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How do I know if I am bisexual?

A bi person has the capacity for romantic and/or sexual attraction to more than one gender.  If you honestly feel you meet that criteria, it is likely you are bisexual. As a bi person, you do not have to feel the same kind or intensity of attraction to all genders.  There is nothing for you to prove, nothing to consummate, no requirement to “maintain” your bisexuality. Understanding and acknowledging your own sexuality is a personal process and is about living with integrity and being true to yourself.


I didn't instantly know I was bisexual. Through middle school and high school, I thought I was a lesbian. Then, in my very first college class, I fell in love with my husband. It was a terrible irony. I'd been fighting with my mom over my sexual identity, because she didn't believe me. Then I fall in love with a guy and appear to prove her right. But then, six months into dating my future husband, I got a crush on a girl in my Astronomy class! So I was right after all. Right both times. Yes to women, and yes to men. The word for that is "bisexual".


If you are attracted to more than one gender, the likelihood is you are bisexual.

I never knew bisexuality existed in my earlier teen years, so I thought I was straight because I knew I was attracted to guys, but did also have these feelings for women.

At 16, I finally realised I was bisexual and came out.


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