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To be bisexual, does a person have to be with a man and a woman at the same time?

In a word – no. To be bisexual just means your attractions are not limited to one sex. Relationship status or even lifelong celibacy do not change the sexuality of a straight, gay, or lesbian person.  A bisexual person’s sexuality is just as resilient as anyone else’s.


Bisexuality is about feelings, not actions. I'm a bisexual woman who hasn't even dated another woman. Instead, the first person to fall in love with me back was a man. We're married and monogamous.

But I'm still bisexual, because feeling aroused by somebody is involuntary.


Of course not. Right now I have a girlfriend and a boyfriend but that wasn't always the case. At times I dated women exclusively, at times just men. And yes, at times, like now, both. Just because you're attracted to a gender doesn't mean you'll meet someone of that gender to date. I may like blondes, or people with blue eyes, or tall people, it doesn't mean I'll find one. The same with bisexuals, we may like men and women but I might not find someone.


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