5 Gift Ideas for Your Bi Bestie


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Bi folks are of course people and love all the gifts that people love, but here are some extra awesome gift options for the bi people in your life.

1. Unicorns

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Many bi folks have been using unicorn imagery. This is in part because of our #BiMagic; it’s also a way of playfully reclaiming problematic bi tropes. Historically “unicorns” have been that elusive person who is bi and just longing to join a cozy couple, make all their fantasies come true, and magically disappear. They have no needs other than to make said straight couple happy, cause no messy emotional problems, and politely depart when the fun is done. Obviously these types of relationships are mythical. Another unflattering comparison is that there are those who say that bi folks don’t exist, just like unicorns.

Fact is we do exist, and like unicorns, we are pretty awesome.

Let your favorite bi bestie know how much you love them by showering them with awesome unicorn paraphernalia. Not only are you letting them know that you recognize their existence, but who doesn’t love a unicorn? Really?

2. Sci-Fi

For whatever reason, I’m sure some of my former film school colleagues will be happy to tell me, sci-fi has always been ahead of the curve in terms of bi representation. I’m not sure if it’s chicken or egg, but many #BisLoveSciFi. Why not spend this holiday season with your bi bestie binging on a series that has an awesome bi lead?

So go forth and download, rent, or buy Orphan Black, Torchwood, The 100, or check out one of these lists of bi characters past and present.

3. Food

While you are stressing out about what gift to give them, you might be overlooking the most important of them all. Snacks! Yes, we need to eat, just like the rest of you. Whether it be a tower of candy, homemade goodies, or pizza #BisLikeAllTheToppings, food is often a welcome holiday gift. I find that it is especially welcome when binge watching gift idea 2.

If you’re feeling super ambitious, you can invite your bi bestie over for some unicorn pancakes.

4. Books

One of the biggest stresses about being bi isn’t who to date. It’s the fact that bi people, characters, and historical figures are often portrayed as straight or gay. It can be incredibly isolating when your bi idols are being erased in this way. Celebrate these bi folks by giving your bestie a book by Oscar Wilde (an awesome bi author); some of Sappho’s sexy poetry (yes, she’s #oneofus too); maybe a classic Alice Walker novel; a collection of Harley Quinn comics; or check out this list if your friend’s a lover of YA Fiction.

5. Art

If you’re feeling extra plump in the pocket, you can always look for an original work of art by amazing bi artist Frida Kahlo. If you’re feeling a little less plump in the pocket, why not take your buddy to the museum to check out some of her works. You might also consider a book of her art, Julie Taymor’s great film, or a poster.

If books and painting aren’t your thing, maybe get them an album by a bi musician like David Bowie, Ani DiFranco, Lou Reed, Leonard Bernstein or Amy Winehouse. Maybe check out a film by bi screenwriter Gore Vidal or feel free to peruse this list of famous bis to inspire you.

… Last, but not least, here is one very important bonus gift you can give all the bi people in your life.

Your Love and Support

Unwrapping presents is fun. Knowing that there is someone there for you, even when times get tough, is priceless. Letting your bi bestie know that you love them for who they are, that you aren’t threatened by their orientation, and that you are there for them is the most valuable gift you can possible give.

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Talia Squires
Talia Squires is Editor-in-chief of bi.org. Talia has a degree in German Literature from Bryn Mawr College and a Master's in Critical Studies from the USC School of Cinematic Arts. She's obsessed with good food, fantastic wine, and trashy television. She lives in LA with her husband and fluffy Lhasa Apso.