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Are bisexual people more promiscuous than other people?

No.  Just because you have the capacity for attraction to more than one gender does not mean that your sexual appetite is ravenous.  Bisexual people are a diverse group with many different preferred relationship models.  Some of us are monogamous.  Some of us are polyamorous.  Some of us are even celibate.  Bi people aren’t all the same.  What we have in common is romantic and/or sexual attraction to more than one gender.  As with heterosexuality and homosexuality, bisexuality refers to our orientation.  It does not imply anything about our preferred relationship models.


Absolutely not. The logic behind that stereotype is a lot like assuming that a person who doesn't have a preference for hair color must need twice as much sex as someone who only likes brunettes.


This question is all about the fear that people we don't understand have thinner lines between desires and actions, and the assumption that bisexual people are attracted to ALL men and ALL women, all at the same time. People who aren't straight have a "type", just like straight people. And our willpower is the same as a straight person's. Just like the average straight man and the average straight woman won't try to have sex with every woman or man they meet, bisexual people don't do that either.


The answer is No! Bisexual people aren't more promiscuous than others. Of course there might be people who prefer this kind of lifestyle but it's not a general thing for bisexuals. Just because we're attracted to more than one gender that doesn't necessarily imply we're attracted to everyone around us. If I would have as much as sex as people around me assume I'd have I wouldn't be able to get anything else done. People seem to think that because we have more options or chances we're forced to take them. But it's not like that.


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