#BiVisibility Community Questions: Top Ten Reasons You KNOW You’re Bisexual

#BiVisibility Community Questions: Top Ten Reasons You KNOW You're BisexualWe reached out to our active and AWESOME Facebook community and asked them to tell us HOW they knew they were bisexual. We received hundreds of great comments and here are some of our favorites. You can join us on our Facebook page, Twitter and Instgram by following “Bisexualdotorg”.

1) When the straight community thinks you’re gay and the gay community thinks you’re straight. – Elaine Brockmeier

2) The same way straight people know they are straight. We just have more fun once we figure it out. – Chucky Bardeau

3) You just look at a person and think “damnnn” and it doesnt matter what the gender is. – Sabine Vos

4) When you reach down a persons pants and don’t care what you find! – Gabe Adams

5) I can love the person, not their genitals. But I really enjoy genitals. – Rachel Lynn Clark

6)  I fall in love with the heart and soul of a person not their gender. – Bekki Verheyden-meek

7) Cause I look at girls the same way I look at guys and always have. – Stephanie Wendland-Horn

8)  I had a dream that I kissed a girl and I liked it. Everyone figures it out in their own way. – Caitlyn Lumgair

9)  Being attracted not only physically but emotionally to both genders. – Mikayla Armstrong

10) You just know. You grow up not knowing the name, but you like both genders the same. Once you learn there is actually a name for it then life seems to fall into place a little more. You know you are bi before you even know what being bi is. – Christianne DeBiasi

Lisa Peyton