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All women are bisexual, but bi men don’t exist, right?

While these kinds of comments certainly reflect a stereotypical, heterosexual male point of view, they do a poor job of describing reality.  Some women are bisexual and some men are bisexual. According to a 2011 study conducted by the Williams Institute at UCLA, approximately 2.2% of women identify as bisexual (compared to 1.1% who identify as lesbian) and approximately 1.4% of men identify as bisexual (compared to 2.2% who identify as gay).  Scientific studies have verified bisexual arousal patterns in both men and women.


I am bisexual, but I have a friend in Florida who isn't. She is a straight, married, mother of two young children. Though she's lovely and accepting, the idea being with a woman herself makes her uncomfortable. She could never put herself in my shoes that way.


No, not all women are bisexual. Some are heterosexual, some homosexual and, yes, even some bisexuals. But that doesn't mean that they're ALL bisexual. Men, on the other hand, are the same exact way - straight, gay, bi. Plenty of bi men are out there, even though you yourself may not think of us as common.


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