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Is bisexuality all about having sex?

Of course not. Everyone’s sexuality is about far more than genital stimulation. Emotional fulfillment, bonding, mutual support, companionship, friendship, and LOVE are all key elements of sexuality.


Nothing is "all about having sex". If sex were all there was to a relationship in a movie, most of the audience would be either bored or turned off. A sexual identity is about who you want to romance. Romance does not equal sex. Romance is who you want to hear laugh, who you want to give valentines to and breakfast in bed and comfort when they're crying. Who you want to write songs and poetry for. In the movies, what gets audiences excited isn't sex, it's sexual tension. Two people meet, they're interested in each other as people, they feel compelled to protect and get to know the person. There's seduction and flirting. Sex is practically an afterthought, a mere confirmation that the events that came before were real, had meaning.

In real life, also, sex is the thing that takes up the least time. Eating meals, snuggling, talking, and sleeping take up most of our time as human beings, never mind having to work for a living. Who we're happy to do those things with as adults is shaped by our sexual identity.

When a person's entire relationship with someone hinges on sex, most people would agree that's not healthy or fulfilling. There has to be something more to stay with somebody. That's true of everybody.


No, bisexuality isn't all about sex. It's about being attracted to both genders. And possibly getting feelings for both genders romantically.


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