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Meet Knute

There are so many visible bi people that it can be hard to remember some of the many reasons that some of us choose, or feel obliged, to remain invisible. Knute talks about his reasons.

Meet Jazz

I had had interest in women, but I dismissed it as being socialized. But when I saw a woman perform a very sexy dance and I got an erection, I had proof I was bi.

Meet Ingrid

My first sexual experiences were with other women but they never went ‘too far’ so, at the time, I reframed them in my head as a youthful curiosity.

Meet Heber

I'm not sure I've entirely come to terms with my bisexuality... There's just not much visibility and widespread acceptance of non-straight identities and experiences, and you end up feeling like the odd one out, you feel like maybe you're not really bi.

Meet Ginny

“I mainly feel a sense of embarrassment about coming out to certain people, as well as thinking that it's no one else's business.”

Meet Flip

Like many of us, Flip is worried about losing family and friends if Flip comes out as bi.

Meet Edo

I've told a handful of people that I am bi and each time my heart climbs into my throat and I feel like I can't breathe.

Meet Yan-Tao

Coming out would result in false and negative assumptions about myself and would reflect poorly on my family. I would probably be a pariah, though I usually feel 'apart from' most others anyway.

Meet Aruru

Like many of us, Aruru's conservative family has made it more difficult for her to come out to the world as bi.

Meet Baz

There's more than one way to be bi and there's more than one way to be out, this week "Baz" talks about how he expresses his bisexuality and what is keeping him from being out to the world.

Meet Queenie

When I was fifteen, I developed feelings for a friend of mine, also a girl, which sparked a year-long crisis that I navigated with bad Buzzfeed quizzes and unhelpful blog posts. At sixteen, I got tired of freaking out and accepted that I was bi.

Meet Cat

You might wonder why I stay in a non-affirming church. My answer: if you love something, you fight and advocate to make it better.

Meet Dewi

Like many of us, Dewi is out to close friends and some family, but isn't necessarily interested in shouting his sexuality from the rooftops.

Bi Book Club: Full Service: My Adventures In Hollywood and the Secret Sex Lives of the Stars

Ready for a slightly trashy, totally true, queer summer read? It's time to dive into Scotty Bowers' "Full Service: My Adventures in Hollywood and the Secret Sex Lives of the Stars".

Meet Xinyi

We all have our own process when we come out. For some of us it happens when we're teens, for others it happens after 25 years of marriage.

Meet Vance

Vance is preparing to come out as bi, what has brought him to this point and what is holding him back?

Pride Is Still For You

Bi people frequently feel like they are not welcome at Pride; this is doubly true if they are not totally out. Don't worry, Pride is still for you.

Meet Uma. Uma is in the Closet.

People who deny bisexuality, and even deny queer folk in general exist, love to hear about these doubts we have and try to use these doubts against us. They love to hear about the abuse queer people have gone through and try to use that to explain away our sexuality as if it's some sort of deviancy. Well, it's not. We know it's not. It's the best thing to ever happen to us, our bisexuality.

Meet Thad. Thad is in the Closet.

Finally accepting that I'm bisexual has helped me stop wrestling with my sexual orientation. I'd often be confused about how I could be attracted to guys and girls, because I didn't know what bisexuality was.

Meet Radha. Radha is in the Closet.

“I feel joy and comfort knowing I am not alone in this world..... Everyone is unique and different and I don't want to judge anyone no more.”

Meet Quintin. Quintin Is in the Closet.

“My first experience when I finally realized I was bi/homoflexible, was somewhat exhilarating, and then immediately followed by fear."

Meet Omar. Omar is in the Closet.

"How in the world could I have been bisexual my entire life and not figured it out until I was 48 years old? I can’t be that stupid, can I? I knew in my heart of hearts it was true. It was like all of the pieces of my life had just fallen into place at the same time." - Omar

Meet Max. Max Is In The Closet.

I asked Max about his fear of coming out bi to the world at large. He replied that in the old days it was more about his male ego, whereas now, it's the potential effect on his family that he's worried about.

Meet Nelda. Nelda Is In The Closet.

This week contributor Greg Ward spoke with Nelda, a young bi woman who is very active and out as bi online, but hasn't yet fully come out in her everyday life.

Meet Lulu. Lulu Is In The Closet.

She feels like she belongs in [online bi] groups but sometimes feels like a fraud because she's never had any sexual experiences with women; only with men. “Can I really call myself bisexual?” Lulu asked. “Like, that's something I struggle with sometimes.”

Meet Jessica. Jessica Is In The Closet.

As far as coming to terms with my sexuality, I am currently in a period when I am more attracted to women, and I think to myself, 'Am I maybe gay?' But then I get that familiar feeling that says, 'Nope. Still bi.'

Meet Kelvin. Kelvin Is In The Closet.

What about being bi brings Kelvin the most joy and comfort? “Choice,” He stated. “Being with like-minded people. Love is love.” It certainly is, and it's beautiful.

Meet Iris. Iris Is In The Closet.

I get to love both women and men! It's like, if monosexuality is like black and white TV, then bisexuality and pansexuality is like color. It's so different. There's no way in hell I want to be anything other than bisexual.

Meet Gloria. Gloria Is In The Closet.

Meet Gloria. She is bi and not yet out. Here is her story.

Meet Faye. Faye Is In The Closet.

This week contributor Greg Ward talks to a woman in a very conservative church in a conservative area. Even though coming out isn't simple for her, she still sees the beauty of her bisexuality and how it allows her to perceive and interpret the world differently than her straight counterparts.

Chatting With Bi People Who Are In the Closet

I am grateful. What if we all shared how grateful we are that we are bi? What if we talked about how enriching it is to us? What if, through our stories, the rest of the world can realize we are perfect the way we are as bi people.

Meet Heather. Heather Is In The Closet.

“I have a gift of so many worlds that I should just take it all. How great is this? That when finally I was all, 'I'm bisexual. Oh my gosh, I get to love so many people!'”

Meet Armen. Armen Is In The Closet.

There's something beautiful to be said about being able to just be like the wind; just go where it blows. And I don't have to restrict myself, and nor should I. It's my life and I think life's meant to be enjoyed. You can enjoy anything. I think there would be a lot more bi people out right now if they viewed it like that.

Meet Betty. Betty Is In The Closet.

Betty is currently in a same gender relationship. Very few people know that and the ones who do, don't know that Betty is bi, they know her as a lesbian. She holds on to two secrets tightly.

Meet Stan. Stan Is In The Closet.

Meet Stan, years ago he came out as gay. Later he realized that he was bi, and is now unsure how to come out to his gay community.

Meet Estelle. Estelle is in the Closet.

Today we meet Estelle, a woman who is mostly happy with her own bisexuality, but struggles with how to be out to her conservative social circle.

Meet Doreen. Doreen is in the Closet. contributor, Greg Ward, sat down with a series of bi folks who are not "out" to ask them about their sexuality, their concerns, and why they aren't out. This week we meet Doreen, she used to live a typical Christian American life. Then her husband came out to her as gay and her marriage ended. Now she is coming to terms with her own bisexuality.