#BiBlog Fan Post: What Are Bisexuals Thankful For This Holiday Season?

#BiBlog Fan Post: What Are Bisexuals Thankful for This Holiday Season?We are THANKFUL for our thriving Facebook community now over 100,000 members strong! We asked YOU what you were most thankful for this year and these were some of our favorites.

We hope that everyone celebrated Thanksgiving in their own way and found something to be thankful for!

Our Facebook fans are thankful for:

A supportive family, good meal, good health and for the advances that we’ve made for equality and acceptance.  – Andy Humphrey

Life and my community. – Patricia Gaebel

My children and family. – Thea Ranney

The hard work our community is doing today and for the activists who make it happen. – John Clark

For all the people who are always there for me, especially my loving family. – Jam Bautista

Waking up everyday. – JM Villegas

Being who I want to be and thankful to be me. – UniqueNike Crith

For everything. – Albert Capistrano

Life in general as it is always too short! – Marko Hardhead

My appreciation of both sexes. – Ann Njung’e

Grateful for having the courage to walk away from social conformity and the family and friends who supported me. – Suzie Holland

The people in my life that accept my sexuality. – Phierce Phanatic

I am most thankful to be myself without fear – FREEDOM! – Deborah Arena

Having friends and family who don’t try and change me and living in a community that doesn’t care if I’m bi. – Sosy Dirks

My ex dumping me. Dodged a bullet on that one! – Darian Booth

Being pansexual and being able to be me. – Samara Shope

Grateful for being able to accept my bisexuality…because I’m being true to myself. – Cheryl Martin

Being who I am, and not what others want me to be! – Kim Fox

I am most thankful for being able to live honestly and authentically as myself. – Staci Rangel

My dog Mana! – Avikal Browning

Lisa Peyton