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Are bi people equally attracted to both men and women?

Some are, many are not.  It all depends on the individual.  Some bi people are more romantically attracted to men and more physically attracted to women.  Some bisexuals are attracted to people who conform to mainstream gender norms; some are attracted specifically to people who defy those norms. For some bis, gender is an important part of attraction.  For other bi people, it is totally irrelevant if a person is male, female, intersex, or something else.   Many bis have very fixed patterns of attraction, while for others, the balance between heterosexual and homosexual attraction is fluid and changes over the years.

What unifies all these people and makes them all bi is the fact they have the capacity for romantic and/or sexual attraction to more than one sex or gender.


It always amazes me that there are so many people out there who think that bisexuals somehow exist in this mystical "sweet spot" where attractions to men and women are perfectly balanced. The two sides of people's faces aren't even perfectly symmetrical! Why would someone expect bisexuals' attractions to be evenly balanced? Sexuality is a complex mix of love, attractions, emotions, lust, fantasy, and ideals - it is far too complex to be 50/50 anything.


While most aren't equally attracted to both genders, there are occasional exceptions that are. I am one of the few and I truly do not feel a preference to one gender over the other. There are qualities that I love about both that are intrinsic to men and women, I don't find myself gravitating more to either side. Leave it to me to have to be the exception pretty much every time ;)


I am more attracted to women than men. And yet, I ended up marrying the only man I ever fell in love with, because he reciprocated my feelings and the women that I cared for didn't. So people more attracted to one gender in general can still end up with someone of the less emphasized gender because of the specific person who loves them.


I have always been more attracted to females and have only had sexual experiences and relationships with women, and was only attracted to men romantically and had crushes on men but not sexually...until recently when I started to have sexual feelings towards men. This only happened now I am in my thirties. I believe sexuality can be fluid and can change. I am in a committed relationship with a woman still


This is nonsense. There is no "more" or "less" in regards to attraction. Either you are capable of being attracted to a sex or you're not. Really that is all it is. If you are bisexual+ then you are capable of being attracted to at least 2 sexes. If you are monosexual then you are only capable of being attracted to just 1 sex (not that you like one sex more than the another). If you are pansexual you are capable of being attracted to all 5+ sexes. If you are asexual you aren't capable of attraction to any sex. I hate seeing bisexuals internalize misconceptions about attraction and apply it to themselves. Sex and sexual orientation are fascinating subject. Learn about it. You can pretty much disregard anything that your society, culture or religion says about sex, sexual orientation and relationships. They are always wrong lol.


Not necessarily. I am more attracted to women. However, I do have a boyfriend and it works out.


Attraction is a fluid thing. When I was younger I was more attracted to women, even though I always had boyfriends. As I got older, I found I was more attracted to men, and for a time struggled with the idea that I was bisexual or gay. Even though my attraction to men outweighs my attraction to women, I still am attracted to both, though not on the same level.


For me, it depends on the circumstances and situation. I can be attracted to men, women, or both at the same time. I have had relationships with men, women, and both at the same time. I believe my sexuality has a "fluidity" about it.


As previous comments noted attraction comes in varying degrees it is rare that it is a 50 50 split. I for one was generally around 80% into women however right now I currently have a boyfriend my first ever but it just seems right


To me, gender is especially important when it comes to attraction. I can be attracted to somebody regardless of their sexuality but for me there are different experiences when I'm with different genders. I love being the submissive or 'bottom' if you will, when it comes to men but with women I don't mind being the dominant or the submissive. Regardless of how you feel, it's extremely rare when a bisexual likes men and women exactly the same and literally everyone has their preferences.


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