: Brokeback Mountain

This week The Unicorn Scale takes a look back at a great bi movie, "Brokeback Mountain."

It’s Fine That Dumbledore Isn’t Explicitly Gay… For Now

Dumbledore will not be explicitly gay in the upcoming movie and here's why I'm not concerned.

B Stands For Badass: Sara Ramirez’s Madam Secretary Character Coming Out As Bi

This weekend Madam Secretary will be introducing another bi character and we are thrilled.

Step Bi Step: Kid Books for Your Queer Home

This week we’re kicking heteronormative, patriarchal kids’ stories to the curb and telling tales that feel a little more like home. It’s kids' books for your queer feminist abode!

This Is My Body

My sexuality is not a joke, it’s not a hobby, it’s not a side show, or a side dish, or a parlor trick; it’s a valid truth about who I am, how I am, and deserves respectful acknowledgement.

Why Are There “So Many” Bi People on TV Right Now?

Yes, there are more bi characters on TV than there have been in the past, but are there really that many and why the sudden increase?

Bi Book Club: Hunger

For our first Bi Book Club, we're taking a peek at Roxane Gay's 2017 memoir "Hunger".

Why It Bothers Me When People Assume I’m Secretly Gay

I got on my knees, put my money where my mouth is, and experienced an entire rainbow of sexual encounters, in order to figure out what I actually like.

Overcoming My Body Image Issues Within The LGBTQ+ Community

Coming out was a huge relief, but there was a dark side that I had not expected. Suddenly men were sending me unsolicited advice telling me how to "improve" my body.

My Favorite Crime and Mystery Solving Bi Characters

Who's your favorite crime fighting, murder solving bi? Here are ours.

Good Bi Love: Is The LGBT Community Becoming Too Elitist?

Are queer people afraid to speak up because they are afraid of using the wrong language?

The Unicorn Scale: The Color Purple

Happy Oscars! Let's talk about one of the most nominated films of all time, which also happens to have some awesome bi ladies in it.

Emma González: Bi Heroine and Voice of Hope

Let's celebrate Emma Gonzalez, the incredible bi teen who is working to change the world.

The Unicorn Scale: Call Me By Your Name

The Unicorn Scale is getting ready for the Oscars with a peek at Call Me By Your Name.

As Bi Men We Need To Talk About Our Drug Abuse – It’s Killing Us

Many of us first find the courage to explore our sexuality through drug use, but we need to be talking about the dire consequences as well as the freedom.

Let’s Celebrate Janelle Monáe’s Newest Bi Anthem

If you haven't seen it yet, watch it. If you have, watch it again. Janelle Monae's amazing new music video shows us the joy of being bi.

Here Come The Oscars 2018!

Who are your favorite award winning bi writers, directors, and actors? What's your favorite queer themed film? And who are you rooting for next Sunday?

Is There A Good Way To Handle Rejection On Dating Apps?

Your best choices seem to be ignore or say, "I'm not interested." Which do you prefer?

The Unicorn Scale: Ladybird

The Oscars are quick approaching, so let's take peek at one of the contenders, Ladybird.

Being A Both/And Binary-Challenging Bi in A Zero-Sum World

The zero-sum game mentality demands that we choose between false dichotomies:  Are you driven by emotion or intellect?  Do you put your career first, or your relationships with loved ones?  Are you attracted to men or to women?

Good Bi Love: 5 Ways To Respond When People Don’t Believe Bisexuality Exists

No matter where you live, at some point in your life, you will come out as bi to someone new, and they will invalidate your bisexuality. Either they will claim bisexuality doesn’t exist, you’re confused, you're doing it for attention, or you’re “actually gay.” It’s inevitable.

Step Bi Step: How to Throw a Queer as Folk Baby Shower

Showers are about a community welcoming a new member. They are about celebrating and supporting one another. So let’s throw a welcoming party as queer as the folks we love, y’all!

Good Bi Love: Knowing the Difference Between Ignorance and Biphobia

He cocked an eyebrow. “Are you bi?" I said I am. Queue eye roll and typical response, “Bi men are just gay men who haven’t come fully out,” he said.

The Unicorn Scale: Grace and Frankie

This week The Unicorn Scale takes a peek at Netflix's "Grace and Frankie".

Stop “Coming Out” As Conservative

I always enjoy when I see or hear of someone coming out. Whether it’s in person or through social media, it’s nice to be able to offer a word of congratulations or, if the coming out process is going poorly, provide advice or encouragement to the person in need. However, in our current tumultuous political climate, I have started seeing another type of coming out story...

Good Bi Love: Help Your Friends And Family Help You

I would find myself annoyed with straight and gay family members and friends for making everything about my bi identity. While they did this out of love -- and to illustrate their support -- it got on my nerves.

What Happens When Your Toxic Relationship Is With Your Family?

I’m sure that most of us have attempted, or even succeeded, in removing toxic people from our lives as a resolution, but often family members are exempt from these efforts.

The Unicorn Scale: The Orville

This week we take a peek at Seth MacFarlane's sci-fi comedy, The Orville.

Dear Friends and Family: I Am Not Special

I don’t want to be the special exception to your small-minded belief system; oftentimes, these people act as if they’re making a huge personal and moral sacrifice to accept me as who I am and seem to think I should be thrilled to be the one person in the world who is like this that they accept.

Good Bi Love: The Media Has Made Bisexuality Scandalous, Now Let’s Fix It

Bisexuality isn't just about sex scandals, and it's time for the media to reflect that.

Are Queer-Only Spaces Excluding Bi People If Our Partners Aren’t Invited?

Our straight partners should not have to be invited every time--but there is no reason besides biphobia that our families aren’t explicitly welcomed, sometimes.

Good Bi Love: We Deserve To Have Our Big Coming Out Moment Too

Bi folks deserve to celebrate our coming out just as much as everyone else does.

The Unicorn Scale: She’s Gotta Have It

This week The Unicorn Scale is looking at Spike Lee’s Netflix reboot of his breakthrough film, She’s Gotta Have It.

Introducing Step Bi Step: A Limited Series for Bi Parents

Welcome to Step Bi Step, a new limited monthly series discussing some of the challenges and joys of bi parenting.

Good Bi Love: The Unexpected Thing That Keeps Me Going When I’m Tired Of Being Bi

Wouldn’t my life just be a hell of a lot easier if I identified as gay? If I only spoke about, dated, screwed, and loved men? Yes, I believe it undoubtedly would be…if I were gay.

Hooray For Bi Representation. Now Say the Word!

Black Mirror and other popular shows are finally giving us bi characters, so why won't they say the word?

I’m Not Dating Her So You Can Have A Threesome

This is where the red flags started popping up. He showed up, and was immediately giving off some very unpleasant vibes.... It turned out that his condition for her dating me was that he would be shown pictures of anything that happened between us, or that if he is in town he wanted to participate.

Making Friends Through Dating Apps, It Can Be Done!

Thanks to social dating apps, it was and still is relatively easy to find a date or hookup, but finding the long-term friendships I was looking for was not happening with a woof or right least not to start.

Good Bi Love: Aaron Carter Isn’t “Confused” About His Bisexuality

Sexuality isn’t stagnant. In fact, it’s a journey for everyone regardless of sexual orientation, then we can approach Aaron’s coming out process not as confusion, but as a journey.

The Unicorn Scale: Thelma and Louise

In honor of what will hopefully be a bright and wonderful New Year, The Unicorn Scale is looking back to a beloved classic.

5 Bi New Year’s Resolutions for 2018

Happy New Year, here are a few ways to make your 2018 even more bi-tastic than 2017.

Count Me Out This Cuffing Season

Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's your auntie asking why you aren't seeing anyone, maybe you're just bored, but this seems to be the time of year that people start leaping into relationships.

What I Watched, Heard, and Felt To Get Through 2017

2017 has been a struggle for many of us, here are some of the shows, movies, podcasts that have helped us get through those rough patches.

Home For The Holidays: A Survival Guide

Going home for the holidays can be wonderful, but for some us it means spending time in a community that is not as supportive as our new chosen homes.

The Year 2017 in Bi TV

This year, tv gave us many bi characters. Who is your favorite?

I Was Queerbaited By My Girlfriend

I thought we were building a real relationship, then I noticed she only treated me like her girlfriend when there was someone there to witness it.

Good Bi Love: Why Say “I Told You So” When A Bi Person Comes Out As Gay

So instead of having this smug satisfaction that comes from correcting another person’s sexual identity, let’s be supportive. Let’s believe. And if believing is too much, then let’s keep our mouths shut.

The Unicorn Scale: Godless

This week, The Unicorn Scale takes a gander at "Godless" and its collection of great female characters in the wild west.

Here’s Why I Go To Gay Bars

Why? Because I don’t have to worry about getting called names for crushing it to some Britney Spears on the dance floor. I don’t have to fulfill any sort of dress code other than my own personal one.

Good Bi Love: Is It Right To Label People As Bi? Part 2

Last week in Good Bi Love, I explored the question, “Is it right to encourage others to label themselves as bi?" Here are some of your thoughts on the subject.

This Bi Life: It’s Okay To Be The Stereotype

I’m not going to be the person who shows everyone that bi people aren’t like that, and I’m okay with that.

The Unicorn Scale: Shadowhunters

This week The Unicorn Scale takes a peek at the delightful Magnus Bane of "Shadowhunters".

Meet Uma. Uma is in the Closet.

People who deny bisexuality, and even deny queer folk in general exist, love to hear about these doubts we have and try to use these doubts against us. They love to hear about the abuse queer people have gone through and try to use that to explain away our sexuality as if it's some sort of deviancy. Well, it's not. We know it's not. It's the best thing to ever happen to us, our bisexuality.

Good Bi Love: Is It Right To Label Someone Else As Bi?

What is our role? As activists, bis, and queers ourselves? We want to help, but is going around telling everyone that they should claim the bi label the right thing to do?

The Unicorn Scale: Top Gun

Haven't seen "Top Gun" lately? Maybe it's time to take another look, and not just for the volleyball scene.

Good Bi Love: Reflections On My First Members-Only Play Party

I felt as if I found a community. And as any bi guy can tell you, an accepting community is not always easy to come by.

Bi The Numbers: GLAAD’s Where We Are On TV Report

The numbers are in! GLAAD’s Where We Are On TV report shines an annual light on queer characters making big waves on the small screen.

6 Things That Are Making This Bi Lady Feel Thankful

I'm feeling thankful for many things this year, what about you?

A Quick Holiday Survival Guide

Holidays can be rough, here are some ways to make them go a little more smoothly.

Good Bi Love: Are Bi Men More Promiscuous?

Biphobia touches us all in different ways, this week Zachary Zane talks with Dr. Nathan Grant Smith about the potential effects of internalized biphobia among bi men.

The Unicorn Scale: Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

This week's Unicorn Scale takes a look at the Swedish thriller, "Girl With The Dragon Tattoo."

Good Bi Love: I’m Bi And It’s Not That Complicated

At the end of the day, I claim bisexuality proudly. I feel it suits me best. So please, stop telling me I should change my label. I never tell you that you should change yours.

Is There A Bi Gene? It Probably Isn’t That Simple

I asked Dr. Puts and his research coordinator, Heather Self, to answer some questions on a study they’re currently working on to explore human sexuality using 23andme data. Notably, they’re focusing on bi people (and are still recruiting bi participants).

Traveling While Bi: My Trip To An Irish Village

I still had this uneasiness I couldn't quite shake. I was back in the closet, in a strange way, and it felt uncomfortable. It was like I was that kid again wanting to scream “I'm bi!” at the top of my lungs.

Good Bi Love: A Bi Perspective on Kevin Spacey

I worry that gay people who condemn Spacey for saying he “chooses” to be gay will then turn around and tell bi folks to just “choose a side” already.

Finding My Queer Community in Chicago

I knew I wanted to find my new queer community in Chicago and Dodgeball showed me the way.

The Unicorn Scale: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Let's talk about Darryl Whitefeather of "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" and how he's "getting bi."

Valkyrie Is Not “Just A Lesbian In College”

When you dance your pretty little (giant?) heart out to Grace Jones, or Demi Lovato, or Lady Gaga, you aren't dancing to the music of “lesbians in college.” You're dancing to music created by some of the greatest bi singers to walk this earth.

Good Bi Love: Why I Told My Best Friend It’s Okay To Call Herself A Lesbian

I told her that the bi label will always be there for her. That it absolutely fits her identity, and she should never feel any shame or embarrassment for claiming the label.

A Whole Lotta Folly About the Term “Poly”

Some bis are poly, some bis aren’t.

What Happened When I Tried Online Dating

As a bi woman, online dating has its own collection of pitfalls.

Meet Radha. Radha is in the Closet.

“I feel joy and comfort knowing I am not alone in this world..... Everyone is unique and different and I don't want to judge anyone no more.”

Why Do Bi Women Face Higher Rates of Sexual Violence? contributor Zachary Zane talks to Dr. Nicole Johnson of The Department of Education and Human Services at Lehigh University about some of the reasons why bi women may face higher rates of sexual violence.

The Unicorn Scale: The Bold Type

This Unicorn Scale edition covers my newest, happiest TV obsession – “The Bold Type,” ... This frothy, fashionable, blisteringly smart comedy-drama centers on the adventures of Jane, Sutton, and Kat, three twentysomething women working at Scarlet, a global women’s magazine.

Meet Quintin. Quintin Is in the Closet.

“My first experience when I finally realized I was bi/homoflexible, was somewhat exhilarating, and then immediately followed by fear."

Writing Nuanced Queer Protagonists: A Q&A with Taylor Jenkins Reid, Writer of “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo”

Zachary Zane talks to Taylor Jenkins Reid about her novel "The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo" and its bi protagonist.

A User’s Guide to Dismantling Bi Stereotypes

We've all experienced the bummer of bi stereotypes. Here are some snarky responses to keep on hand next time someone says something like, "so, you're half gay..."

How Bi is “Bi Enough”?

I’ve been on #StandBi for quite a while, and no matter who I end up dating, I will still be bi. I am not going back in the closet just because I don’t have enough bi street cred.

What Being Out Means To Me

Being out has meant different things to me throughout my life, what does it mean to you?

Good Bi Love: Thank You To Those Who Stood Behind Me When I Came Out

On National Coming Out Day, I think it’s important to recognize not only those who have the courage and strength to come out, but also those who unconditionally support us and give us the strength to do so.

The Myth of Straight Passing Privilege

I don’t think that being viewed as “straight” by people, queer and straight, is a privilege. It’s invisibility. It’s a life of being forced to live in the closet.

My PinkNews Nomination Shows That Bi Activism Matters contributor Lewis Oakley was just nominated as one of PinkNews' Campaigners of the Year. He talks about what this nomination means and how we can all be activists for our community.

Bridging Two Dating Scenes

Many bi people struggle going back and forth between "queer spaces" and "straight spaces," but why does it have to be such a struggle?

Good Bi Love: When Can I Call Myself Bi?

How bi do you have to be to call yourself bi?

Dear Straight Guys, I’m Not Your Bro

Basically, straight guys, it’s like this: If you want to bond with me, just try doing it the normal way.... Don’t treat me any differently simply because you find out I would also love the opportunity to date Megan Fox.

The Unicorn Scale: Bob’s Burgers

In preparation for this week's season premiere, The Unicorn Scale takes a peek at Bob's Burgers.

The Fence Sitter

In this era of superhero movies, contributor Jennie Roberson imagines what her bi superhero would be like.

Why I Freakin’ Love Being Bi on Bi Visibility Day

On this day, I want to celebrate being bi. I want to encourage others to come out and embrace the label.... So I figured I’ll start us off. Here are just a few of the reasons I love being bi.

6 Ways To Be Visible For Bi Visibility Day

Tomorrow is Bi Visibility Day, how are you planning on showing your bi pride?

Here Are The Newly Out And Visible Bi Celebs of 2017

In honor of #BiWeek, we took a look at some of the newest out members of our bi family.

Meet Omar. Omar is in the Closet.

"How in the world could I have been bisexual my entire life and not figured it out until I was 48 years old? I can’t be that stupid, can I? I knew in my heart of hearts it was true. It was like all of the pieces of my life had just fallen into place at the same time." - Omar

Good Bi Love: You Don’t Need The “Lifestyle” To Be Bi

Regardless of your lifestyle, you’re still bi, and you’re still a part of the bi and LGBTQ community. Your sexuality is independent of what activities you like to engage in.

Even Though I Love My Hometown, I Could Never Live There

Just because you love something doesn’t mean it’s perfect, nor does it mean that it’s ultimately the best fit for you...and that’s how I feel about the place I grew up.

The Unicorn Scale: The Good Place

In preparation for season 2 of "The Good Place" Jennie Roberson takes a look at the slow reveal of Eleanor's (the main character) bisexuality over the course of season 1.

Meet Max. Max Is In The Closet.

I asked Max about his fear of coming out bi to the world at large. He replied that in the old days it was more about his male ego, whereas now, it's the potential effect on his family that he's worried about.

Good Bi Love: My Uber Driver Just Didn’t Get Bisexuality

My conversation with an Uber driver who just didn't get my bisexuality or my breaking of gender norms.

You’ve Come Out as Bi, Now What?

You've spent the years devising every which way is best to reveal your sexuality to your family, friends, the online world, and the world in general. And then that day came.... So, what now?

The Unicorn Scale: Empire

This week's Unicorn Scale we look at "Empire" a show that is part King Lear and part Dynasty with a lot of hip hop thrown in. There are also a surprising number of bi characters, let's explore.

Meet Nelda. Nelda Is In The Closet.

This week contributor Greg Ward spoke with Nelda, a young bi woman who is very active and out as bi online, but hasn't yet fully come out in her everyday life.

Good Bi Love: Why I Don’t Correct Every Time Someone Mislabels My (Bi)sexuality

Sometimes, just by existing and being your true (bi) self, you’re being an activist. Besides, there will be plenty more times to correct someone when they mislabel your sexual orientation.

Good Bi Love: Examining Physical Health Disparities in Bi People

This week contributor Zachary Zane talked to Dr. Sabra Katz-Wise about negative physical health disparities faced by the bi community and what may be causing them.

Bi Ambassador Dilemma: Scenes From Forever Coming Out

I’ve struggled with whether I wanted to be a representative every time I mention my sexuality.  So I’ve tried different approaches over the years - with varying results.

Meet Lulu. Lulu Is In The Closet.

She feels like she belongs in [online bi] groups but sometimes feels like a fraud because she's never had any sexual experiences with women; only with men. “Can I really call myself bisexual?” Lulu asked. “Like, that's something I struggle with sometimes.”

The Bi Line: I Don’t Tell My Gay Friends About The Women I Like

Most of my gay friends vocally affirm my bisexuality (I wouldn’t be friends with them if they didn't!) but many haven’t seen me interact romantically with women. Bringing up my interest in a woman can still result in confusion as if they forget I’m not only bi, but also do bi advocacy and writing.

Meet Jessica. Jessica Is In The Closet.

As far as coming to terms with my sexuality, I am currently in a period when I am more attracted to women, and I think to myself, 'Am I maybe gay?' But then I get that familiar feeling that says, 'Nope. Still bi.'

Having A Bi Buddy Is About More Than Just Romance

If I had it my way, I’d never not work with a fellow bi person. We need each other.

In Bud and In Bloom: Bi Heroines In This Summer’s Movies

This summer brought us not one, but two, kick-ass bi heroines! Lorraine Broughton and Diana Prince both showed us that bi ladies definitely belong on the big screen.

Meet Kelvin. Kelvin Is In The Closet.

What about being bi brings Kelvin the most joy and comfort? “Choice,” He stated. “Being with like-minded people. Love is love.” It certainly is, and it's beautiful.

Good Bi Love: New Study Explores Why Bi Folks Face Greater Health Disparities

We also need to create spaces that encourage and reward bi disclosure. That would (hopefully) create a positive feedback loop: More bi-visibility → more people come out → creates more bi-visibility → even more bi folks come out!

A Night At A Bi Visibility Cabaret

We Bi+ people are so easily made invisible, we need to create visibility, to show up, to hold space for each other. We need to loudly and proudly make it known that we are Bi+ and not ashamed and not afraid.

It’s Time For The Media To Embrace The B Word

Especially when bi people make up the largest portion of the LGB community, our continued erasure is dishonest. Bisexual is not a dirty word and the media's continued refusal to use it only perpetuates the perception that it is.

Meet Iris. Iris Is In The Closet.

I get to love both women and men! It's like, if monosexuality is like black and white TV, then bisexuality and pansexuality is like color. It's so different. There's no way in hell I want to be anything other than bisexual.

I Can’t Always Be The Only Bi Man in the Room

Whilst I've made peace with being the odd one out, the situation desperately needs to change. We must get bi venues and groups to bring people together....

The Unicorn Scale: Stage Beauty

Today The Unicorn Scale takes a look at "Stage Beauty," a movie set in the 17th century where a man and a woman each hope to be the best Desdemona on the English stage.

Meet Gloria. Gloria Is In The Closet.

Meet Gloria. She is bi and not yet out. Here is her story.

Good Bi Love – My Orientation Is Not A “Team”

Now the idea that we’re on teams is ludicrous....being a part of the “straight” team, it is your job to “defeat” the gay team. Whatever the hell “defeat” means in this context.

When You’re Bi, You’re Never Done Coming Out

I’ve learned that outside my personal sphere, there will most likely never be a point in my life when I won’t be faced with coming out as bi.

The Bi Line: Why Some of Us Still Say We’re “Gay AF”

Sometimes it seems expedient to say "I'm so gay" or "I'm gay af," does doing so help to create a greater sense of solidarity with the greater queer community, or simply serve to further erase bisexuality?

Meet Faye. Faye Is In The Closet.

This week contributor Greg Ward talks to a woman in a very conservative church in a conservative area. Even though coming out isn't simple for her, she still sees the beauty of her bisexuality and how it allows her to perceive and interpret the world differently than her straight counterparts.

If You Support Me, You Can’t Ask Me To Hide

“I support you, I just don’t want to hear or see anything about your lifestyle.” It can come in a variety of formats, but the gist is typically the same.... I have begun to see this phrase as more of a cop out than an actual expression of sincere support.

How Do We Build a Bi Community?

I was afraid of never finding a community. Just because we are all individuals who want to express our individuality doesn’t mean we don’t want connection, understanding, and community. I don’t want to be a unique, isolated island, nor can I pretend to be someone I’m not.

The Unicorn Scale: Appropriate Behavior

This week I was sick to death of watching shows with bi characters who never ever said the word bi, so I decided to sit down and watch "Appropriate Behavior." If you too are sick to death of bi erasure and bi invisibility, check out this awesome movie written, directed, and starring a real life bi woman about a bi woman!

Chatting With Bi People Who Are In the Closet

I am grateful. What if we all shared how grateful we are that we are bi? What if we talked about how enriching it is to us? What if, through our stories, the rest of the world can realize we are perfect the way we are as bi people.

Good Bi Love: Liars are Ruining Polyamory for All of Us

These men (and to a lesser extent women) use the poly or open label as justification to screw around, without taking into account the emotions of other people.... However, I would argue that these men aren’t “open." They are simply jerks.

Wonder Woman: Still Bi, Still Invisible

Soon after the lights dimmed, we were introduced to the queer woman paradise that is Themyscira. Now, I’m pretty sure there was not a queer person in any theatre that thought just because this is a women-only island, nothing sexual was going down.

My First Pride: Expectations vs. Reality 

It might seem trivial, but walking down the street in rainbow shorts and getting high fives instead of sneers was an incredible experience for me. Little things like that, which make you feel like you belong when for so many of us that has not always been the case, really made Pride for me.

What Happens When a ‘Girl Crush’ is a ‘Crush Crush’

When your crushes on girls are romantic or sexual in nature, it can be tricky to separate your genuine crushes from your ‘girl crushes.’ So where do these two distinct types of crushes meet?

The Unicorn Scale: Frida

In honor of Frida Kahlo's birthday, The Unicorn Scale takes a look at Julie Taymor's 2002 biopic, Frida.

Good Bi Love: What’s The Role of My Straight Partner?

One question I've received repeatedly, and to be frank, one question I really hadn’t thought much about prior, was “What’s the role of my straight partner in making my bisexuality visible?”

My Hopes For My First Pride

My first [Pride] experience, when in the closet, was life-changing, I can only hope the first time attending as an out and proud bi man will be just as great.

The Bi Line: Pride Is For Us Too

Many bi relationships are openly and visibly queer. But bi people shouldn’t have to be visibly queer in order to be included...Pride has been, is, and always will be, for the bi community too.

Meet Betty. Betty Is In The Closet.

Betty is currently in a same gender relationship. Very few people know that and the ones who do, don't know that Betty is bi, they know her as a lesbian. She holds on to two secrets tightly.

Good Bi Love: Hidden in Plain Sight

Statistically there are more bi folks than gay and lesbian. So where are they all and how do you find them?

Meet Stan. Stan Is In The Closet.

Meet Stan, years ago he came out as gay. Later he realized that he was bi, and is now unsure how to come out to his gay community.

The Unicorn Scale: Imagine Me and You

This week The Unicorn Scale's guest writer, SB, takes us back to 2005 and the romantic comedy, "Imagine Me and You".

Meet Estelle. Estelle is in the Closet.

Today we meet Estelle, a woman who is mostly happy with her own bisexuality, but struggles with how to be out to her conservative social circle.

The Bi Line: Already Missing Sense8’s Amazing Queer Representation

There’s nothing wrong with queer sex. It’s not gross or abominable. Sense8 showed it can be can be beautiful, and yes, even celebrated.

Meet Doreen. Doreen is in the Closet. contributor, Greg Ward, sat down with a series of bi folks who are not "out" to ask them about their sexuality, their concerns, and why they aren't out. This week we meet Doreen, she used to live a typical Christian American life. Then her husband came out to her as gay and her marriage ended. Now she is coming to terms with her own bisexuality.

Welcome To Good Bi Love

Welcome to "Good Bi Love,"'s newest biweekly column.

The Unicorn Scale: Some Like It Hot

In honor of Marilyn Monroe's birthday, The Unicorn Scale decided to revisit one of my all time favorite movies, "Some Like It Hot." Yes, it was made in 1959, but it was surprisingly progressive and still plays very well today.

Meet Clay. Clay is in the Closet. contributor, Greg Ward, sat down with a series of bi folks who are not "out" to ask them about their sexuality, their concerns, and why they aren't out. This week we meet Clay, a bi firefighter who is worried that coming out might hurt his career.

It’s Time to Take Bi Women Seriously

I am not an erotic fiction audiobook that exists for your listening pleasure, thank you very much. The idea that bi women just want attention perpetuates the idea that a woman's love for another woman is something for straight men to enjoy.

What My Parents Think About My Bisexuality contributor, Blaize Stewart, sat down with his parents to ask what they were thinking when he came out to them.

Please, Let’s Stop Arguing About Identity Labels

What we can focus on is the unique reasons why we choose our identity labels, how as a community we face the same struggles, and ways we can work together.

How Being Bi Helped Me See Past the Binary

Now I do my best not to assume based off of stereotypes or make snap judgements about a person’s identity or character. I attempt to look at all the possible outcomes of a situation instead of only looking for the most likely one.

It’s Not About “Choosing A Side”

If we had the option of immersing ourselves in bi culture, instead of having to choose between gay or straight culture, I suspect most of us would feel pretty at home in the bi spaces.

My Life Changed When I Just Owned My Bi Label

I thought I was “just gay,” but then I’d remember all of the women I had loved in my lifetime, and all the times I’d cried over a woman I liked, and it was clear that I am not gay.

Gay, Straight, or Bi, We Shared a Moment

This had to be a dream out of some corny romance movie with a line like that. But before I knew what to say, I felt myself leaning over and connecting lips with Chad.

Why I Don’t Apologize for Defending My Bisexuality

I will continue to promote bi visibility and equality, both in and out of the LGBTQ+ community, and hope that the majority of people will not condemn it as an attack, but instead welcome the opportunity to promote inclusivity and respect for others.

A Feminist Primer for Bi Men

From the start we’re given bows or arrows, trucks or ballet slippers, hugs or “stiff upper lip”s. This leads to a lifetime of inequality, both in how we see the world and how others see us.

Let “Gay” be Bi

With what character do you ache to relate, and perhaps already do? It’s okay to feel the bi vibes and embrace them. It's okay to read these characters as bi, who would know better than you what it means to be bi.

10 Questions You Should Never Ask A Bi Person

Coming out as bi, I've found that many people have a hard time filtering out the inappropriate or uncomfortable inquiries they want to direct at me. While I'm happy to address some of their questions, there are a few that either do not or should not be asked.

Even if I Never Date Another Woman, I’m Still Bi

Because I don't feel as comfortable around women, deleted my dating apps, and tend to avoid straight places, I meet many more queer men than straight or bi women. Nevertheless, I’m still attracted to women.

5 Things I’ve Learned In My Year of Being a Bi Activist

Being bi is fantastic, empowering, and just plain fun. Here are some of the things I’ve learned on my journey fighting for bi acceptance.

We Need To Talk About Kelly

If only Kelly Osborne had said that she is open to loving anybody, and left it at that.

I Get Bi With A Little Help From My Friends

In a society as heteronormative as this, when LGBT rights and issues are still up for debate, we need connection. We need to feel as if we’re not alone. We need to know that our existence is valid and our problems are not just ours alone. We need a team. We need community. We need family.

Spotlight on 6 Out and Proud Bi Women

I feel like we sometimes forget to acknowledge the amazing bi folks in mainstream media who are killing it with regards to visibility. This piece is for the women in mainstream media who not only proudly identify as bi, but also advocate for bi equality.

This Bi Life: Bi and On The Ace Spectrum

It was such a relief to know that I could keep my bi identity (which had become very important to me) and also acknowledge this other facet of myself. I started identifying as bi and demisexual, or bidemisexual.

You Love Being Bi

Sometimes, dreaming of a better world and sharing your dreams can influence the best and brightest in our bi global family. Never forget you have that bi global family. Reach out to them, know that you are loved by them.

The Unicorn Scale: Chewing Gum

This week The Unicorn Scale looks at the hilarious comedy, "Chewing Gum," specifically the episode "The Unicorn." 'Cause how could we resist?

Stop Calling “Straight” Men Who Have Sex With Men Straight

While these individuals may not claim a bi identity, what they’re engaging in sexually, is by definition, bisexuality. Sexuality doesn’t always have to include romantic attraction or even sexual activity.

My Boyfriend Thinks I’m 50% Gay/50% Straight. Uh-Uh.

This is a common perception in our world. I've been asked who I like more: men or women. What percentage gay am I? What percentage straight am I? I'm 100% bi.

Coming To Terms With My Bisexuality: A Life’s Journey

It’s been a long journey getting here, but I am so happy to be out and 100% true to myself. Just a year and a month ago, I was still wearing my “straight” mask, but now, I am an out and proud bi woman and I couldn’t be happier!

Lady Gaga’s Bright Bi Star Keeps Shining

Happy birthday, Lady Gaga! Thanks for being one of the very few bi celebrities to actually #SayBisexual. Instead of sneakily hiding behind a "no labels" comment, your transparent example has inspired millions to openly show their #BiPride!

She Kissed a Girl, But Is She Bi?

The Bi Line tackles Katy Perry's speech at the Human Rights Campaign Gala

Why I Put Bi on my Dating Profile

I don’t think you should feel obligated to put that you’re bi on your dating profile if you don’t want to do so. However, for your sake, and to make your romantic/dating life easier, I would highly consider doing so!

Bi and Trans at a Play Party

Bi was a word I thought couldn’t include me because of my gender and attraction. I was wrong. Bi has more than enough room for nonbinary genders and nonbinary attraction. Bi includes me.

The Unicorn Scale: Velvet Goldmine

This week we dive into Todd Haynes' 1998 Glam Rock extravaganza "Velvet Goldmine."

Finding Myself in Frank Ocean’s “Chanel”

Frank Ocean is a beacon of visibility for folks who are attracted to more than one gender. His music and words have helped me, and I’m sure thousands of others like me, by showing me that I’m not alone.

So, Are You Friends?

Every conversation we had in Egypt eventually led to the question, "you are friends?.." It took me a few days to realize what they were really saying is, "are you lesbians?"

We Need to Create Bi+ Spaces

The bi+ community needs to make bi+ spaces for ourselves.

Bi People Have Yet to Rise

Where was bisexuality in ABC's "When We Rise"?

The Biphobia Just Outside

We’ve always had a moment for gay rights. When will “LGBT rights” organizations have more than a mere moment for ours?

I am Bi and I Used to Be Biphobic

It’s an odd thing to say – that I used to discriminate against other bi folks. But I did. I didn’t think bisexuality was sound or valid. That’s how I was taught. And I was taught wrong.

You Are Not Responsible for the “Bi Brand”

Often, when we say we’re bi to new folks we meet, we’re the first out and open bi person with whom they've had the privilege of speaking. This puts a lot of weight on us. Because you know that their interaction with you will form their opinion on all bi people for the rest of eternity. (Or at least it seems like that.)

Welcome to The Unicorn Scale: Black Sails

Welcome to The Unicorn Scale where we will be talking about the quality of bi representation in various shows, films, and books. First up is Starz's "Black Sails."

I’m Bisexual and I Have Anxiety and I’m Not Alone

I am bi and I struggle with an anxiety disorder. Now, although I have grown to understand and accept both of these facts, they remain strange and oftentimes unfathomable to others.

Yes, Sometimes I Do Miss Being With Men

Being bi, for me, doesn’t mean I don’t care about a person’s appearance. It doesn't mean that I’m only attracted to personality. On the contrary, it means I’m attracted to various physical forms (along with personality as well).

How Anais Nin Reminded Me There’s No One Right Way to Be Bi

The writings of Anais Nin were a huge part of my awakening as a young woman. Today, on Anais Nin's birthday, I am reminded that orientation is about so much more than physical attraction. And that there's no one right way to be bisexual.

9 Ridiculous Questions People Ask About Being Bi and How to Answer Them

Sometimes, after mentioning my bisexuality in conversation, there’s silence followed by some incredibly frustrating statements/questions. This annoying follow up conversation often keeps us in the closet, so here are some easy scripts to get you through those conversations/interrogations.

Evan Rachel Wood’s HRC Speech is Just One Reason She’s My Bi Hero

[Evan Rachel Wood's words] made me feel comforted, and a little less alone. It gave me hope for a new generation of bi kids, who would hopefully see people like her and feel a little less alone, too.

Solo on Valentine’s Day and Still Bi

So many people think of bi folks as “greedy,” as “wanting it all,” as always on the hunt for new, more, different partners, they forget that we are also people who can be alone.

The Bi Line: Lady Gaga Rocks the Super Bowl

If nothing else, Gaga's example proved to hundreds of millions of people that it is possible to be a woman, a survivor of sexual assault, proudly bisexual, and a superstar.

Navigating Academic Spaces When Bi

Even gender studies classrooms may not be safe spaces. They contain the same biphobic microaggressions that bi folks encounter everywhere else in the world. I hope that somewhere out there, people are beginning to have better experiences.

Study Shows Benefits of Coming Out Bi

“You may not be able to be out in every single space that you’re interacting in, and so my hope is that for bi folks, with the spaces where one can be out, I hope they are able to capitalize on that for their own well-being.”

Bisexuality is Not “New” or “Hip”

Now, I have a new fear when coming out. It’s not that people won’t believe it, it’s that they’ll somehow belittle my sexuality by thinking it’s “new" or "hip."

Thank You, President Obama

Having President Obama in office, someone who vehemently and passionately believes in equality and fairness, told me that we were moving forward. It confirmed what I’d always believed – that the side of equal rights is the right side.

Tales From Indie Pride in Italy

The more out bi people there are and the more we can connect with one another, the less alone we all feel and the more acceptance we will gain.

4 Ways Roger The Alien Taught Me to be Bi Better

Roger may not be the average person (or alien) you would tell your kid to aspire to be. Nevertheless, there’s something in his pride, his confidence in his sexuality, and his brutal honesty that is inspiring to me.

5 Dating Tips for Bi Men

I truly believe that there is a man, woman, or genderqueer person out there who would love to date your sexy bi self.

Why I Still Identify As Female

I can look as girly or androgynous as I want. I can climb mountains or sit in drawing rooms (first I’d have to find a drawing room). I am still a woman.

Thank You David Bowie for Reminding Us It’s Okay to Be Weird

David Bowie's life reminds us to have fun. Go for it, it's okay to be weird. In fact it's awesome to be weird.

Bi Book Club 2017

I thought it would be fun to make a "bi book club" list. I figured I'd draw on my knowledge and that of my friends to create a book of the month list and then we could all read through them together.

Bi Folks in “Straight” Relationships Still Need Queer Spaces

When I’m dating a man I can feel myself clinging to parts of LGBT culture harder than when I’m with a woman. Pride festivals become even more empowering than they were before. LGBT clubs feel like even more of a haven. Hell, I even find myself clinging harder to shows and books that feature queer characters.

Bisexuality in 2016: a Recap

There was so much to celebrate in 2016, and hopefully the new year will bring even more.

5 Gift Ideas for Your Bi Bestie

Bi folks are of course people and love all the gifts that people love, but here are some extra awesome gift options for the bi people in your life.

This Bi Life: I Still Feel Guilty for My Attraction to Women

You are bi because that’s who you are. You have no reason to be ashamed of that. You have no reason to feel guilty. You are not alone in your struggle, there are many of us out there, and we know how you feel.

The Year 2016 in Bi TV

This holiday season, when you need a break from family and all that holiday cheer, why not check out some of these bi TV characters of 2016?

The Silver Lining of Dating When Bi

At this point, I’ve now been out for a while, and no longer wallow that many people of various genders refuse to date me. The reason why? I’ve come to see the silver lining.

My Sexuality Is Not Just About Sex

Why is it that, when I tell you I’m bisexual, the first thing you’re likely to imagine is me having constant sex and threesomes every day? Let me tell you: threesomes are seriously hard to organise, so I should be so lucky!

Why I Don’t “Not Do Labels”

In a perfect world, we might not need labels, but we do not live in a perfect world.

I’m a Sex Addict (And So Are You)

I recently took an online Sex Addiction Screening Test. Here are my test results. It turns out that I’m probably a sex addict and a lot of other fun stuff.

Bi and Poly Part III: Managing Jealousy

Bizarrely enough, it was polyamory that forced me to confront my jealousy issues and insecurities. It was polyamory that forced me to dig deep down to see what the root of my jealousy was.

A Love Letter to My Girlfriend – From Your Bi Boyfriend

My girlfriend has read and seen everything I've ever done as an activist. Rather than be insecure when I discuss the kind of men I find attractive - she replies 'this is awesome babe, so proud of you.'

Bi and Poly Part II: How to Ask Your Partner For a Non-Monogamous Relationship

The thing about non-monogamous relationships: There’s no unified definition. The more non-monogamous folks I encounter, the more I’m shocked by the number of configurations and variety of rules that exist within the non-monogamous community.

Home for the Holidays and Coming Out As Bi?

When your relatives ask those inevitable questions, these snappy responses will help you relax and get back to the important work of eating.

Supernatural’s Scariest Monster: Bi Erasure

With season 12 of “Supernatural” already underway, many fans are asking, “Is Dean ever going to come out of the closet?”

When Sexual Fluidity Is Turned Against Us

We, the queer community, want to say, “What if I chose to be queer? Let’s say I did. What’s wrong with that?” The answer of course, is nothing.

Bi and Poly Part 1: Are You Ready to Be Non-Monogamous?

I had begun to think something was wrong with me. I thought I was incapable of finding true love. That’s when I had the revelation. It wasn’t me that was the issue. It wasn’t my partner. It wasn’t that we weren’t good for each other. It was monogamy.

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

We will fight for and alongside each other when the time comes. But right now, it’s okay to mourn. It’s okay to not be okay.

Self Care For Bi People: Election Edition

This election week, remember: check in with yourself, be kind to yourself, and most importantly: take care.

How I Maintain Visibility as a Bi Femme

I’ve been much more confident in myself ever since I began to embrace my unique femme style and realized that being femme doesn’t make me any less bi.

4 Ways Bi Representation on TV Can and Should Be Better

GLAAD's annual media report shows that there are more bi characters on TV, unfortunately they are mostly evil or dead. We need more and better bi characters.

Birth Control: It’s Not Just for Women

No, this isn’t about saying men should suffer like women have. This is about saying we should all have the right to plan when and how we become parents. Yes, men too.

17 Ways for LGBT Organizations to be More Bi Inclusive

It may seem like a long list, but really it doesn't take a lot to put the B back in your LGBT organization.

The Silver Lining of Trump’s ‘Hot Mic’

How Trump's words inspired frank conversations about sexual assault and its prevalence.

4 Ways Porn Perpetuates Misconceptions About Bisexuality

These four tropes in bisexual porn seem to encompass the vast majority of videos tagged as "bisexual".

1 in 5 Straight-Identifying Men Watch Same-sex Porn: Are They All Closeted?

Why do a fifth of self-identified straight men watch gay porn? My gut response was to say some of these men are actually closeted gay or bi, but I think that’s an oversimplification.

Bilingual, Bicultural, Bisexual

As Latino LGBT people, our challenges are unique, but so are we to overcome them.

Bi Pride in Southern Oregon

Although I've attended and participated in Prides, I'd never been on the planning side before. I showed up to the first meeting hesitant because bisexuality is often ignored by Pride organizers, but I was immediately made welcome. I loved seeing this whole thing come together, and for me the icing on the cake was when I was made Grand Marshal. Talk about bi visibility!

Bi Erasure and Biphobia: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Please, non-bisexual people, don’t erase my sexuality. We exist, and we deserve respect and acknowledgement like everyone else.

Yay for Bi Visibility: Our 11 #iamBi Contest Winners!

Thanks to all the folks who shared their stories. It is wonderful to know that our community is so large, so diverse, and so proud!

Not Just Another Male Gaze

How does a bi man -- who doesn’t want to be like the stereotypical objectifying straight guy -- reveal that they’re bi in a way that’s not overtly sexual or predatory?

6 Facts About Sex I Wish they had Taught me in School

Talking about sex can be weird, and often we just don't ask questions. We assume we know it all, because really how complicated can sex be?

This Bi Life: Black, Bi, and Sexy

Intimacy is hard for all of us. Like so many of the most important things in life, no one really teaches us how to go about finding it, keeping it, or nurturing it.

Bi Visibility at the White House!

In honor of Bi Week and Bi Visibility Day, the White House hosted a Bi Community Briefing with members of the bi community.

15 Great Tweets from #BiWeek

Throughout the week members and supporters of the bi+ community made us laugh out loud, provided opportunities for enrichment, and gave us even more reason to celebrate. Let’s take a look at some of #BiWeek in tweets!

Join the Bi Visibility Challenge!

For those who haven't yet noticed, is presenting our annual Bi Visibility Challenge in celebration of Bi Pride Week!

Bi and Mighty

Happy Bi Visibility Day 2016! Here are some things we'd like to see accomplished before many more Bi Visibility Days have passed. What's on your Bi Wish List?

Ahoy! Avast! Matelot? Pirating Was About More Than Just Wenching

Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day folks! This year it coincides with the beginning of Bi Pride Week, so I thought we'd talk about some less heteronormative pirate traditions in order to celebrate both.

Women Report That Bisexual Men Make Better Lovers, Fathers, and Partners

Dr. Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli of Deakin University talks to about her new book "Women in Relationships with Bisexual Men: Bi Men by Women".

The Bisexual Warriors of the “Gay” Movement

This Bi Week we are celebrating some of the many bi activists who have been instrumental in the LGBT rights movement.

How Amy Winehouse’s Honesty Helped Make Me Stronger

Amy Winehouse was the first woman I had heard use this mysterious word "bisexual." She wasn't afraid of her sexual orientation changing what people thought of her and refused to tiptoe around the label.

Researchers Need to Acknowledge Bi Men’s Unique Needs

I'm certainly not suggesting that bi issues are more important than gay issues, simply that they are different issues that both deserve the same amount of respect. The problem is when LGBT groups and health organisations keep adding 'and bisexual' to the mix to try and pass themselves off as inclusive.

Would You Be Open to Dating Someone Who is Bi?

The more time I spend involved in bi activism and talking to other bi folks, the more I hear one major complaint. "No one wants to date me." It normally comes down to "people keep rejecting me as a potential romantic partner because I am bi."

Some Disney Star Came Out as Bisexual. Who Cares?

This week, Bella Thorne came out as bisexual in the chillest way possible, causing an outpouring of love on Twitter. Coming out is about being real, honest, genuine. It isn't just private "bedroom stuff." It affects our romantic and social lives a great deal. If someone doesn't care about all that, that's sad.

What Keeps Bi Men in the Closet?

We talk to Dr. Eric Schrimshaw of Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health about his recent study on why bisexual men are not coming out to partners, family, and friends.

What Does Bi Erasure Look Like?

The message these rulings send out is loud and clear. As far as the justice system is concerned, bisexuality does not exist, and I think that that is unacceptable.

What Can the Bi Community Learn from Dan Savage?

Biphobia remains rampant, even within the gay community. This is in part due to the fact that bi people aren't coming out in large enough numbers yet.

Highs and Lows at the Rio Olympics

Even as progress is being made with regard to LGBT and women's rights, the 2016 Olympics in Rio this year remind us that more progress is sorely needed... We've witnessed highs and lows in that regard this year.

Finding Community at Comic-Con

When I asked Tara Avery how she became involved in bi activism, her answer was simple. “I just showed up.”

Revealing Research on why Many Bisexual Men Don’t Come Out

Schrimshaw found that many men aren’t “confused” about their (bi)sexuality. They know they are attracted to both men and women; however, they aren’t open about their (bi)sexuality because they fear stigma, ridicule, and being outed.

Live From Hall B: Bi Representation Thrives at Comic-Con

It was a stellar weekend for bi visibility at the 2016 Comic-Con. Clarkes and Constantines descended upon CA, and we’ve got your bi+ round up right here.

Bi Pride at Portland’s Pride

Bit by bit, they joined the chorus, and the protesters' megaphones were rendered useless; their futile hatred drowned out by our love. “We're here! We're queer! We're fabulous! Get used to it!” All together, over and over and over....

Missing Annalise Keating? Our Favorite Bi Characters You Can Stream Right Now

Missing your most-loved bi characters while they’re on summer break? Check out some of our favorite bi characters available with subscription right now!

#StillBisexual Takes Our Stories to the Big Screen!

Despite the fact that bisexual people are the majority of the LGBT population, bi people and their stories are often conspicuously absent from most LGBT festivals. Fortunately, not this time!

Our Favorite Bi Characters of the 2015-16 Season

Let’s hear it for the Bis! We’re celebrating some of our favorite bisexual characters of the 2015-16 tv season. Are yours on the list?

Not A Match: Dating Site Erases Bisexuality (You Know…Again)

Two decades in, one of the oldest online dating sites still doesn’t recognize bisexuality as a valid sexual orientation.

Self Care for Bi People: Acknowledging the Barriers

It's revolutionary for us to love ourselves without conditions, to take care of ourselves without guilt. And there shouldn’t be any guilt in self care.

The Long Fight for Bi Inclusion

When earlier this year, Huffington Post’s Gay Voices changed their name to Queer Voices, it was another victory in the long fought battle for bi inclusion, yet it re-awoke ongoing questions and concerns about name changes.

For the Love of Fandom: Bierasure and #LGBTFansDeserveBetter

Saying that Clarke being with a man is a bad thing because he is a man—no matter the context—is biphobic.

Clarke Griffin, Bisexual: CW’s The 100 and Dystopian Future at Its Finest

In modern pop culture the only indicator of bisexuality is behavior. Beyond even that, we can’t assume the character will stay that way. In reality we know bisexuality is in and of itself valid and not a phase.

Is Bisexuality Increasingly in the Public Consciousness?

The orientation (and the people who represent it) have gone from being ignored and actively erased by the media to being part of society's grand narrative.

The Power of Us: #StillBisexual

"Maybe if people could understand that for many of us being bisexual is a permanent not transitional identity, then there was a potential that we could be understood.”

OUT Magazine Totally Gaywashed Luke Skywalker! Why?

A fan tweeted Mark Hamill to ask if Luke "was bisexual." The actor's reply was very thoughtful. OUT Magazine's headline about the tweet, however - not so much.

Why are More and More Millennials Embracing Their Bisexuality?

Recent studies show more young adults are identifying as bisexual than ever before. Why is that?

Bi, Pan, Omni, Poly, Fluid, NoLabel, etc. = #oneofus

My intention with the #oneofus project is to give bi people something or someone to relate to.

Stop Erasing Bisexuality

Bisexual activist Nicole Kristal has a message for journalists and politicians who leave the B out of LGBT.

Yet Again, Hollywood Ignores the B In The LGBT Revolution

Erasing bisexuality from the foundation of queer rights is a disservice to our history.

WATCH: HuffPost Live Discusses Groundbreaking Bisexual Study

Two groundbreaking polls released last week prove what we already know – bisexuality exists and more people see themselves as bi than ever before.

5 Reasons Celebrities Should Embrace the ‘B’ Word

It's time for people to get comfortable saying the word bisexual.

Is Bisexuality Spreading Like Wildfire?

If aliens were to come to our planet and review the recent findings of YouGov, you could forgive them for thinking so.

Guess What? We’re All Perverts!

Some of the world’s leading (and cool) sex educators delivered a fun and inspiring talk at The Sex Positive World Seminar at UCLA.

Bi Folks Rock San Diego Pride!

Despite dark clouds, flash floods, and lightning, people still turned out by the tens of thousands to celebrate!

It’s Official: Same-Sex Couples in the U.S. have a Constitutionally Protected Right to Marriage!

Equality is as "American as apple pie," and the Supreme Court reminded us of that this morning. This ground breaking ruling demonstrates what is arguably an American president’s most lasting and important power – the ability to appoint Supreme Court justices.

Meet the Woman Behind the Vogue Petition

Julie Rodriguez speaks exclusively to about her campaign against Vogue's bi erasure.

Past Due

Bisexual people are eagerly awaiting Supreme Court decision.

Was Jesus Bisexual? New Book Says So

Jesus being labelled "bisexual" is not new. Now, a new book by Frank Schaeffer not only reiterates that claim, but also purports that Jesus was very pro-bisexual, too.

UK City of Southampton Educates Folk about the Klein Grid

A large city in the United Kingdom about 75 miles southwest of London is educating its citizens (and anyone else who may stumble upon it) on the Klein Grid, as well as other ways of identifying one's sexuality.

Bi Men Specifically Warned about Meningitis Outbreak During Chicago Pride

Bisexual men are specifically being warned about a meningitis outbreak in Chicago during the Pride activities this weekend, and the parade next week on June 28.

She’s Not Black, But is She Bisexual?

Disgraced civil rights activist Rachel Dolezal may not be black, as she has claimed, but is she actually bisexual, too?

Famous Surgeon General Points Out the Importance of Using the B-word

One of the most famous past U.S. Surgeon Generals tells why it's important to identify as bi.

Bis Spread the Word at L.A. Pride

Check out the fun and photos of the bis at L.A. Pride this weekend.

BiNet USA is Seeking Online Funding

BiNet USA sought out funding during the recent Give Out Day, and is continuing to see donations for their all-volunteer group that helps with bisexual issues on a national level. They have reached more than $900 so far but need to raise $7,000 more for some great things they want to accomplish.

Bi Author Cynthia Bond Gets Selected by Oprah’s Book Club

Her inspiration came from love. Cynthia Bond spent the past 15 years teaching a writing class to at-risk homeless queer youth at the LGBT Center in New York City. Some of the themes and experiences she had while working with the youth made it into her novel Ruby.

New Book Speculates on Whitney Houston’s Bisexuality

A new book just out about Whitney Houston’s troubled daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown purports that Houston’s bisexuality was real, as all the rumors speculated while the superstar was alive.

New Book Raises More Questions about Amelia Earhart

A new book and some newly discovered film raises more questions about the disappearance of aviatrix Amelia Earhart—who is referred to as bisexual in some biographies.

A Handy List of Yahoo Groups for Bi Couple

BiNet USA and the Bisexual Resource Center are sharing Yahoo Groups that may be of interest to bisexual couples.

Romance Author Plans Young Single Bisexuals Game Night

Bisexual romance author Alex Anders is organizing a Bisexual Game Night Mixer on June 20 in the Los Angeles area, and it’s getting some notice. OKCupid and Buzzfeed are involved with letting people know about the event, and their Buzzfeed videos on bisexuality have received more than three million views.

Dumbledore and Gandalf Wed across from Westboro Baptist Church

The beloved Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings characters of Dumbledore and Gandalf got married across the street from the rabidly-anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church.

Alan Cumming Camps it Up About Being Bi at Tony Awards

Alan Cumming made no secret that he was bisexual and proud of it as he co-hosted the Tony Awards.

Why Do Bisexual Women Smoke So Much Weed?

Dr. Margaret Robinson, a research scientist at the Ontario HIV Treatment Network is trying to figure out the reasons behind a proliferation in studies that show high rates of bisexual women using marijuana.

Bromance Bisexual Tease on ‘Bachelorette’ Faces Criticism

Not many BLGT activists appreciated the tease of the bisexual bromance that went on for "The Bachelorette" this week, and many criticized the network for gay baiting in the worst way.

Father Discusses Bi Teen Son who Committed Suicide After Bullying

Father of a bisexual teen who killed himself said the school officials didn't do anything, but that he was supportive of his son.

Bisexual Stripper Moves in to UK ‘Big Brother’

She is planning on wearing provocative clothing and she hopes to stir things up.

Benjy the Bull Turns Out to be Bisexual

A bull that was thought to be gay is now showing bisexual tendencies, even without his balls.

More than a Third of Bisexuals in UK Face Sexual Harassment

The largest national survey in the United Kingdom ever to assess the needs of bisexuals was released Tuesday (May 26, 2015). The survey revealed that up to 38 percent of the people who identified as bisexual have experienced some sort of sexual harassment.

Bisexual ‘Beautiful Mind’ Math Genius Dies with Wife in Car Crash

John Forbes Nash, the brilliant mathematician who inspired the movie “A Beautiful Mind,” died in a car accident on Saturday, May 23, 2015, with his wife. Although many books and biographies called Nash bisexual, or homosexual, the Princeton professor denied such labels

Oregon’s Bisexual Governor Signs Ban on Conversion Therapy

Earlier this week, Oregon's bisexual governor Kate Brown continued to make history by signing a bill that ends gay conversion therapy in her state.

A Bisexual Soldier Memory on Memorial Day: First Bi Congressional Testimony

On this Memorial Day weekend, noted bisexual soldier Cliff Arnesen shares with some memories of his testimony before the U.S. Congress, which was 25 years ago, on May 16, 1990.

Miley Cyrus Says Her Relationships Haven’t Been Just ‘Straight, Heterosexual’

Miley Cyrus said that not all of her past relationships were “straight, heterosexual” ones. Although she didn’t use the B-word, media outlets are interpreting this as the actress/singer coming out as bisexual.

And Now, =, this site you're now reading, just purchased so that both URLs go to the same site. There was some concern that when the British bisexual news site lost the domain name that someone would snatch it up and turn it into a porn site.

Margaret Cho Says in Her World People are ‘Gay Until Proven Otherwise’

In a New York Times piece over the weekend, bisexual comedienne Margaret Cho challenged those who are asking people if they are gay or not.

After Sending Penis Pics on Grindr, Anti-Gay Politician Comes Out as Bi

Republican State Representative Randy Boehning from North Dakota was caught over the weekend sending unsolicited pictures of his private parts to a 21-year-old on Grindr.

Supreme Court Arguments Include Men Attracted to Men Who Are Married to Women

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 2.50.40 PMOn Tuesday (April 28, 2015), the U.S. Supreme Court will once again hear arguments about same-sex marriage. One of the Amicus Briefs (or Friends of Court briefs) submitted to argue against same-sex marriage is from a group called “Same-Sex Attracted Men and Their Wives in Support of Respondents & Affirmance.”

Is There Bisexual Erasure in Iceman’s Coming Out?

When Marvel Comic’s “All-New X-Men" No. 40 hits the stands on Wednesday, there’s some potential bisexual erasure.

The Anti-Gay Advocates Who are Caught Acting Gay (Bi?)

Unfortunately, (or maybe fortunately) there's a lot of bi erasure when it comes to politicians being caught in the act of a gay liaison. A politician can be in a marriage for most of his life and have a bunch of children and still get caught in a bathroom stall with a male prostitute. But is he bi? No, he's labelled "gay."

New Study Seeks Wanna-Be Parents

Dr. Samantha Tornello who conducted the comprehensive Gay/Bisexual Dads Study, and is offering updates of her project through her quarterly newsletter: Gay/Bisexual Dads Study Spring 2015 Newsletter, is seeking participants in a new study.

Jennifer Aniston’s Bisexual Character Considered Among Most Offensive of 2014

The mean-spirited over-sexed character of Julia played by Jennifer Aniston in the comedy Horrible Bosses 2 was so horrible that it made GLAAD's top five in "Most Offensive Movies of 2014."

Married Men Attracted to Men Speak Out Against Same-Sex Marriage

An unusual group of men who are attracted to men, and their wives, are petitioning the U.S. Supreme Court against same-sex marriage.

Dumb Stereotypes That Almost Stopped Bi People From Coming Out

Eliel Cruz wrote a story for that details the ugly stereotypes that caused some bi people to stay in the closet, according to a new study.

A Dozen Positive Messages About Bisexuality

These are a dozen positive memes that you can cut and paste and share on your Facebook page.

Centers for Disease Control Spend More for Men Having Sex With Men

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will lead new programs totaling more than $185 million in HIV prevention funding for men who have sex with men.

Obama Wants to End Reparative Therapy

President Obama, who is one of the most bi-friendly presidents in U.S. history (the photos here notwithstanding), has said Wednesday night that he believes that the government should ban harmful reparative therapy.

What Do Therapists Do When You Tell Them You’re Bi?

There's a great blog from 22-year-old Meghan in Michigan called "Through Laughter Comes Enlightenment" and she is asking for people to respond to therapists receiving bisexual clients.

Parents Want to Sue Son-in-Law for ‘Bisexual Shock’

The parents of a murdered girl want to sue their daughter's husband because he didn't tell them that he was bisexual.

Changing His OKCupid Profile from Straight to Bisexual

Zachary Zane was pretty brave, but he did it it and it changed his life. And, he writes about it: "In one of the proudest moments of my life, I changed my OkCupid profile from straight to bisexual."

New Show ‘Weird Loners’ Features Bisexual Zara

A new comedy sitcom on FOX debuted last week featuring a newcomer actress, Meera Rohit Kumbhani, as the free-spirited bisexual named Zara.

More Millennials Identify as BLGT as Any Other Time

About double the percentage of youth identify as bisexual, gay, lesbian or transgender than they did only four years ago, according to a study from the Public Religion Research Institutrp_FB-1-300x300.jpge.

Coming Out as Lesbian Was the Easy Part, But She Still Likes Men

On the site of, Katy Butler tells her intriguing story about coming out as bisexual. It turns out that coming out as a lesbian was easy. The hard part? Admitting she still liked men.

Reverend Recalls Coming Out as Bi on Easter

Blogger Rev. Dr. Janet Edwards, a Presbyterian minister made a strange revelation on an Easter Sunday-- she came out as bisexual. To everyone.

Russell Brand Still Wishes He was Bisexual, and Thinks Porn is Bad

Only a few months ago, funny guy Russell Brand seemed a bit serious when he said he wished he was bisexual. More recently, he has crusaded against porn, comparing it to fast food, and that he has bedded thousands of women.

Bi Triangle Will Remain in ‘Grasshopper’ Adaptation

British film director Edgar Wright insists he will keep the bisexuality in the love triangle at the center of the book Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith.

Bisexual Sues for Sexual Harassment at CBS

A handsome 29-year-old man who identifies as bisexual left his job in November as a video producer at CBS and is now suing for sexual harassment, saying he was repeatedly drunkenly groped and kissed by powerful men at the network — including the director for the “CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley.”

Bisexual Symbols of Easter Island

It's not really an Easter story, but it's an interesting fact about the bisexual symbols of the mysterious figures onEaster Island.

Arizona Wildcat Writer Says Bi Stereotypes Need to Go Bi Bi Bi

He mentions "Orange is the New Black" and “Transparent” and the third season of “House of Cards.”

Bi Closeted Football Player Says Michael Sam Doesn’t Speak for All

TMZ Sports talked to a closeted bisexual NFL player who wasn't thrilled about out gay player Michael Sam's comments saying that other gay men are less courageous for not coming out.

No, Sacha Baron Cohen Will Not Do Freddie Mercury Biopic

It was a joke that Sacha Baron Cohen is once again involved in the biopic about legendary bisexual rocker Freddie Mercury.

Curve’s Column About Biphobia

E.J. Rosetta, an out bisexual from the United Kingdom, posted a brilliant column in the lesbian publication Curve that's about biphobia.

Bi Men Twice as Likely to Get Skin Cancer

A report in USA Today says that gay and bisexual men in the United States are twice as likely as heterosexual men to get skin cancer, according to a new study.

Queen Gambit Game Allows You to Play as a Bi Female Spy

New game is the company's first step into having a bisexual character in its storytelling.

Married Woman Regrets Not Exploring Bi Feelings

A young woman talks very frankly and plainly on the site about her life-long attraction toward women, but never acting on it.

Dublin Gay Theatre Fest Features ‘By the Bi’

The International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival will be featuring a fascinating original bisexual-themed play this year.

Did Bisexuality Exist Before the Word Was Invented?

Check out the question of the week on the Facebook page.

Alleged hate crime attacker says he’s a closeted bisexual

The man accused of beating up a youth in Corinth, Mississippi, that made national news, said he was bisexual aScreen Shot 2015-03-23 at 10.04.00 PMnd it wasn't a hate crime.

Is the Fictional President Bisexual?

Check out the story on Bi Magazine that talks about the speculation of the fictional president of the United States, Frank Underwood, from "House of Cards."

For St. Paddy’s Day – a List of Bisexual Irish Folk

Here are the most famous Irish bisexuals. Bet you didn't know a few of them.

More Speculation of Harry Styles Being Bisexual in Youth Health Mag

More about guys being wild about Harry Styles.

Bisexual Women are Forgotten in HIV and Health Stats

Bi women are often forgotten in the statistics for health research.

Irish Mom Gets Advice on ‘How Do I Tell My Sons Their Father is Bi?’

Advice columnist Dr. John Sharry, a writer for the Irish Times offered advice to a women on how to tell her two children that their dad is bisexual

Why is it Derogatory to Refer to Sexual Orientation as a Lifestyle?

You should weigh in to this question if you have any ideas.

British Study Shows 1 in 5 Gay and Bi Youth Get Bullied by a Teacher

A UK report called "Boys Who Like Boys" talked about how at least 20 percent of the gay and bisexual young men face bullying in school by a teacher or another adult.

World’s First BLGT Pride Parade Celebrates 45 Anniversary in June

The LA Pride celebration and the world's first LGBT Pride Parade will take place this year June 12 through 14 in West Hollywood, Calif.

There Are Not Enough Bisexual Judges

A recent report shows that bisexuals aren't represented as judges.

Nearly One-Fifth of British LGBT Troops Say They’re Bi

Nearly one-fifth of those identifying as BLGT in the UK military identified as bisexual.

Dirk Shafer, Dead at 52, Blurred Sexual Barriers

Dirk Shafer, who directed and wrote two defining movies on the gay world, really "got" bisexuality.

Portland Warns Bi and Gay Men about Syphilis

Bi and gay men who have frequent partners are urged to get tested due to an increase in syphilis.

More About John Maynard Keynes’s Bisexuality

Details about the bisexuality of one of the most intelligent bisexuals ever.

Does Prison Turn You Gay? More Likely Bi

Studies refute the claim that jail turns you gay, as one contender for president claims. Bi, maybe.

Bi Men Encouraged to Take Health Survey in Ireland

The United Kingdom's Health Service Executive is trying to reduce the high levels of HIV of men having sex with men, and are asking that bisexual and gay men take a survey to help them.

Alan Cumming Joins #Celibacy Challenge

One of the most out and famous bisexuals of the day, Alan Cumming, is joining a celibacy campaign?! Say it isn’t so!

Bank of America Bisexual Harassment Case Continues

A court ruling allows a claim against bisexual discrimination to continue against Bank of America.

March Blows in as Bisexual Health Awareness Month

The bisexual community has dubbed March as Bisexual Health Awareness Month (BHAM). Beginning March 2, there will be a concerted effort to get the word out about bi-specific health issues, with new incentives and informational drives every week.

How Mr. Spock Helped a Bi Kid Learn How to Fit In

A personal look at how a budding bisexual kid identified with Mr. Spock, and later got to tell Leonard Nimoy in person.

Black Bisexual Woman Shows #ThisIsLuv

Crystal Fleming, who also writes for the Huffington Post, has a heart-felt post and shares her story for #ThisIsLuv.

The Sexual and Geographic Reality of Fifty Shades of Grey

Read about the setting (Seattle) and the movie of "Fifty Shades of Grey" as reported in Bi Magazine.

Why Go to This Conference? Well, BECAUSE

BECAUSE is a cool acronym that stands for Bisexual Empowerment Conference, A Uniting Supportive Experience., and they've announced their keynote speakers and theme.

Judge in Alabama Thinks 2 Bisexuals Marrying = 4

An Alabama judge says some ridiculous things about bisexuality.

Bisexuals March for Visibility at Creating Change Conference

About 50 bisexuals engaged in a Bi Visibility March at the 27th National Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change.

What the Pew Research Says about Bisexuals

The Pew Research Center is just analyzing a 2013 study of 1,200 LGBT adults and made some recent findings about bisexuals.

Malcolm X’s Bisexuality Comes up Again on 50th Anniversary of his Death

Bringing up the bisexual secret life of the civil rights leader gets many activists in the African American community angry, but, a number of recent books have documented Malcolm’s life of relationships with both men and women.

See the Nation’s First Out Bi Governor be Sworn in

See videos of Kate Brown's swearing in, flanked by her mother and her husband.

MTV’s British Reality Show Introduces its First Bisexual

Nathan Henry is the first bisexual to be on MTV UK's "Geordie Shore" in 10 seasons.

Bye-bye, Want to Buy it?

Can you afford the most popular bisexual Internet name that's going to be on the market?

A Dozen Facts you Should Know about Kate Brown Being the First Bisexual Governor

These are the 12 most important things to know about the new out bisexual governor of Oregon.

The Half-Time Show at the Superbowl: Too Bisexual?

The 12-minute show featuring Katy Perry at the 2015 Super Bowl with impressive fireworks, lots of dancers, and instant costume changes will be talked about as one of the most spectacular in years, equivalent to an Olympic Games opening. But was it too bisexual?

Six Bisexual Things about the Film,“The Interview”

There has been a huge amount of controversy surrounding the release of the Columbia Pictures film, ‘The Interview” starring James Franco and Seth Rogan because of the political issues that are part of the script. But even without the international political conflict, there would be plenty to talk about once the movie came out. This buddy-buddy film has a lot of homoerotic moments that are closer than the usual “bro-moments” that you’d see in the “Harold & Kumar” or “Hangover” films.

#BiHeroes: A bisexual woman’s journey of learning, defiance, and courage against all odds

Any bisexual knows it is not easy to live openly as bisexual. The ignorance, judgment and jokes are just the beginning. So what is it like to walk in the shoes of someone who is bisexual, African-American, polyamorous, atheist, a nude model and a cancer survivor? What does it mean to navigate those identities – separately or as a whole – in a world that often reveals its ignorance and judgment about sex, sexuality, race, gender and bodies?

Bi: The Webseries Episode 1 “Bi-ography” from BiUSTV , “Does being bisexual have to mean dating hell?”

"Does being bisexual have to mean dating hell?" This is what the main character in this new bi webseries, Alex Wagner, asks himself. We're in love with this new, hip web series from BiUSTV.

Two Great Bisexual Books for Your Holiday Gift Giving List

The greatest achievement of Texts is to make us want to read these classics in case we missed any as part of our required reading in school. So, yes, stop looking at your cellphone and read a book! And while you’re at it, check out The Toast; it is a deliciously addictive concoction.

TELEVISION: It’s a Queer World After All

For a generation that grew up on Three’s Company, a 1970s-80s ABC network show that played sexual orientation for cheap laughs, television as the most LGBT-friendly entertainment was unthinkable. The nomination of a transgender actress for an Emmy award (Laverne Cox for her outstanding work in Orange Is The New Black) was something few of us imagined we would live to see. Just this year alone, more than a dozen television shows feature LGBT storylines through their main cast or recurring characters. So many shows and so little time is a welcome conundrum keeping our Tivo® boxes and DVRs working overtime. Online debates among a growing fan base often reach the high pitch of religious fervor. So, dear television viewers, we are (finally) here, we are queer, get used to it!

Straight Men Are A Lot More Bisexual Than You Might Think

Being the curious gays that we are, we decided to dig a little deeper, scouring the internet for clues. And what we discovered is, well, surprising. Apparently it’s not just the ladies who prefer two dicks in their porn. Self-professed straight men enjoy it, too.

#BiVisibility Community Questions: Top Ten Reasons You KNOW You’re Bisexual

We reached out to our active and AWESOME Facebook community and asked them to tell us HOW they knew they were bisexual. We received hundreds of great comments and here are some of our favorites. You can join us on our Facebook page, Twitter and Instgram by following "Bisexualdotorg".

From Our Facebook Community: The Top 30 Most Common Misconceptions About Bisexuals has a THRIVING Facebook community over 70,000 members strong. We've tapped into our shared wisdom by asking our community what THEY feel are the most common MISCONCEPTIONS about bisexuals. Here are their TOP answers.

How America learned to love same-sex marriage

Two decades ago barely a quarter of Americans believed members of the LGBT
community should enjoy equal marriage rights; now nearly two-thirds accept
same-sex marriage.

This quantum leap cannot be explained by what sociologists call generational
shift – that is older, conservative folk dying off and younger, more liberal
people taking their places. Something more radical and unforeseen took place
that precipitated a change in opinion that leapt across the generations.

#WhatBiLooksLike Contest: We’re ALL Winners!

We want to send out a HUGE thanks to the THOUSANDS of you that showed your #BiPride and shared you photos and stories for our #WhatBiLooks like contest!

Bisexuality in the Media: Where are the Bisexuals on TV?

According to GLAAD's latest media reports, on television, out of the "66 regular or recurring LGBT characters on scripted cable television, 35 are gay men, while only 4 are bisexual males." Meanwhile, of the 102 LGBT-inclusive films released in 2013 (note that's not all films, just the ones that had LGBT characters), there was only one bisexual male character. That means that less than 6% of LGBT representation on television was of bisexual men, and less than 1% in films in 2013.

#WhatBiLooksLike Contest: Help Us Celebrate Bisexual Visibility Day!

We're launching a #WhatBiLooksLike contest to share our BEAUTIFUL community with world and we hope you'll join us. Everyone who posts their #WhatBiLooksLike pic to our Facebook page or shares with us on Twitter will be eligible to win a goodie box including hat, sunglasses, wristband, Bisexual DVD's, books and lollipops.

Bisexuality, Section 377, and India’s LGBT Movement

In the aftermath of Indian Supreme Court’s decision on Section 377, activists have implemented two major game plans: aggressive legal challenges and campaigns to change public perception and attitudes toward different forms of gender and sexual expression.

Why does Lady Gaga have to prove her bisexuality?

Why does Lady Gaga have to prove her bisexuality?

“Straight, Gay, or Lying” is dead and buried.

In 2005, the New York Times published an article with a catchy headline that sent waves through the LGBT world. Titled "Straight, Gay, or Lying," the article reported on study by researchers at the University of Chicago that failed to find 50/50 arousal patterns in a specific sample of men. Of course there is no requirement for bisexuals to be attracted to men and women in exactly the same way. Of course showing men pornography and measuring their erections is an imperfect measure of sexuality at best. Of course one sample of men is not representative of all men. Unfortunately, none of those important details, details that the scientists themselves pointed out, spoke loudly enough to drown out the power of that sound bite. Such is the nature communication in our media-saturated world.

U.S. Supreme Court Gives Big Boost to Same-Sex Marriage

by Richard Wolf and Brad Heath, USA TODAY

WASHINGTON D.C.— The Supreme Court delivered a double-barreled boost to the cause of same-sex marriage from Maine to California Wednesday by acting boldly in one case and backing off in another.

Precisely a decade after it struck down all remaining state laws banning sodomy, the court declared a key section of the federal Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional on equal protection grounds. But the justices took no stand on the merits of California's ban on same-sex marriage, leaving a lower court's decision that overturned Proposition 8 as the last word.

Russian Lawmakers Pass Bill 436-0 Banning “Propaganda of Nontraditional Sexual Relations” as Protesters Beaten, Arrested

By Nataliya Vasilyeva and Mansur Mirovalev

MOSCOW — A bill that stigmatizes Russia’s LGBT community and bans the distribution of information about homosexuality to children was overwhelmingly approved by the lower house of parliament Tuesday. More than two dozen protesters were attacked by anti-gay activists and then detained by police, hours before the State Duma approved the Kremlin-backed legislation in a 436-0 vote, with one abstention.

Eye Pupils Reveal Sexual Orientation, Study Shows

While the eyes may be the window to the soul, pupil dilation can reveal a person's sexual orientation, finds a new Cornell study. Pupils were found to widen most when study participants watched erotic videos of people they found attractive, thereby revealing where they were on the sexual spectrum from heterosexual to homosexual.

Bisexuals Celebrate GLAAD’s Commitment to Inclusion

GLAAD recently announced that the organization has formally dropped the words 'Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation' from its name and will be known going forward as simply GLAAD, the LGBT media advocacy organization.

Accompanying the change is a renewed commitment to incorporate bisexual and transgender people as well as allies from diverse backgrounds in GLAAD's work to shape the media narrative and build public support for LGBT people.

Palestinian LGBT Multi-Media Project

JERUSALEM, May 24 (IPS) - Public discussions about sexuality and gender diversity are difficult to start in many places. But a new multimedia project that is garnering buzz in Palestine aims to reverse this trend and open up dialogue within Palestinian society around these historically taboo issues.

Brazil Approves Same-Sex Marriage

Brazil Approves Same-Sex Marriage

BRAZIL has become the third and largest Latin American country to give a de facto green light to same-sex marriage.

In a bold stride for the majority Roman Catholic nation, the National Council of Justice, a panel which oversees Brazil's legal system and is headed by the chief justice of the Supreme Court, said government offices that issue marriage licenses had no standing to reject same-sex couples.

Clive Davis Comes Out: Music Mogul Reveals He’s Bisexual In New Memoir

The music mogul who played key roles in the careers of superstars like Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys and Kelly Clarkson has come out as bisexual.

In his new memoir, The Soundtrack of My Life, 80-year-old Clive Davis acknowledges his bisexuality, which he describes as "something that my children and close friends have always known, but that I knew I would need to discuss in a biography," according to USA Today.