Why is it Derogatory to Refer to Sexual Orientation as a Lifestyle?


#BiVisibility Community Question: Why is it derogatory to refer to sexual orientation as a lifestyle, but good to call it an identity?

It’s a tough question, and the answers are tough too.

Here is a sampling of the responses:

  • Chucky Bardeau Identity or lifestyle, both are wrong. Bisexuality is a label for a very very small part of my life. Using one label like that to refer to me or my lifestyle is wrong, and yes, derogatory. Long before that you should be calling me a Dad, a boyfriend, a friend, a skier, a runner, a worker, a goofball, etc etc
  • Arena Deborah Cuz Is not a lifestyle is a lifestyle when you wanna be bisexual and live as bisexual 
  • Christy Ocasio-Rodriguez because its stereotyping
  • Russell Berry I’m comfortable. There are some who are not comfortable & look my direction when they express it. . .
    . . . Not my problem
  •  Attila M Kovàcs Hey I can’t help which side of the spectrum of my emotions , feelings and my woodie likes. But I do have a choice either or gender if there personality sucks to keep it moving. That’s about it. As far as attraction goes physically at the time .no choice. No straight men for example chooses to go after females . its in there DNA. At least us we have the options to have more options.
  • Maxine Baldwin Because a lifestyle is a choice. Duhhh…
  • Jenny Shields Cowgill Because lifestyle suggests choice. Identity is who you are inside.
  • Gary Saylor Wow! I was going through a middle age crisis, and although in a 21 year monogamous marriage, wanted to open up, mostly due to the big things out there like LGBT rights, including, discrimination, SSM, bullying, teen suicide, etc. but I sometimes have to shake my head, on subjects like the difference between lifestyle, and identity, and a few other things. Sometimes I personally just have to keep it simple.
  •  Emily Seton The word lifestyle has been used negatively so often to demonize an shame perfectly happy people in perfectly well functioning same sex relationships
  • Mark Lees interesting why either is a concern, just another label as far as I can see. why is it wrong that its a choice, and the word derogatory insinuates a “wrong”. I am who I am, born with my truth which I have always been good with since it naturally showed itself to me. yet along the way I have been given free will, with that comes choices…

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