Lesson Plan – What’s Your BiQ?

Published in Volume 8, Issue 3 of the American Journal of Sexuality Education (July 2013), the topic of bisexuality and discussion of bisexual individuals is sorely lacking from discussions about human sexuality. This lesson plan brings visibility to the invisible. Helping educators and students become more aware of bisexuality can help them become more savvy about working with diverse issues around sexuality, especially as they relate to sexual orientation. This lesson plan will address myths about people who are bisexual. Participants will become familiar with the Klein Sexual Orientation Grid and learn how to use it to understand bisexuality as dynamic and multifaceted.

The lesson plan is downloadable in PDF format at this link.

The associated worksheet (The Klein Grid) is downloadable in PDF format at this link. ┬áNote, the worksheet works best when printed, 2-sided, on 11×17 paper and then folded in half like a booklet, leaving all the questions in the inside 2 pages.