6 Ways To Be Visible For Bi Visibility Day


Ah, Bi Visibility Day. The one day a year our invisibility cloaks are rendered ineffectual. Every September 23 the world is graced with our bi visages, dewy from our inability to age thanks to the sun’s failure to find us, and of course, our unicorn DNA. For some of us, stepping out is enough. Others want to turn it up to 11…bi llion. Whatever your preference, here are a few ways to celebrate you in all your visible glory this Bi Visibility Day!

1. Keep talking

See how many ways you can fit bisexuality into conversations. Going to brunch? Make a big deal about riding in on your bicycle. Enter and exit every room to “Getting Bi” from Crazy Ex Girlfriend. Share this “bi son” cartoon. And that bush diving tumblr. There are so many puns y’all. Give joy, SHARE THEM ALL.

2. Come out, come out, wherever you are

The more, the merrier! Peruse this list of worldwide events on the Bi Visibility Day site to see if there’s an event planned near you. If not, invite your bbfs (that’s best bi friends) to paint the town pink, blue, and purple!

3. Join up

There may already be a framework that fits your style, including those you can join from the comfort of your home! The Still Bisexual video campaign is open to any bi person who wants to share their story. You can also check out this self care resource list for a multitude of ways to connect with the bi community online. If you are looking to meet people in the real world, check out amBi, the bi social club.

4. Donate

Many organizations on the self care resource list accept volunteers as well as donations. Use September 23 as another great reason to donate time or funds to organizations like Bi Women of Color (BIWOC) that support our community. Tweet or post encouraging others to join you. You can also bring visibility by wearing org merch!

5. Wear your visibility

Be pink, blue, and purple from your top to your tail! Throw on that purple tee, those blue jeans, that pink watch. Break out your “Stop erasing bisexuality” eraser. Tell the world “Bisexual is not a dirty word.” Wear your BRC shirt. Pin your visibility to your bag. Tie on a bi pride bracelet. Paint your nails, color your hair, shellac that eyeshadow because this is your day.

6. Be visible to yourself

Sometimes it’s not safe or practical to be out. Sometimes we are just not ready. But being visible to yourself as your whole self is powerful. It remains so whether or not you’re in a place to share it.

Happy Bi Visibility Day everyone! See you next year. And also tomorrow, because you’re real and valid and we don’t really disappear!

SB Swartz
S.B. Swartz is an author covering inclusive wellness, queer family, and entertainment. As a contributing writer for bi.org, S.B. created the Step Bi Step series for bi parents and originated the This Bi Life series showcasing bi community stories. S.B. has had interviews and essays published at Shondaland, The Establishment, Bust, Ravishly, and more.

Find S.B. Swartz @sbswrites on Twitter, @sbs_writes on Instagram, and read more of her latest at sbswartz.com.