Fifteen #Bisexual Resolutions for 2015: Be Bisexual and Proud

A few weeks ago we asked our Facebook community#Bisexual Resolutions for 2015: Be Bisexual and Proud to share their new year’s resolutions with us. We were impressed with the wide range of responses and wanted to share them with you. We’re always here to help support you in achieving your goals throughout the new year!

1) Keep being who I am and being happy about it. – Milagros F.
2) To never change who I am for people and be myself…and find someone who loves me for who I am. – Imogen W.
3) Keep working out and get my new job at a vet clinic. – Diana Rabadan
4) Opening up more and working on being a better me. – Mikayla Armstrong
5) To stop thinking that being bi makes me special…it’s my sexuality, not my definition. – Kandi S.
6) To raise my child in an environment where she knows that it’s OK to be herself and not be scared to express herself. – Sosy D.
7) To be the BEST! – Theo T.
8) To not set unrealistic goals and to take realistic steps forward to any goal. – Jan S.
9) Same as always. – survive. – Ashe N.
10) To love deeper, express my feelings, and make more friends. – Mekia C.
11) Love, love love. – Cristyne B.
12) To just do it. – Rachael T.
13) Stay single. – Nadia M.
14) To finally fully come out to my family. To be the me I know I am instead of being who others want me to be. – Amber L.
15) Not to have any resolutions. – Sidney T.

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Lisa Peyton