Bisexual Journals

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Journal of BisexualityJournal of Bisexuality

The Journal of Bisexuality, published by Taylor & Francis, is the first quarterly to publish both professional articles and serious essays on bisexuality and its meaning for the individual, the community, and society. The Journal is ideal for both academic and public libraries that want to offer their patrons the latest research on the topic of bisexuality. Articles are peer-reviewed and frequently come from inter- and multi- disciplinary perspectives. Sponsored by the American Institute of Bisexuality (AIB), the journal covers a wide range of topics on bisexuality including: new bisexual research, bisexual issues in therapy, differences from the heterosexual, lesbian and gay communities, growth of bisexual movement, bisexuality and the media, bisexual history, and different bisexual lifestyles.

The Journal of Bisexuality can be found by clicking this link.



BiJou, the bisexual journal produced by the German Bisexual Network (BiNe), has been in print since 1994.  The subject, style, quality and scope of the articles in BiJou vary widely. There are political issues, theoretical issues, reports from around the world, reports from various bi-groups, reports from the BiNe-meetings, interviews with bisexuals, short stories, articles about movies, music and books, funny stuff like horoscopes and so on.  The fine people at BiNe have recently been producing an English version of BiJou in addition to its native German version.

The BiJou can be found in both German and English by clicking this link.



Bi Community Journal

 Bi Community News

Bi Community News, also known as BCN, is Britain’s best-selling bisexual magazine and has been giving voice to the bi community since 1995.  With a new issue out every two months, BCN offers a big dollop of news, opinion and community information about bi life across the UK.

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