15 Bisexual Girl Problems We Can All Relate To – Unfortunately!

Orginally published on SheWired.com by Eliel Cruz

Most of the weird social situations bi people (women in particular) have to deal with are summed right up with this Buzzfeed video, 15 Bisexual Girl Problems. The 2 minute video accurately depicts the awkward situations bisexual women face in a world that assumes you’re only attracted to one gender.

The scene is set at a house party where the bisexual woman is timid to enter because last time her friends saw her she was dating a guy. “You have a girlfriend now? Is your ex-boyfriend, like, super mad?” says one party goer to the not amused bisexual woman.

The video wouldn’t be complete without a reference to a threesome. Women tend to be sexualized in society as a whole. But when you’re a queer woman, the sexualization reaches a new level of disrespect.

A male party-goer asks, “Is your friend single?” “That’s actually my girlfriend so no,” she replies. “Niicee,” says the creepy guy.

Note to creepy guys everywhere: Stop asking lesbian and bisexual women for threesomes.

Watch the full video here:

Lisa Peyton