Are Bi People All Polyamorous?


Short answer: no.  The common myth that all bi people are polyamorous probably stems from the mistaken belief that a person must always (and at all times) be in a relationship with a woman and a man simultaneously in order to qualify as bisexual.  But, when you think about it, that’s obviously absurd.  Are straight people required to be in a relationship in order to identify as straight?  How about gay people?  Of course not.

Bi folks can be monogamous, too.  There are lots and lots of monogamous bi people.

Under the Veil, Cat from Wales

“Under the Veil,” by Cat from Wales

What makes us bisexual is the fact that we can be attracted to more than one gender, whether we act upon those attractions or not.  It’s not like we’re legally obligated to act upon every attraction we experience.  Can you imagine how weird the world would be if we were?

Bi people come in many varieties, just like gay and straight people.  Some bi folks are single, some are monogamous, some are polyamorous, and some are celibate.  In order to illustrate the diversity of the bi experience, we decided to ask our readers a simple question.  As we expected, readers are as diverse a group as any when it comes to representing the many wonderful varieties of relationships available to people of any sexual orientation:

So, Are Bi People All Polyamorous? :












Well, there you have it.  Bi people are a diverse lot.  So, no, we are not all polyamorous.  But we sure are colorful!   Just like everyone else.

#SomeBisArePoly #SomeBisAreNot

Who’d have thought?  😉

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