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Do bi people get “gay” married?

The preferred term is same-sex marriage because it is inclusive.  A bi person’s sexuality does not change depending upon a partner’s gender.  If a bi person marries a partner of the same sex, he or she still is bisexual. “Gay marriage” is therefore not an inclusive term and is slowly falling out of favor in LGBT-friendly circles.


For monogamous bisexual people, who we end up with is about who turns out to be a great person and loves us back. It's very first-come first-serve. My husband loves me and treats me accordingly. But if a woman I loved had loved me in return, I would have married her. Then I would be in a same-sex marriage. So yes, bisexuals can, would, and do marry someone their own gender.


The question is actually very strange. Simply because there are very only a few countries in the world where same-sex marriage is possible and only since a few years. It all started in 2001 in the Netherlands. As I write this (March 2015) it is possible in less than 20 on a total of about 200 countries. And the USA is not even one of them. Yes it is possible now to marry somebody of the same gender in the majority of US States but not country wide. So really for the vast majority of the world population that question is at best a vague dream for the future or sadly not even intellectually conceivable given the cultural, religious and political context.
In fact, the priority for men who have sex with women and also with men (but don't identify as bisexual) in the approximatively 80 countries where homosexuality is illegal and even more in the 10 countries where they risk death, the priority is to not go to jail or simply to stay alive.


No, we get married!!


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