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Talking With Clarkisha Kent, Creator of the Kent Test

Clarkisha Kent is a luminary. She brings clarity with deep, witty, relatable, and educational takes on everything from pop culture casting to what is up with humanity. On this particular winter day, Clarkisha Kent was enjoying a balmy afternoon in L.A. I will never not be geeked she took my call.

Tim Manley on Season Three of “The Feels”

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with co-creator, co-director, writer, and star of web series "The Feels," Tim Manley. 2019 will see a new season of the web series.

Tim Manley Brings Kindness and Community In Web Series “The Feels”

"The Feels" has taken on bi erasure, our relationships with our parents, being a butch queer woman who sleeps with men, and more, all through a loving lens. I recently had the opportunity to speak with co-creator, co-director, writer, and star of “The Feels,” Tim Manley.

5 Years Later: What Has Changed Since The New York Times “Scientific Quest to Prove Bisexuality Exists”

Five years ago the New York Times magazine published an article titled "The Scientific Quest to Prove Bisexuality Exists." explores what has changed since then.

Are All Vampires Bi?

Where did the sexy vampire come from? Were they always bi? And what about "Twilight"?

Evan Slash Reed Peterson Is Bringing Us Queer Self-Care Daily contributor SB Swartz talks to Evan Slash Reed Peterson about their daily self-care routines and how we can all integrate self-care into our lives.

Introducing The Ramirez Test

With more films and programmes claiming to represent bi people, how can we measure potency of bi characters?

Fall Into This Bi Playlist

The leaves are turning and so are the records. So here’s your playlist of bi tunes for Fall! Heat up some cider, get in a comfy sweater and turn the music UP.

10 Bisexual Character Costume Ideas

Halloween is coming! Why not celebrate by going as one of these bi-tastic characters?

Lucy & La Mer’s Lucy, On Being A Bi Artist and a Rebel Babe

We talk with Lucy LaForge about coming out in Billboard magazine and her current projects.

Billboard Pride is Inclusive of Bi Folks and We Are Loving It

Billboard Pride is beating bi erasure and giving us some great music.

For The Love of Fandom: Two Years Later

Two years after Lexa's death in The 100, we check in with fans and talk about the impact that death had on them and the importance of having an awesome bi woman leading this show.

Step Bi Step: What To Do With Your Time When You Finally Get Some “Me Time”

I wanted to leave something for you, dear bi parents. So settle into your bath/bed/bunker: we’re ending on a list of bi friendly ideas that are perfect for “me time.”

Hello To Your 2018 Summer Bi Playlist

So many amazing bi artists, singing so many amazing bi songs; here is the perfect soundtrack to your bi summer!

Which of Your Favorite Bi Characters Are Leaving TV in 2018?

It's time to say goodbye to some of our favorite bi characters on TV. Hopefully, we will be seeing many great new characters coming to us this fall.

The Unicorn Scale: Jane The Virgin

Season 4 of Jane the Virgin gave us not one, but two bi characters!

Favorite Bi Characters In Comedy

The last of our roundup of awesome bi characters. We've done bi drama, bi crime, bi parents, bi sci-fi/fantasy, and now it's time for the list of some of the best bi characters in comedy.

Bi Representation Has Evolved, Now Let’s Keep Up the Momentum

Hollywood's history of bi representation has been pretty bad in the past. How do we make sure that the future looks brighter?

My Favorite Sci Fi and Fantasy Bis

Now it's time for some bi characters that are out of this world, here are my favorite bi characters in science fiction and fantasy television. Did yours make the list?

Step Bi Step: What To Watch While You’re Stuck Under a Baby

This list of bi friendly media was created to have minimal loud noises, engaging premises, and you, dear exhausted parent, in mind.

My Favorite Bi Parent Characters on TV

When you look at queer parenthood, you should see bi people. These were some of my favorites from TV. Did yours make the list?

Why I Won’t Watch The Bachelor or Bachelorette

This show trivializes the institution that straight people are clamoring to stop LGBTQ+ people from destroying, but take a look at this show and you’ll see that the straight community has done a pretty great job at taking down the institution of marriage all on their own.

My Favorite Bi Characters in Drama TV

Old and new, here are some of our favorite bi characters from TV dramas. Who would you add to the list?

B Stands For Badass: Sara Ramirez’s Madam Secretary Character Coming Out As Bi

This weekend Madam Secretary will be introducing another bi character and we are thrilled.

Why Are There “So Many” Bi People on TV Right Now?

Yes, there are more bi characters on TV than there have been in the past, but are there really that many and why the sudden increase?

My Favorite Crime and Mystery Solving Bi Characters

Who's your favorite crime fighting, murder solving bi? Here are ours.

The Unicorn Scale: Call Me By Your Name

The Unicorn Scale is getting ready for the Oscars with a peek at Call Me By Your Name.

Let’s Celebrate Janelle Monáe’s Newest Bi Anthem

If you haven't seen it yet, watch it. If you have, watch it again. Janelle Monae's amazing new music video shows us the joy of being bi.

Here Come The Oscars 2018!

Who are your favorite award winning bi writers, directors, and actors? What's your favorite queer themed film? And who are you rooting for next Sunday?

The Unicorn Scale: Grace and Frankie

This week The Unicorn Scale takes a peek at Netflix's "Grace and Frankie".

Hooray For Bi Representation. Now Say the Word!

Black Mirror and other popular shows are finally giving us bi characters, so why won't they say the word?

What I Watched, Heard, and Felt To Get Through 2017

2017 has been a struggle for many of us, here are some of the shows, movies, podcasts that have helped us get through those rough patches.

The Year 2017 in Bi TV

This year, tv gave us many bi characters. Who is your favorite?

The Unicorn Scale: Godless

This week, The Unicorn Scale takes a gander at "Godless" and its collection of great female characters in the wild west.

The Unicorn Scale: Top Gun

Haven't seen "Top Gun" lately? Maybe it's time to take another look, and not just for the volleyball scene.

Bi The Numbers: GLAAD’s Where We Are On TV Report

The numbers are in! GLAAD’s Where We Are On TV report shines an annual light on queer characters making big waves on the small screen.

Good Bi Love: A Bi Perspective on Kevin Spacey

I worry that gay people who condemn Spacey for saying he “chooses” to be gay will then turn around and tell bi folks to just “choose a side” already.

The Unicorn Scale: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Let's talk about Darryl Whitefeather of "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" and how he's "getting bi."

Valkyrie Is Not “Just A Lesbian In College”

When you dance your pretty little (giant?) heart out to Grace Jones, or Demi Lovato, or Lady Gaga, you aren't dancing to the music of “lesbians in college.” You're dancing to music created by some of the greatest bi singers to walk this earth.

The Unicorn Scale: The Bold Type

This Unicorn Scale edition covers my newest, happiest TV obsession – “The Bold Type,” ... This frothy, fashionable, blisteringly smart comedy-drama centers on the adventures of Jane, Sutton, and Kat, three twentysomething women working at Scarlet, a global women’s magazine.

Writing Nuanced Queer Protagonists: A Q&A with Taylor Jenkins Reid, Writer of “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo”

Zachary Zane talks to Taylor Jenkins Reid about her novel "The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo" and its bi protagonist.

My PinkNews Nomination Shows That Bi Activism Matters contributor Lewis Oakley was just nominated as one of PinkNews' Campaigners of the Year. He talks about what this nomination means and how we can all be activists for our community.

The Unicorn Scale: Bob’s Burgers

In preparation for this week's season premiere, The Unicorn Scale takes a peek at Bob's Burgers.

The Unicorn Scale: The Good Place

In preparation for season 2 of "The Good Place" Jennie Roberson takes a look at the slow reveal of Eleanor's (the main character) bisexuality over the course of season 1.

The Unicorn Scale: Empire

This week's Unicorn Scale we look at "Empire" a show that is part King Lear and part Dynasty with a lot of hip hop thrown in. There are also a surprising number of bi characters, let's explore.

In Bud and In Bloom: Bi Heroines In This Summer’s Movies

This summer brought us not one, but two, kick-ass bi heroines! Lorraine Broughton and Diana Prince both showed us that bi ladies definitely belong on the big screen.

A Night At A Bi Visibility Cabaret

We Bi+ people are so easily made invisible, we need to create visibility, to show up, to hold space for each other. We need to loudly and proudly make it known that we are Bi+ and not ashamed and not afraid.

The Unicorn Scale: Appropriate Behavior

This week I was sick to death of watching shows with bi characters who never ever said the word bi, so I decided to sit down and watch "Appropriate Behavior." If you too are sick to death of bi erasure and bi invisibility, check out this awesome movie written, directed, and starring a real life bi woman about a bi woman!

Wonder Woman: Still Bi, Still Invisible

Soon after the lights dimmed, we were introduced to the queer woman paradise that is Themyscira. Now, I’m pretty sure there was not a queer person in any theatre that thought just because this is a women-only island, nothing sexual was going down.

The Unicorn Scale: Frida

In honor of Frida Kahlo's birthday, The Unicorn Scale takes a look at Julie Taymor's 2002 biopic, Frida.

The Unicorn Scale: Imagine Me and You

This week The Unicorn Scale's guest writer, SB, takes us back to 2005 and the romantic comedy, "Imagine Me and You".

The Bi Line: Already Missing Sense8’s Amazing Queer Representation

There’s nothing wrong with queer sex. It’s not gross or abominable. Sense8 showed it can be can be beautiful, and yes, even celebrated.

The Unicorn Scale: Some Like It Hot

In honor of Marilyn Monroe's birthday, The Unicorn Scale decided to revisit one of my all time favorite movies, "Some Like It Hot." Yes, it was made in 1959, but it was surprisingly progressive and still plays very well today.

Let “Gay” be Bi

With what character do you ache to relate, and perhaps already do? It’s okay to feel the bi vibes and embrace them. It's okay to read these characters as bi, who would know better than you what it means to be bi.

The Unicorn Scale: Outlander

This week The Unicorn Scale tackles the time traveling extravaganza, "Outlander".
Content Warning: This article discusses sexual assault and sexual violence

The Unicorn Scale: Chewing Gum

This week The Unicorn Scale looks at the hilarious comedy, "Chewing Gum," specifically the episode "The Unicorn." 'Cause how could we resist?

Lady Gaga’s Bright Bi Star Keeps Shining

Happy birthday, Lady Gaga! Thanks for being one of the very few bi celebrities to actually #SayBisexual. Instead of sneakily hiding behind a "no labels" comment, your transparent example has inspired millions to openly show their #BiPride!

How Rave Culture Helped Me Embrace My Bisexuality

Rave culture's openness and acceptance is a large part of why I was able to come out as bi. It's why I quit trying to be someone else's idea of “normal” and just started being myself.

She Kissed a Girl, But Is She Bi?

The Bi Line tackles Katy Perry's speech at the Human Rights Campaign Gala

Bi and Trans at a Play Party

Bi was a word I thought couldn’t include me because of my gender and attraction. I was wrong. Bi has more than enough room for nonbinary genders and nonbinary attraction. Bi includes me.

The Unicorn Scale: Velvet Goldmine

This week we dive into Todd Haynes' 1998 Glam Rock extravaganza "Velvet Goldmine."

Finding Myself in Frank Ocean’s “Chanel”

Frank Ocean is a beacon of visibility for folks who are attracted to more than one gender. His music and words have helped me, and I’m sure thousands of others like me, by showing me that I’m not alone.

Bi People Have Yet to Rise

Where was bisexuality in ABC's "When We Rise"?

I am Bi and I Used to Be Biphobic

It’s an odd thing to say – that I used to discriminate against other bi folks. But I did. I didn’t think bisexuality was sound or valid. That’s how I was taught. And I was taught wrong.

Welcome to The Unicorn Scale: Black Sails

Welcome to The Unicorn Scale where we will be talking about the quality of bi representation in various shows, films, and books. First up is Starz's "Black Sails."

I’m Bisexual and I Have Anxiety and I’m Not Alone

I am bi and I struggle with an anxiety disorder. Now, although I have grown to understand and accept both of these facts, they remain strange and oftentimes unfathomable to others.

What’s So Funny About Bisexuality?

Bisexual characters are the butt of jokes in Hollywood and we’re not laughing.

How Anais Nin Reminded Me There’s No One Right Way to Be Bi

The writings of Anais Nin were a huge part of my awakening as a young woman. Today, on Anais Nin's birthday, I am reminded that orientation is about so much more than physical attraction. And that there's no one right way to be bisexual.

Evan Rachel Wood’s HRC Speech is Just One Reason She’s My Bi Hero

[Evan Rachel Wood's words] made me feel comforted, and a little less alone. It gave me hope for a new generation of bi kids, who would hopefully see people like her and feel a little less alone, too.

The Bi Line: Lady Gaga Rocks the Super Bowl

If nothing else, Gaga's example proved to hundreds of millions of people that it is possible to be a woman, a survivor of sexual assault, proudly bisexual, and a superstar.

Navigating Academic Spaces When Bi

Even gender studies classrooms may not be safe spaces. They contain the same biphobic microaggressions that bi folks encounter everywhere else in the world. I hope that somewhere out there, people are beginning to have better experiences.

Study Shows Benefits of Coming Out Bi

“You may not be able to be out in every single space that you’re interacting in, and so my hope is that for bi folks, with the spaces where one can be out, I hope they are able to capitalize on that for their own well-being.”

Tales From Indie Pride in Italy

The more out bi people there are and the more we can connect with one another, the less alone we all feel and the more acceptance we will gain.

4 Ways Roger The Alien Taught Me to be Bi Better

Roger may not be the average person (or alien) you would tell your kid to aspire to be. Nevertheless, there’s something in his pride, his confidence in his sexuality, and his brutal honesty that is inspiring to me.

Thank You David Bowie for Reminding Us It’s Okay to Be Weird

David Bowie's life reminds us to have fun. Go for it, it's okay to be weird. In fact it's awesome to be weird.

Bi Book Club 2017

I thought it would be fun to make a "bi book club" list. I figured I'd draw on my knowledge and that of my friends to create a book of the month list and then we could all read through them together.

Bisexuality in 2016: a Recap

There was so much to celebrate in 2016, and hopefully the new year will bring even more.

5 Gift Ideas for Your Bi Bestie

Bi folks are of course people and love all the gifts that people love, but here are some extra awesome gift options for the bi people in your life.

The Year 2016 in Bi TV

This holiday season, when you need a break from family and all that holiday cheer, why not check out some of these bi TV characters of 2016?

Supernatural’s Scariest Monster: Bi Erasure

With season 12 of “Supernatural” already underway, many fans are asking, “Is Dean ever going to come out of the closet?”

Self Care For Bi People: Election Edition

This election week, remember: check in with yourself, be kind to yourself, and most importantly: take care.

4 Ways Bi Representation on TV Can and Should Be Better

GLAAD's annual media report shows that there are more bi characters on TV, unfortunately they are mostly evil or dead. We need more and better bi characters.

4 Ways Porn Perpetuates Misconceptions About Bisexuality

These four tropes in bisexual porn seem to encompass the vast majority of videos tagged as "bisexual".

Bi Erasure and Biphobia: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Please, non-bisexual people, don’t erase my sexuality. We exist, and we deserve respect and acknowledgement like everyone else.

Yay for Bi Visibility: Our 11 #iamBi Contest Winners!

Thanks to all the folks who shared their stories. It is wonderful to know that our community is so large, so diverse, and so proud!

Bi Visibility at the White House!

In honor of Bi Week and Bi Visibility Day, the White House hosted a Bi Community Briefing with members of the bi community.

15 Great Tweets from #BiWeek

Throughout the week members and supporters of the bi+ community made us laugh out loud, provided opportunities for enrichment, and gave us even more reason to celebrate. Let’s take a look at some of #BiWeek in tweets!

Bi and Mighty

Happy Bi Visibility Day 2016! Here are some things we'd like to see accomplished before many more Bi Visibility Days have passed. What's on your Bi Wish List?

The Bisexual Warriors of the “Gay” Movement

This Bi Week we are celebrating some of the many bi activists who have been instrumental in the LGBT rights movement.

4 Postitive Ways Freddie Mercury Challenged the World

Freddie Mercury was never afraid of challenging society’s sexual and gender expectations.

10 Timeless Movie Kisses

Sometimes the Hollywood kiss bores me. It doesn’t reflect my life or my experiences. So here is a list of kisses from fantastic films I love, films that don’t follow that very familiar, very dominant narrative.

Some Disney Star Came Out as Bisexual. Who Cares?

This week, Bella Thorne came out as bisexual in the chillest way possible, causing an outpouring of love on Twitter. Coming out is about being real, honest, genuine. It isn't just private "bedroom stuff." It affects our romantic and social lives a great deal. If someone doesn't care about all that, that's sad.

Finding Community at Comic-Con

When I asked Tara Avery how she became involved in bi activism, her answer was simple. “I just showed up.”

Live From Hall B: Bi Representation Thrives at Comic-Con

It was a stellar weekend for bi visibility at the 2016 Comic-Con. Clarkes and Constantines descended upon CA, and we’ve got your bi+ round up right here.

Hey Hollywood: Beam Me Up for Bi Sulu!

Let’s do this. Let's boldly go where no one in the Star Trek universe has gone before. Let's say bisexual.

How My Bisexuality is a Privilege

I want to focus on why I love being bisexual. Why it is not only a blessing, but a privilege that I was able to discover my (bi)sexuality. And even if I was magically presented the option to press a button and turn either gay or straight, I would never, in a million years, change my sexual orientation.

Missing Annalise Keating? Our Favorite Bi Characters You Can Stream Right Now

Missing your most-loved bi characters while they’re on summer break? Check out some of our favorite bi characters available with subscription right now!

#StillBisexual Takes Our Stories to the Big Screen!

Despite the fact that bisexual people are the majority of the LGBT population, bi people and their stories are often conspicuously absent from most LGBT festivals. Fortunately, not this time!

Our Favorite Bi Characters of the 2015-16 Season

Let’s hear it for the Bis! We’re celebrating some of our favorite bisexual characters of the 2015-16 tv season. Are yours on the list?

Not A Match: Dating Site Erases Bisexuality (You Know…Again)

Two decades in, one of the oldest online dating sites still doesn’t recognize bisexuality as a valid sexual orientation.

Bi at the Brooklyn Museum!

Music has been a huge part of my coming out process. Singing live about my experiences has helped me realize just how many like-minded people there out there.

Self Care for Bi People: Taking the Care You Need

In our last post on self care, we reviewed barriers to self care for the bisexual community. With that acknowledged and in mind, today let’s focus on how we can take care of ourselves.

The Long Fight for Bi Inclusion

When earlier this year, Huffington Post’s Gay Voices changed their name to Queer Voices, it was another victory in the long fought battle for bi inclusion, yet it re-awoke ongoing questions and concerns about name changes.

For the Love of Fandom: Bierasure and #LGBTFansDeserveBetter

Saying that Clarke being with a man is a bad thing because he is a man—no matter the context—is biphobic.

Clarke Griffin, Bisexual: CW’s The 100 and Dystopian Future at Its Finest

In modern pop culture the only indicator of bisexuality is behavior. Beyond even that, we can’t assume the character will stay that way. In reality we know bisexuality is in and of itself valid and not a phase.

Is Bisexuality Increasingly in the Public Consciousness?

The orientation (and the people who represent it) have gone from being ignored and actively erased by the media to being part of society's grand narrative.

The Power of Us: #StillBisexual

"Maybe if people could understand that for many of us being bisexual is a permanent not transitional identity, then there was a potential that we could be understood.”

OUT Magazine Totally Gaywashed Luke Skywalker! Why?

A fan tweeted Mark Hamill to ask if Luke "was bisexual." The actor's reply was very thoughtful. OUT Magazine's headline about the tweet, however - not so much.

Bi, Pan, Omni, Poly, Fluid, NoLabel, etc. = #oneofus

My intention with the #oneofus project is to give bi people something or someone to relate to.

Stop Erasing Bisexuality

Bisexual activist Nicole Kristal has a message for journalists and politicians who leave the B out of LGBT.

Ian McKellen’s Character on “Vicious” Displays Unfortunate Biphobia

In an episode of British comedy Vicious, character Freddie Thornhill, as played by Ian McKellen, dismissed the very idea of bisexuality.

Progress Isn’t Linear: Bisexuality in Film

It’s only in the last few years that we’ve begun to see bisexual characters represented as calmly as Queen Christina was 80 years ago.

WATCH: HuffPost Live Discusses Groundbreaking Bisexual Study

Two groundbreaking polls released last week prove what we already know – bisexuality exists and more people see themselves as bi than ever before.

5 Reasons Celebrities Should Embrace the ‘B’ Word

It's time for people to get comfortable saying the word bisexual.

Bisexual ‘Beautiful Mind’ Math Genius Dies with Wife in Car Crash

John Forbes Nash, the brilliant mathematician who inspired the movie “A Beautiful Mind,” died in a car accident on Saturday, May 23, 2015, with his wife. Although many books and biographies called Nash bisexual, or homosexual, the Princeton professor denied such labels

Bisexual Actor Stephen Fry Fights Homophobia, See the Series Here

Stephen Fry, an openly bisexual actor, who is married to a man in Great Britain, has released on You Tube a dramatic series that fights homophobia called “Out There.”

Spoiler Alert: ‘D Train’ Takes Bisexual Attraction all the Way

There’s a much-discussed sex scene between handsome James Marsden (who plays a bisexual actor) and Jack Black (a heterosexual schlub who can’t forget their one-time liaison).

Should Bi Guy Tell Fiancee that he Fooled Around with Her Dad?

"Are you for real? If so, life truly is stranger than fiction," that's what the columnist responds at first.

Bi Boy Whips it Out and Gets Applause

It's a happy ending that doesn't always happen when someone comes out as bisexual.

Bi Men Don’t Need to Hide Anymore

There's a group that is safe for bi men to experience healthy touching.

Bisexual Characters on Broadway takes a look at "10 Lesbian and Bisexual Characters on Broadway." That doesn't mean the actors and actresses are bisexual, but their characters are.

Bisexual Dogs? Have a Little Chuckle Today

The headline was shocking enough, and at first, it may come across as a bit of stereotypical, but it's meant i good fun, so we're sharing it.

Bi Guy Khafre Abif Tells His Story of Living with HIV

He worked with the gay and lesbian community as an open bisexual through much of the 1990s and 2000s. Now, Khafre K. Abif is part of the Human Rights Campaign to have people with HIV tell their stories, and he's one of the few longtime bisexuals.

Jennifer Aniston’s Bisexual Character Considered Among Most Offensive of 2014

The mean-spirited over-sexed character of Julia played by Jennifer Aniston in the comedy Horrible Bosses 2 was so horrible that it made GLAAD's top five in "Most Offensive Movies of 2014."

First Experience at a Gay Bar?

There's a fascinating thread from David and his WickedGayBlog. David is a 40-something Boston-based blogger who has had more action on his latest Question of the Day than any other.

Bisexual Punishment is Particularly Harsh in Saudi Arabia

Men who are married in Saudi Arabia who are found guilty will be stoned to death. But, an unmarried man caught in a homosexual act will be punished with 100 lashes and banishment for a year.

What is Bi ‘American Idol’ Crystal Bowersox Up to Now?

American Idol's Crystal Bowersox came out as bisexual in 2014. The Ohio native was competing in the night season when Lee DeWyze won.

BiJacked: Bisexuals Strike Back Against Inaccurate Reporting

A noteworthy panel of well-known bisexuals discussed the misrepresentation of certain mainstream media and how bisexuality is incorrectly portrayed.

Dan Savage Speaking Well about Bisexuality

Gay writer and journalist Dan Savage has been, well, savaged by bisexuals in the past for saying that bisexuals don't exist. But, he's changed his tune on that, and realizes that he contributed in the past to bi erasure and is against that.

Bisexual Husbands Explored in ‘Gracie & Frankie’ Sitcom

Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda will be portraying women who have two bisexual husbands who are in love with each other.

Dear Prudence Misinformed About Bisexuality

Slate advice columnist Emily Yoffe, better known as Dear Prudence, responded to a bisexual reader’s question about coming out by telling her to stay closeted.

10 Fights Lesbian and Bisexual Girl Couples Get Into is putting up another funny list. This time, it's 10 fights that lesbians and bisexual women get into.

A Wanton Pairing of #Drarry Was Just an April Fool’s Joke

Is Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy in a bisexual love affair? Of course we know Harry has hetero leanings, but even the Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling wrote that Harry was “rapidly becoming obsessed with Draco Malfoy” in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

A Chat with Bisexual Multimedia Artist Vivek Shraya

Shraya is currently on a west coast tour with authors Amber Dawn and Leah Horlick. Here’s Shraya’s conversation with Bi Magazine. Read all of Bi Magazine's Q & A interview.

More Millennials Identify as BLGT as Any Other Time

About double the percentage of youth identify as bisexual, gay, lesbian or transgender than they did only four years ago, according to a study from the Public Religion Research Institutrp_FB-1-300x300.jpge.

Bisexual Students Get Extra Credit at University of Wisconsin

At the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee a teaching assistant put out an email that offers extra credit to students—but only if they’re bisexual. Unfortunately, the right-wing conservative Campus Reform is making an issue about the extra credit and calling it discriminatory.

Why Are All the Good Bi Girls Married?

The provocative online magazine recently compiled the most out female celebs who are bisexual. Some you may not know.

Is Bugs Bunny Bisexual?

Is the randy cartoon rabbit swinging both ways?

Aussie Singer Portrays Bisexual Hustler in Seductive Video

Australian-born Londoner Josef Salvat is starring as a bisexual hustler in one of the most erotic videos to come out these days.

Bisexual Short Film ‘Character’ Wins Major Award

A movie about an urban fantasy that takes the audience into an intriguing journey of BLGT issues, with a lot of bisexuality, won a prestigious award for short films this week.

A Shift in Sexual Identities in Early Adulthood is Tied to Depression

A major study shows that people whose sexual identities changed toward same-sex attraction in early adulthood reported more symptoms of depression.

Bi Author Cecilia Tan Explains Bi Sci-Fi

It's an intriguing question for science fiction fans who understand the history of bisexual characters in this specialized genre.

As Bisexual Health Month Ends, Listen to 2 Experts Speak

Listen to a radio interview about Bisexual Health Awareness Month.

How Many of the Rockers Are Bi?

How many of the Advocate's 18 LGBT rockers are bi? You may not be surprised.

Biscuit Writer Suggests Creating a BiDar

Feminist writer Valarie Clark-Neff from Columbus, Ohio has a humorous article in the UK website.

Washington D.C.’s Center Bi Needs Donations

Center Bi, the only bisexual organization that is hosted at a BLGT center in the country, is seeking funds for educational material and outreach. They are trying to make $3,000 in donations before their Pride Festival, and so far have more than $200.

British reality show waits for James Lock to come out as bi

One of the UK's hottest scripted reality shows, The Only Way is Essex (or TOWIE for those in the know) is waiting for a cliffhanger that may be answered Sunday night to see if handsome hunk James Lock on the show is bisexual.

Nearly 30 Percent of Missouri Bisexual Women Live in Poverty

A survey found that almost 30 percent of bisexual women and 23 percent of lesbian women live in poverty compared to 20 percent of heterosexual women.

Bi Governor Makes it Easier to Vote, Ends Reparative Therapy and More

Read all the things the out bi politician has done for her state so far.

HRC Says Bi Women Forgotten in Health Stats

There are a lot of statistics that need to be improved, particularly ones involving bi women.

Bi Youth Opinion Piece Highlights Bi Erasure

Thoughtful piece by a bisexual youth explores bisexual erasure.

Provocative Bi Play ‘Cock’ Opens in Colorado

The provocative play about bisexuality opens in a small theater company in Colorado.

Bisexual Erasure and Vivek Shraya Featured on PBS Series

The PBS Digital YouTube series First Person with host Kristin Russo explores bisexual erasure.

Jealous Much? Bisexuals Aren’t Any More or Less than Others

A study released late last year shows that bisexual men and women aren't any more or less jealous about their relationships than anyone else.

Teen Fiction: The Brain of an Anxious Bisexual

A new edgy teen fiction story is posted on Wattpad.

Gay and Bi Couples Can Adopt in Florida

It will be easier for gay and bi parents to adopt now that Florida is starting to get rid of an obsolete law.

Denise Penn is Profiled by OC Weekly

Denise is profiled by her local paper about her activism.

Sneak Peek of HBO’s Bisexual ‘Bessie’

The HBO movie "Bessie" of bisexual blues legend Bessie Smith has a sneak peek on You Tube (see above).

Bi Folk Marching in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Boston

Bisexual Army Veteran Cliff Arnesen shared this intriguing photograph of the early days of marching in the St. Patrick's Day Parade in South Boston.

Is the B of LGBT the Jan Brady of the Bunch?

Are we the Jan Brady of the LGBT movement?

Bijacked: Bisexuals Strike Back Against Inaccurate Reporting

A fascinating panel on bi media this weekend.

Bisexual Angel Haze Helps Mom Deal with Bi Daughter in ‘Truce’

Bisexual rapper Angel Haze is starring in "Truce" and helping out a bi girl get accepted by her mom.

Harley Quinn is Another Bisexual Comic Book Character

Move over Catwoman, the bisexuality headlines as far as comic book characters will have to be shared by a new bi character, "Harley Quinn."

What Are the Best Sites and Apps for Bi People?

Do you have any suggestions for this?

Lead Character in ‘The 100’ is 100 Percent Bisexual

'The 100' saw the lead female character kiss a girl.

The New Journal of Bisexuality Explores Education

The new Journal of Bisexuality is out! The new Journal of Bisexuality is out!

Bisexuality in the new James Bond movie? Maybe

Monica Bellucci, who just turned 50, is being coy about the rumored bisexuality of her character in the upcoming James Bond thriller, "Spectre."

All-Female Othello Plans to Break Bi Boundaries

The bisexual Bard's masculine play 'Othello' will now be done by a group of ladies.

She’s More Than an Iranian Bisexual

Desiree Akhavan became known as the "Iranian bisexual" at the Sundance Film Festival.

Nominees for the 2015 Lambda Literary Awards in the Bisexual Categories

Famous bisexual names, and longtime bisexual activists are in the mix in the eight nominees for the Bisexual Categories in the prestigious Lambda Literary Awards.

Calling all Bisexual Writers, Want to Play?

The Association of Writers and Writing Programs (or AWP Conference) is being held in Minneapolis this April, and some bi activists are looking for a few good writers.

Closeted Gay Youth Finds Dad on Grindr

A gay teen who has a homophobic father, found out that his dad was using the gay hookup app Grindr.

Holy Ca-taclysm, Batman, Catwoman is Bisexual!

In another first for the comic book world, DC Comics favorite feline foil, Catwoman, whose name is Selina Kyle, is coming out as bisexual in the next issue of the series.

Irvine Welsh’s Book Features Bisexual Fitness Trainer

In The New York Times book review section on Sunday, a review by Sloan Crosley detailed the protagonist of a new book, The Sex Lives of Siamese Twins.

March Blows in as Bisexual Health Awareness Month

The bisexual community has dubbed March as Bisexual Health Awareness Month (BHAM). Beginning March 2, there will be a concerted effort to get the word out about bi-specific health issues, with new incentives and informational drives every week.

How Mr. Spock Helped a Bi Kid Learn How to Fit In

A personal look at how a budding bisexual kid identified with Mr. Spock, and later got to tell Leonard Nimoy in person.

Colorblindness Equates to Erasure

An opinion column by Jon Greenberg on Everyday discusses the ways that colorblindness contributes to racism. It's only a tiny step to take that step to homophobia or biophobia.

Bisexual Bessie Smith Biopic Stars Mo’Nique and Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah will be portraying the out, brave and bisexual Bessie Smith in "Bessie" on HBO.

Advocate Op-ed Shines Spotlight on Bi Erasure, too

The has a powerful opinion piece by Jase Peeples that talks about how it matters how people identify in public.

Why Go to This Conference? Well, BECAUSE

BECAUSE is a cool acronym that stands for Bisexual Empowerment Conference, A Uniting Supportive Experience., and they've announced their keynote speakers and theme.

11 Bisexual Girl Problems

No, it's not that bisexual women necessarily have fewer problems dating, maybe it's just more concentrated.

13 Bisexual Guy Problems by Eliel Cruz

Bisexual journalist Eliel Cruz has a funny column discussing the problems that bisexual guys have on dates.

The Year 2000 is the Most Bisexual Oscars (so far)

The most bi Oscar show ever was 2000 when at least 10 of the movies nominated in the various categories had some element of bisexuality.

Bye-bye, Want to Buy it?

Can you afford the most popular bisexual Internet name that's going to be on the market?

Six Bisexual Things about the Film,“The Interview”

There has been a huge amount of controversy surrounding the release of the Columbia Pictures film, ‘The Interview” starring James Franco and Seth Rogan because of the political issues that are part of the script. But even without the international political conflict, there would be plenty to talk about once the movie came out. This buddy-buddy film has a lot of homoerotic moments that are closer than the usual “bro-moments” that you’d see in the “Harold & Kumar” or “Hangover” films.

Bi: The Webseries Episode 1 “Bi-ography” from BiUSTV , “Does being bisexual have to mean dating hell?”

"Does being bisexual have to mean dating hell?" This is what the main character in this new bi webseries, Alex Wagner, asks himself. We're in love with this new, hip web series from BiUSTV.

Two Great Bisexual Books for Your Holiday Gift Giving List

The greatest achievement of Texts is to make us want to read these classics in case we missed any as part of our required reading in school. So, yes, stop looking at your cellphone and read a book! And while you’re at it, check out The Toast; it is a deliciously addictive concoction.

TELEVISION: It’s a Queer World After All

For a generation that grew up on Three’s Company, a 1970s-80s ABC network show that played sexual orientation for cheap laughs, television as the most LGBT-friendly entertainment was unthinkable. The nomination of a transgender actress for an Emmy award (Laverne Cox for her outstanding work in Orange Is The New Black) was something few of us imagined we would live to see. Just this year alone, more than a dozen television shows feature LGBT storylines through their main cast or recurring characters. So many shows and so little time is a welcome conundrum keeping our Tivo® boxes and DVRs working overtime. Online debates among a growing fan base often reach the high pitch of religious fervor. So, dear television viewers, we are (finally) here, we are queer, get used to it!