B Stands For Badass: Sara Ramirez’s Madam Secretary Character Coming Out As Bi



Exciting news hit the e-stands today for fans of Sara Ramirez, political dramas, and bi people (that’s right, everyone.) Ramirez, who previously portrayed Dr. Callie Torres on Grey’s Anatomy, is keeping primetime bisexual with her character’s official coming out on this week’s Madam Secretary. Ramirez joined the cast as Kat Sandoval in late 2017, which wasn’t the only happy bi news for the show last year. Head back to The Year 2017 In Bi TV to revisit personal assistant Blake Moran coming out to his boss as bisexual. If, like me, you loved seeing Moran “screw up his courage, use all the words, and have it met with a hug, an acceptance without need for explanation” then you will fall head over heels for the absolute realness of Ramirez-as-Sandoval’s coming out conversation with their colleague.

Check out the exclusive clip at Entertainment Weekly and have your popcorn ready for Madam Secretary Sundays 10/9c on CBS.

Are you a fellow bi parent excited to see Kat Sandoval talk parenting-while-bi on screen? Oh, have you come to the right place. Join me monthly as we figure this parenting thing out together, Step Bi Step.

SB Swartz
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